1/12 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Final Hard to Kill hype, Swann vs. Anderson, Dashwood vs. Rosemary, Moose vs. Palmer, and more


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Josh Matthews, Madison Rayne

-A recap package showing last week’s angle with Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan aired along with footage of last week’s Dynamite angle where the Good Brothers attacked Jon Moxley.

-The show open ran.

(1) TAYA VALKYRIE (w/Rosemary) vs. KIMBER LEE (w/Deonna Purrazzo)

Lee charged Taya at the bell, chopped her in the corner, and tossed her around. Taya took Lee down and got the advantage. Taya chopped Lee hard in the corner with an open hand. Lee bailed to the outside. Taya was about to make a dive but Lee cut her off and went on offense. Lee had Taya in a chin lock.

Taya made a comeback, but she was cut off with a kick from Lee. Lee choked Taya on the bottom rope and kicked her. Lee chopped Taya in the corner and kicked her in the back. Lee slammed Taya then tried a swanton, but Taya got her knees up. Taya landed clotheslines, chops, and a spear. Lee suplexed Taya, who was distracted by Deonna, for a two count.

Taya fired up then hit Lee with flying knees in the corner. Deonna put Lee’s hand on the rope to break a pinfall attempt. Rosemary chased Deonna up the ramp. Susan (the latest incarnation of Su Yung) walked down the ramp and punched Rosemary in the face. Susan and Deonna double teamed Rosemary on the ramp. In the ring, Taya hit a big forearm shot on Lee. As Taya was distracted, Lee rolled her up for the pin.

WINNER: Kimber Lee in 9:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: A good match with a cheap distraction finish. I was surprised that Taya lost since she is challenging for the championship at Hard to Kill on Saturday. There seems to be some intrigue around why Susan came out with the heels.

-Kenny Omega, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Kenny Omega were shown on Omega’s bus. Omega wanted to know who drank the last beer. He sat on the sofa with Gallows, Anderson, and Callis. Callis said they would be on Dynamite tomorrow and they didn’t need any distractions, but that they needed momentum. Callis said he needed Anderson to beat Rich Swann tonight and he wanted to see the real Machine Gun come out. Callis and Omega said they would be watching tonight. They all exchanged handshakes. [c]

-AEW Paid Segment: Tony Khan was still wearing 2021 glasses. He talked about the best things that happened in Impact last year, which included the AEW paid segments and Kenny Omega appearing on Impact, which he noted that he allowed. Tony Schiavone ran down the matches for tomorrow’s Dynamite. Khan asked Schiavone if he knew that Brian Cage was a former Impact champion. Khan said it was good that The Good Brothers showed up on Dynamite, but he didn’t think they were good or brothers. He invited Impact to send whoever they wanted. Schiavone plugged Dynamite again, which he noted is on a “real network”.

-A backstage segment with Sami Callihan aired. He was sitting in a chair in front of his computers. He announced that he would take on Eddie Edwards in a Barbed Wire Massacre match at Hard to Kill. Clips were shown of their feud. Sami gave a thumbs up and then the thumbs down.

-On camera, Josh and Madison talked about a previous barbed wire massacre match in Impact that was too bloody to show on TV. They ran down the rest of the matches for Hard to Kill and the matches for tonight.


All four wrestlers brawled at the start, inside and outside the ring, and traded the advantage. Manik & Suicide crawled under the ring and came out on the other side to attack Bey and Rohit from behind to get the advantage. [c]

Manik had Bey in a Boston Crab but Rohit broke it up. All four wrestlers fought at the same time again. Bey and Rohit tagged in and out to keep the advantage on Suicide. Suicide made a comeback on Rohit and made the tag to Manik. Manik ran wild on Bey and Rohit with a flurry of moves. Suicide had Bey in an octopus submission at the same time that Manik had Rohit in an abdominal stretch.

All four wrestlers traded moves. Rohit went for Manik’s mask. Suicide kicked him in the head to break it up. Bey hit a cutter on Suicide for the pin.

WINNERS: Chris Bey & Rohit Raju in 13:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Lots of action and fun while it lasted. With the history their characters have, it was cool to see Manik and Suicide team up.

-Backstage, Taya complained to Rosemary about her loss to Kimber Lee. Rosemary said she would keep an eye on her at Hard to Kill. Rosemary told Taya to get ready for her title match. [c]

(3) DEANER (w/Eric Young & Joe Doering) vs. TOMMY DREAMER (w/ Rhino & Cousin Jake)

Cody Deaner just goes by “Deaner” now to go along with his new persona. Deaner was aggressive after the initial lock-up. Rhino tripped Deaner, so the referee ejected Rhino and Doering from ringside. Deaner got the advantage on Dreamer with punches and kicks. Dreamer made a comeback but Deaner cut him off with an eye gauge. Dreamer caught Deaner coming off the top with a boot. Deaner rolled to the outside and repeatedly slapped Cousin Jake. Jake tripped Deaner on the apron and the referee called for the bell. A brawl broke out after the match, joined by Rhino and Doering. Doering knocked Rhino down with a clothesline. Deaner DDT’d Jake. Young got a piledriver on Dreamer. The heels gloated.

WINNER: Deaner by DQ in 4:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: A basic match. This served as a way to setup the six-man match at Hard to Kill. Deaner is showing promise as a heel.

-A video package aired that recapped the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament. [c]

-Scott D’Amore sat at a table in a conference room with Havoc & Nevaeh on one side and Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz on the other for a contract signing. Hogan & Steelz talked trash until Havoc & Nevaeh put them against the wall. Havoc said her team would win the belts at Hard to Kill. They all left and Brian Myers entered the room to ask D’Amore what he had to do to get a match. Josh Alexander approached and talked about their prior match. D’Amore suggested a No DQ match to settle it and walked off. Myers yelled “Team Canada” and said he smelled collusion.


Tenille tried to talk and shake hands at the start. Rosemary shook hands but forced Tenille down. Rosemary threw Tenille around. Rosemary punched away at Tenille’s back. Kaleb grabbed Rosemary’s leg as she ran the ropes. Kaleb sprayed hair spray in Rosemary’s eyes to give Tenille the advantage. Kaleb took pictures as Rosemary was caught in the ropes. Tenille gave Rosemary a neckbreaker on the ropes.

Rosemary caught a charging Tenille with an elbow, but Tenille recovered and came back with her splash in the corner. They clotheslined each other and were both down. Rosemary hit a series of clotheslines and a sling blade. Tenille tried to crawl out of the ring but was dragged back in. Tenille hit a double underhook DDT for a two count. Rosemary delivered a clothesline and was about to hit a spear. Kaleb got on the ring apron, but Crazzy Steve popped up from under the ring and chased Kaleb up the ramp. Tenille had the hairspray but Rosemary took it away from her and hit the spear for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in 8:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Mostly comedy, but it was an entertaining match.

-A Rich Swann backstage interview aired. He talked about his match tonight with Karl Anderson. He said it was the match before the big six-man match. Swann said their partners were banned from ringside and it would be just them. He said it would be a preview and after the match Anderson could go back on the bus and tell his partners they will get their asses kicked on Saturday. [c]

-A recap video aired that detailed the split of Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, along with Page’s alter ego of the Karate Man.


Palmer threw a bunch of offense at Moose at the start but it didn’t phase Moose. Moose came back with chops and punches. Moose threw Palmer around. Palmer came back with punches but he was cut off. Palmer caught Moose with three flying knees and got Moose off his feet. Moose slammed Palmer twice then rained punches on him in the mount. The referee stopped it.

WINNER: Moose by referee stoppage in 4:00. [c]

D.L.’s Analysis: Just a squash match with a few hope spots for Palmer.

-A video package recapping Don Callis’ alliance with Kenny Omega played. Footage in the video included the angle from Dynamite and on the bus with Gallows and Anderson, along with last week’s angle with Rich Swann & the Motor City Machine Guns.

-Josh and Madison (on camera) briefly previewed the upcoming match.


A split screen showed Gallows, Omega, and Callis on the bus watching on during Anderson’s entrance. Josh plugged that the Good Brothers would be on Dynamite tomorrow. The split screen showed the Machine Guns watching a monitor in their dressing room. [c]

Swann got the early advantage using his speed. Swann arm dragged Anderson and had him in a chin lock. Swann had Anderson in an armlock. Anderson took control with a series of punches. Anderson worked on the arm. Swann battled back with punches, but he got cut off. Anderson threw Swann into the post and outside the ring. The split screen showed the Machine Guns looking at the monitor. [c]

Anderson continued to work on Swann’s arm and shoulder. Anderson followed Swann to the outside and ran his shoulder into the post. Back in the ring, Anderson continued to work on the shoulder. They double clotheslined each other. Team Omega looked on concerned on the split screen. Swann and Anderson traded punches. Swann fought Anderson off and delivered a rolling clothesline followed by a flurry of punches. Swann got a two count after a kick.

Anderson got a flying boot to Swann’s face for a two count. Anderson missed a move and got rolled up by Swann for the pin.

WINNER: Rich Swann in 14:00.

Swann went up the ramp with the belt and celebrated. The split screen showed that the Omega bus was empty. Swann walked backstage. Gallows and Omega charged in the Guns’ dressing room and attacked them. Swann and Anderson joined the brawl. Swann was punching Omega as the show ended. The show concluded with a video package previewing all of the matches for Hard to Kill.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The two-hour broadcast flew by tonight. All in all, this was a good go-home show that effectively set up the upcoming Hard to Kill PPV event.

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