9/30 AEW DYNAMITE TV REPORT: Keller’s report on Jericho vs. Kassidy, Moxley vs. Mystery Opponent, Starks vs. Darby, Cody answers challenge

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur, Taz


-Jim Ross introduced the show “from balmy Jacksonville, Florida.”


As Starks came out, they showed Darby eliminating Starks in the Casino Battle Royal at All Out followed by a post-elimination attack, plus his spear of him last week. Taz joined the announcers in place of Schiavone who was pursuing an interview. As Darby began his entrance, a vignette aired with JPEGMAFIA calling Starks a bitch as he slid Darby, who was zipped up in a body bag, down a wooden ramp into a dirt landing.

Starks slapped Darby; Darby dropkicked Starks. When Starks went for a spear, Darby turned it into a front chancery. Darby suplexed Starks onto the ring apron, then dove through the ropes onto him at ringside. Brian Cage walked out. Will Hobbs ran out and yanked Cage away from the ring before he could enter. They brawled on the stage and to the back. Darby went back at Starks, but Starks yanked him off the ring apron hard to the floor.

Starks threw Darby into the ring and kicked and chopped away at him. Excalibur said both men were depleted by “this war of attrition,” but it was merely six minutes into the match. Darby came back with a sunset bomb for a near fall. Darby went for a submission, but Starks crawled to the ropes to force a break. They stood and exchanged strikes center-ring, with sweat flying with each slap. Starks speared Darby out of mid-air for a near fall. Both were slow to get up. Starks set up a move off the second rope, but Darby countered and kicked him off the top rope. Darby then landed a Coffin Drop onto Starks’s back for the win. Ross said it could have gone either way. Taz lamented the Starks loss on commentary.

WINNER: Darby in 10:00.

-The announcers previewed the rest of the show.

-Cody’s elaborate ring entrance took place. [c]

-After the break, the audience was chanting “Cody!” Dasha welcomed him back. She said his injury has been a bit of mystery, so she asked him how he is feeling. He said his trainer Al Snow told him he’ll always be hurt, but to never wrestle injured. He said he would have offered a retort if he knew what he knows now – which is what if the injury transcends the physical and the breaking of the body is secondary to the spirit.

Cody said pre-pandemic, everyone shook hands ad nauseum in wrestling locker rooms. He said often it is incorrectly framed as a sign of respect, but they shake hands for a different reason. He said they do it because they need each other. He said the marquee has two names on it – “you versus somebody else.”

He said after he lost the TNT Title in 3 minutes, he got the 323 area code call that all wrestlers crave. He said it was Hollywood, and he jumped at it. He said he was sitting next to Rosario Dawson and Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Nettles, but he was the guy who got beat in 3 minutes. Dasha said he’s back on his feet now. Cody said his feet are planted firmly in the ground, and when he was gone, his ear was as well.

He said he heard people talking about being the Ace. He said AEW has been around a year, and he’d like to say that’s him. He said it can only apply to Full Metal Champ Hikiru Shida, Jon Moxley, or Brodie Lee. Dasha asked if he accepts Brodie’s challenge for a dog collar match. He said optics in wrestling are incredibly important, and for a match as bloody and violent and unsafe as that, as the executive V.P., his answer must be no. The audience gasped. Cody turned and left. He made it to the stage, but then turned back to the ring and said, “No, as in no regrets, as in no looking back.” He yelled it will happen next week. “I accept!” he yelled emphatically.

Brodie Lee came out to the ring and went after Cody. The ring filled almost instantly with wrestlers who pulled them apart. Cody broke free and dove at Brodie in the opposite corner. Brodie broke free and was held back at ringside by Dark Order members. Brandi Rhodes ran out and flip dove onto a crowd of Dark Order and Brodie at ringside. Anna Jay attacked Brandi from behind. Other women pulled them apart. Five referees ran out. Nyla Rose joined in the fight. Brodie returned to the back as dust began to settle at ringside. Ross said Roddy Piper and Greg Valentine had the most famous dog collar match of all time. Brodie returned and got in a few more shots at Cody before they were separated again. As things seemed to settle, Brodie returned a third time. Taz said dog dollar matches are extreme brutal and violent. Ross said he’s maybe called merely five or six in his career.

(Keller’s Analysis: Cody continues to broadcast star power and confidence. The whole scene made their match next week feel like a big deal.)

-Backstage Schiavone interviewed Tully Blanchard and FTR. Cash Wheeler said the Best Friends aren’t at their level and weren’t at their best last week. He called them glorified backyard wrestlers and “participation trophy guys.” He said SCU, though, are two of the best in the world and the first-ever AEW Tag Team Champions. He said they have to beat SCU to cement their legacy. Schiavone asked about the Young Bucks. Dax Harwood said The Young Bucks have blown their opportunities, so other than Dave Meltzer throwing them a bunch of stars, they aren’t deserving. Matt Jackson then superkicked Schiavone from off camera. He feigned innocence and asked if they interrupted something. “Hey Nick, wait up,” he said. (There remains no sign of Nick actually being there.) Dax told them to kick them instead.

-They went to the announcers. Ross called that reprehensible. Excalibur called it stupid and senseless and said he hates it. Taz said maybe he was sending a message. Ross replied, “Come on!” Taz admitted he felt bad for Tony.

-Dasha interviewed SCU backstage. Scorpio Sky said every once in a while opportunity knocks on your door, and it’s time to hop back on the train and see where it takes them. Kaz guaranteed victory. Christopher Daniels was in the background and patted them on the back. As they headed to the ring, they passed Shawn Spears who wished them good luck in a creepy way.

-SCU made their way to the ring. Ross noted Kaz guaranteed victory. Excalibur noted the 20 minute time limit. [c]

(2) FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. SCU (Scorpio Sky & Kaz w/Christopher Daniels) – AEW Tag Team Title match

“Hangman” Adam Page joined the announcers at ringside. He had a glass of whiskey and was all smiles. Excalibur plugged “Friends & Family Pods” are available for $25 per event with a Dynamite season pass. (If you attend a Dynamite TV event in person, let me know: wadekellerpodcast@gmail.com). Excalibur asked Page about Kenny Omega’s comments about wanting to leave tag wrestling. Page hopefully said he hasn’t wrestled a singles match yet, so he’s not sure if it’s a sure thing at this point.

Cash faked being tripped by Daniels at ringside, so the ref tossed Daniels from ringside. Page called for Daniels to get him another drink. He also said FTR are great manipulators. When Ross asked Page for his thoughts on Matt Jackson superkicking Schiavone, he said everyone is losing their mind around there. Sky dove onto FTR at ringside when they were pursuing Kaz at ringside. Dax yanked Sky out of the ring by his boot. Cash then hit him from behind. They cut to a break, but stayed with the action on split-screen. [c/ss]

Sky was fighting out of FTR’s corner after the break. Sky had Dax down with a small package, but Cash distracted the ref so he didn’t make a count. Kaz got the hot-tag and rallied. Dax sunset flipped Kaz off the top rope and Cash dropkicked him to add momentum to the roll-up, leading to a near fall. Ross talked about the humidity after the 15 minute time announcement. Excalibur plugged Full Gear on Nov. 7.

Kaz fought free a minute later and tagged in Sky. Sky scored a near fall on Dax. Sky scored a near fall after a Cutter. Excalibur asked how embarrassing it’d be for FTR to lose on their first title defense. Page said it’s never embarrassing to lose to a team of SCU’s caliber. The action picked up with both teams trading advantages and near falls. Tully held onto Cash to stop Sky from pulling him to center ring, thwarting his momentum. A minute later, Tully tripped Sky mid-suplex and then held his foot to prevent him from kicking out as the ref counted three.

WINNERS: FTR in 18:00 to retain the AEW Tag Team Titles.

-They went to the announcers at ringside who announced there will be an eight-man tournament at Full Gear, with the winner getting a shot at Mox. He said they know three wrestlers already: Jungle Boy, Rey Fenix, and Kenny Omega. They cut to Page, who reacted as if he was betrayed and it had sunk in that Kenny really was abandoning their team to purse singles wrestling. He got up and left, looking like he was going to cry. Taz told Excalibur he should have told him privately first. [c]

(3) ISIAH KASSIDY (w/Marq Quen, Matt Hardy) vs. “DEMO GOD” CHRIS JERICHO (w/Sammy Guevara, Santana, Ortiz, Jake Hager)

The audience sang Jericho’s song. Jericho smiled. The announcers talked about the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the start of Jericho’s career next week.


Jericho palm-faced Kassidy at the bell and tried to intimidate him. Jericho turned his back. Kassidy jumped him. Taz said the Brooklyn kid knows how to fight. He went after Jericho aggressively. He scored a two count. Jericho stood up and knocked Kassidy to the mat. Ross said one of their “restaurant-quality picture-in-picture” breaks was coming up. Kassidy knocked Jericho to the floor. Jericho side-stepped him, but Kassidy backdropped him into the crowd. Luther clotheslined Jericho back over the ringside barricade to ringside. Kassidy then landed a corkscrew dive onto Hager, Sammy, and Jericho at ringside. He then landed a senton off the top rope for a two count. Excalibur noted this is Kassidy’s first singles match in AEW. Jericho took control and they cut to a break. [c/ss]

Jericho was in control after the break. Hager hit Kassidy as he bound into the ropes. Hager, who had a cut on the bridge of his nose, was bleeding. Kassidy avoided a Jericho charge into the corner. Kassidy scored another two count seconds later. And another a minute later. Kassidy lifted his knees on a Lionsault by Jericho, and then landed his own for a two count. He followed with a Code Breaker on Jericho for another two count. He looked exhausted. Both were slow to get up. Jericho caught Kassidy leaping at him with a Judas Effect for the win.

WINNER; Jericho in 12:00.

-Inner Circle entered and attacked Kassidy. Hardy entered quickly with a chair, so the heels fled. Jericho then got into it with Luther at ringside as Hager brawled with Serpentico. Excalibur said Jericho goes back with Luther to his time at Stu Hart’s Dungeon in Calgary. He said he’s one of his longest-running rivals.

-Kip Sabian talked with Miro about his bachelor party. They were at an arcade. Kip handed Miro balls to throw for a game. Miro said he never forgets his blue balls. They did some axe throwing and then video game playing. Miro said it’s a pandemic and it’s hard to plan a great party. Billy Mitchell offered to help.

-Dasha interviewed Orange Cassidy, Trent, and Chuck Taylor. FTR interrupted the interview and explained that their spot on the card is as comedic backyard style wrestlers. He said it’s okay that they aren’t top guys. Cassidy called them “weenies.”

(4) ORANGE CASSIDY (w/Trent, Chucky T) vs. DARK ORDER #10 (a/k/a Preston Vance w/Colt Cabana, Alan Angels, John Silver)

Cassidy gave Silver his sunglasses. 10 attacked him from behind to take early control. Cassidy made a comeback a couple minutes in, dove onto a crowd at ringside, and then leaped at 10 in the ring. 10 caught him, but Cassidy countered and kipped up. He took off his elbow pad and delivered the Orange Punch and his Beach Break for the win.

WINNER: Cassidy in 3:00.

-MJF and Wardlow entered the Inner Circle locker room. He said he arrived with a wrapped gift. He congratulated Jericho on his big win. He presented each member with a jacket, but he ended up one short. He apologized to Sammy and he blamed Wardlow. Jericho asked what he was doing there. MJF said just to congratulate him. Jericho said he asked him before and asked him again: “Do you want to join the Inner Circle.” MJF said his question is does he want him to join. Jericho asked if he wants to. MJF asked if he wants him. They went back and forth and then told each other to stop. Wardlow and Hager took a step toward each other and things got tense in their staredown. MJF said he is so excited for Jericho surviving 30 years in this sport. He said it’s been legendary. MJF left and told them to enjoy the jackets. Jericho said to find Sammy’s. When they left, Sammy said, “What a loser!” Jericho stopped him and said maybe he’s not. [c]

(5) DR. BRIT BAKER (w/Reba) vs. RED VELVET

The announcers talked about this being her first match back since her injury. Velvet’s record of 0-7 was listed on the screen. (That’s a lot better than the Minnesota Twins playoff win/loss record the last 15 years, sadly.)

WINNER: Baker in 6:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Not sure it needed to be that long and competitive.)

-After the match, Reba gave Baker a glove and she put Velvet in the Lock Jaw. Ross said she is sending a message to all the other women that she’s back.

-The announcers said next week will feature Brian Cage vs. Will Hobbs with the FTW Title belt on the line, Jericho & Hager vs. Serpentico & Luther, and Cody vs. Brodie Lee in a dog collar match for the TNT Title.

-Eddie Kingston came out with his arm around the referee Bryce Remsberg along with Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix. [c]

-Kingston said Mox put him in the bulldog choke last week, but he did not tap. He said Mox called Tony Khan afterward and told him to let him wrestle someone of Kingston’s choice. He said he’s not feeling up to fighting Mox again after last week’s battle, so he will disclose his choice momentarily who will be the man who will be kicking his ass. He asked the ref, whom he thought he was friend with for many years, why he ended the match. Remsberg said he was unresponsive. He said their families might be friends, but at work, he has to do his job, which includes protecting him from himself. Kingston didn’t like that. The three heels surrounded him until Mox’s music played. He came up through a tunnel in the bleachers with a barbed wire baseball bat. Taz sarcastically said, “There’s our hero.” The heels jumped to the floor as Mox entered the ring. Butcher approached Mox from behind as Kingston distracted him from ringside.

(6) JON MOXLEY vs. THE BUTCHER – AEW World Title match

Butcher dominated Moxley for a minute before they cut to a break. [c]

Butcher continued to dominate after the break for several minute. Mox made a comeback and hit a superplex. Butcher applied a leglock afterward mid-ring. Mox flipped out of it and landed a piledriver for a two count. Butcher came back with a crossbody for a two count. Mox DDT’d Butcher and applied his bulldog choke for the win. Moxley eyed Kingston, who threw a bit of a fit at ringside.

WINNER: Moxley in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Giving Moxley a chance to get a clean win against a bigger foe who hadn’t been defined down much yet is never bad, especially as a hook for TV viewers.)

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