1/20 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Inner Circle 3-Way Tag Match, Kenny Omega Speaks, Brodie Lee Jr. Birthday Celebration, Adam Page & Dark Order in Tag Team action, Darby Allin & Sting Appear, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 20, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

– Dark order celebrated Brodie Lee Jr.’s birthday with a cake to start the show. John Silver spot about Adam Page joining the group. He then led a rendition of Happy Birthday to Brodie. Luther came out and interrupted the celebration. Luther claim that they would ruin his birthday. All the people on the stage fought, with Adam Page coming out to even the odds.


John Silver and Angelico started the match, officially. Silver was taken to the opposing corner and Luther was tagged in. He continued to work on Silver. Serpentico, then Evans, were tagged in continuing the assault. Angelico was then in and he got a two count on Silver. Serpentico was then legal and he worked some holds on John Silver. Silver was able to get a counter and was able to get the tag into Adam Page.

Page took out Serpentico, then Evans, then Angelico. Page then got a near fall on Serpentico. All of Dark Order entered the match, and they cleared out the opposing team. Then all eight men did moves on the floor and every member of Dark Order did a high flying move over rtes top rope onto the floor. Back in the ring Dark Order with Page all did moves on Serpentico. Luther then had Colt in a power bomb position and was about to put him through -1’s cake. Brodie Jr. hit Luther with a Kendo stick. Back in the ring Page, Silver, and Reynolds teamed up and got the pin on Serpentico.

Winner: Adam Page & Dark Order in 7:00

Brodie Jr. hit Serpentico with a kendo stick post match. John Silver was complimenting Page, he then was asked if he would join The Dark Order. He said that he can’t, and pre-made celebration kicked off then stopped. Page apologized and said he had done the ground thing before. Page then left, through the left (heel) tunnel.

(Sage’s Analysis: A fine match. A little weird that Serpentico was kicking out of moves after being attacked by all four members of team Dark Order. The match was all about the Brodie Jr. moment, and the post match stuff. These were effective in what they were doing.)

-The announce team ran down the card for the evening.

-Jericho and MJF were backstage. MJF said he was worried this would destroy the Inner Circle. Jericho said that he was not worried, and no matter what the unit will move on together. MJF proclaimed that Jericho and he would be the next tag champions. [c]

-Tony Schiavone was in the ring when the show returned, he set up Darby Allin and Sting. After making their entrances, Sting grabbed the mic. He said that Darby reminds him of a younger version of himself. He congratulated him for being the TNT champion. Taz interrupted Sting, he said that they don’t fight fair, they fight street style. He said Team Taz are full of street fighters. Taz suggested a street fight. Allin responded by saving they be careful what they wish for, Allin and Sting then left the ring. [c]

-A video of The Young Bucks meeting with Kenny Omega and Don Callis. There was a comical oil painting of Omega and Callis. Callis entered the fray and The Bucks and he got into it about the switch from last week. Callis explained that Omega was unavailable at his own house to meet with The Bucks. Callis offered a check to keep The Young Bucks away from Kenny. Matt and then Nick tore up the checks, saying checks form that company are no good anyway.


Cody hit the Cross Rhodes immediately. Jade Cargill’s music hit and distracted Cody. Avalon hit a low blow and then stomped on Cody’s legs. Avalon then chopped Cody, and hit a Superplex on Rhodes. On the outside of the ring Cody made a brief comeback, until Avalon took the fight back into the ring. A double lariat led to Cody taking control. [c]

Avalon missed a Moonsault when the show returned. Cody hit a forearm, Avalon than hit Rhodes’ knee, eventually sending Cody outside and then back into the ring. Cody hit a cutter to get out of a bad situation, eventually it led to Cody locking in the Figure Four, which was reversed by Avalon. Avalon tapped out, instead of getting slapped in the face.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I think Vince McMahon would have loved the way this match was booked. The distraction, into a low blow, to then give the baby face a weirdly competitive match with a low card talent. To then have a wrestler tap out to protect his face. Very WWE, very weird. I was not a fan.)

-FTR was celebrating their rankings backstage, Tully said they need the belts. Jurassic Express confronted them and they set up a match between Dax Harwood and Jungle Boy for next week.

-Jon Moxley’s music hit and he emerged from his normal position in the crowd. [c]


Moxley hit a head-butt on Comoroto and threw some punches. Comoroto then hit a slam and hit some offense on Moxley in the corner, then he hit a back breaker on Moxley. Moxley then bit the face of Comoroto and he got some offense in. But, Comoroto got the advantage again for another minute. Moxley got Comoroto on his knee’s, Moxley then kicked him in the chest several times. Moxley was on the back of Comoroto and he locked in a sleeper for the win.

Winner: Jon Moxley in 6:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I liked this change of pace squash match. Comoroto looked very dangerous before the match and I liked that Moxley had to outsmart and overcome the bigger man to get a quick win. Mox’s post match promo was great as well.)

-After the match Moxley grabbed the mic. He said anything can happen on Wednesday night. He can’t keep track of anything, who is in The Elite, who is from impact. He said that all Omega did was make it more fun, more people to fight, more people to make bleed. He said the higher the mountain the sweeter it will be when he is champion again.

-Backstage Eddie Kingston was informed that he would face Lance Archer next week. He said he is moving on to Lance. Archer entered and said that they were gonna fight, Jake Roberts said that Kingston should shut up and fight next week. [c]

-Kenny Omega was asked about what happened at his house, he was confused. He then talked with Callis, who had a black eye. Callis implied to Omega that Nick and Matt gave him that.


Donte Martin and Marc Quen started the match, both shared athletic moves. Darius of Top Flight and Kassidy of Private Party joined the fray. The Sydal entered and the three hit moves on Marc Quen. Hardy gave Marc Quen a pep talk, he in turn went and attacked Sydal. Top Flight and Sydal then hit a team submission move on Private Party. Marc Quen and Kassidy then teamed up to hit a move on Sydal and that turned into a near fall. [c]

When the show returned, Private Party & Hardy were working on Sydal as a team. Sydal was able to get out of that situation and get the tag to Darius. He was able to take out all three members of the opposing team. Donte was tagged in then and he got a near fall on Kassidy. Hardy entered the fray and hit three side effects on all members of the opposing team. Marc Quen hit an odd fake kick on Sydal. Sydal in turn hit a kick and teamed up with Darius and Donte for a team move. Hardy entered to break up the pin.

Hardy and Private Party did some underhanded stuff and got the pinfall.

Winner: Matt Hardy and Private Party in 12:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I have made almost a complete 180 on my opinion of these tag team matches. I am 100% with JR that these type of matches are not helpful. There were way to many times that the rules were not followed and that this match looked more choreographed than anything. I am a huge fan of both teams, but just a little psychology would be helpful going forward.)

-The Inner Circle, sans Jericho, were backstage. MJF tried to rally the troops and said that if he had it his way that this match would not be happening. He then said he wants what is best for the team and wants to get through this match and move on.


A collar and elbow tie-up started that match, with other holds and mat moves opening up the action. Hirsch controlled that action with her strength and wrestling skills. Charles Taylor was then forced to trip Hirsch. Ford then hit her handstand move and had her arm put in an arm-bar. Ford had to use the ropes to break the hold. Ford then had Hirsch on the outside and beat her down out there. [c]

When the show retuned Ford and Hirsch traded strikes, leading to Hirsch getting a suplex and boots on Ford who was sitting in the corner. A lariat from Hirsch led to a flip onto Miro and Charles. Penelope and Kip cheated then to get the pin on Hirsch

Winner: Penelope Ford in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: This match was what it was. Hirsch should be winning matches like this as her in-ring skill is enough to get her character over. A win over someone like Ford would be a good stepping stone to level her up. But, Ford winning this is more about the Miro/Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy storyline, then the match was. Which for what it’s worth, is very silly and gets no one over.)

-After the match Miro said that he needed Charles Taylor that he needed to tell Orange Cassidy that Miro was in fact his best friend now. Chuck did as he was instructed.

-The Good Brothers and Omega were shown beating up Pentagon backstage.

-The announce team went over the card for next week’s episode. [c]

-MJF and Jericho came out first, with new music. They were followed by Sammy & Hager, then Santana & Ortiz.


MJF and Sammy started the match, but MJF tagged in Jericho immediately. Sammy got the advantage on Jericho to start, Jericho was then thrown into a punch by Hager. Jericho accidentally tagged in Santana, Sammy tagged in Hager. Ortiz entered the fray and the two hit a move on Hager. Jericho was tagged in and both Santana nd Ortiz hit a team move on Jericho, and got a near fall. [c]

Sammy and Jericho were in the ring when the show came back, Sammy had some slaps and threw Jericho into the corner. Hager entered and took out everyone, including the now legal MJF. Sammy was tagged in and he hit a cutter. In the middle of the match the main event for Beach Break was announced, which made this match not feel very important.

Back to the in-ring action, Sammy and MJF were going at it, with Sammy winning that matchup, Sammy then hit a move on Ortiz for a near fall. Jericho then entered with Floyd the bat and Hager disposed of him, Hager then took out MJF. After all six men were in the ring, Ortiz and Jericho were the legal men. Jericho hit a Codebreaker and got a near fall on Ortiz. MJF entered and helped Jericho. Hager then entered and hit his bomb, then Sammy hit a big flip for a near fall. Wardlow then distracted (I think?) Sammy and MJF got a roll up pin.

Winner: MJF and Jericho in 11:00

(Sage’s Analysis: The theme of the night was matches that were ok or underwhelming that were more about the story being told around them. This was the same, the match started with around 10 minutes left and had a commercial break in the middle so it was doomed from the beginning. But this match was a mess of who is legal and who isn’t, just like the 6-man tag match earlier. The match ended abruptly and there was no post match content, just poorly managed time by all involved.)

(Overall Show Analysis: This was a weird episode. It felt very much like a WWE show. That is not inherently a bad thing, it just did not feel like a typical AEW show. I was more down on the show overall because I typically like the traditional AEW style of matches. But, I like that they are trying to change things up so I don’t want to be too negative. We will see where this goes)

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  1. Hirsch over Penelope? I’ve got to disagree with you there. The right woman won. I don’t find Hirsch particularly interesting, whereas Penelope is fantastic.

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