7/24 RING OF HONOR TV REPORT: Flip Gordon vs. World Famous CB, Sledge vs. PCO, women’s tournament hype, more



JULY 24, 2021

Host: Quinn McKay

Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman

Ring Announcer: Bobby Cruise

– The opening theme aired. The show begins with the finish of Mandy Leon vs Quinn McKay from last week’s show. Brian Zane interviews the Allure after the match. Mandy Leon laughs at the characterization of the match as hard fought and says McKay is just a rookie. Angelina Love says McKay has had two opportunities to get into the women’s tournament and failed both times.

– Quinn McKay welcomes fans to the episode in a solemn matter due to her loss to Mandy Leon. She is sad that she won’t be in the women’s tournament but announces that it will begin next week on ROH TV. Today’s main event, stemming from the Six Man Tag Title match at Best in the World, is a triple threat match between Eli Isom, Dalton Castle, and Dak Draper. Quinn also announces a single contest between Sledge and PCO with Danhausen on commentary and that the opening match will be World Famous CB versus the man who gets the next shot at the ROH World Title Flip Gordon.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: It’s good that ROH is beginning the program by talking about a match that took place last week. It shows they are putting more emphasis on women’s wrestling than in the past.)


Ian and Caprice welcome everyone to the show by mentioning that Flip Gordon will be wrestling for the ROH World Title at Glory By Honor in Philadelphia. Flip Gordon makes his entrance. An interview airs where Brian Zane attempts to interview Flip Gordon says he has nothing to say until he gets his world title match. World Famous CB makes his entrance. An interview airs where CB has said he has spent the last year finding himself while Gordon is something different every week. CB says that in this match he will make Gordon a victim. The pre match graphic notes this is CB’s first single non-Pure match since November 9, 2018.

Code of honor not adhered to. Gordon refuses to shake CB’s hand. Gordon backs CB in the corner for a clean break. Gordon and CB trade wrestling holds into the commercial break. (c)

CB and Gordon continue to trade wrestling holds until CB gains control and puts Gordon into various submission holds where he works over Gordon’s hands. Gordon breaks through and kicks CB out of the ring. CB tries to put Gordon in a submission move on the outside but Gordon hits a German suplex. Back inside, Gordon takes advantage by putting his foot on CB’s throat. Gordon throws CB outside and throws CB over the barricade. He hits CB with a double axe handle and throws him back into the ring. Gordon charges CB in the corner but he misses and hits the turnbuckle left shoulder first. CB sits a single arm bulldog and stomps on the wrist. CB puts Gordon in a kimura but Gordon uses strength to get CB on his back. He hits him into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Gordon hits a springboard kick on the top rope, the Flip Five and puts CB into a STF (Submit to Flip). Gordon kicks CB out of the ring and celebrates while selling his injured left arm.

The Bouncers and Ken Dixon surprise Riccaboni and Coleman at the announce desk by threatening them. Beer City Bruiser takes the headset off of Riccaboni’s head and tells them they should be focusing on the Bouncers and Ken Dixon instead of other members of the ROH roster. Bruiser says that the Bouncers and Ken Dixon are going to win the ROH Six Man Tag Titles and the Bouncers will win the ROH Tag Team Titles. He says from now on they should talk about us. (c)

WINNER: Flip Gordon

(Maitland’s Thoughts: I enjoyed this match. CB, who has spent most of his time in the Pure division used submission holds until the strength of Gordon became too much. The Bouncers and Ken Dixon coming in at the end further solidified they are heels who are looking for more attention. Riccaboni did a great job of displaying weakness while Coleman showed he would defend his broadcast colleague at the drop of a hat.)

Brian Zane attempts to interview Flip Gordon after match by asking if the STF is the new move to watch in ROH. Flip Gordon repeats he has nothing to say until he gets his world title match. A graphic and the bracket for the ROH Women’s Championship Tournament is shown.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: It’s good that ROH is hyping Flip Gordon’s world title match. It would be great if they said who it was against.)

(2) SLEDGE vs. PCO

Danhausen is on commentary. Sledge comes out first. In a pre-match interview, Sledge says he plans to ground PCO. This is Sledge’s first singles match on ROH TV. PCO comes out next. In a pre-match interview with Danhausen in the background, PCO says that Sledge is fighting the French Canadian Frankenstein and that Sledge will rest in hell. PCO started wrestling in 1987.

Code of honor not adhered to. Sledge and PCO shoving each other until PCO takes down Sledge. Riccaboni notes that PCO has been studying jiu jitsu which Danhausen claims to have taught him. The trade punches until Sledge takes control in the corner and kicks PCO in the face for a two. PCO and Sledge trade elbows and chops until PCO gains control with a Russian leg sweep. PCO throws Sledge in to the corner but Sledge takes over by hitting a body slam and an elbow for a two count. (c)

PCO hits a power slam followed by a drop kick for two. PCO and Sledge trade chops again until Sledge gains control throw a suplex. PCO gets backs up. PCO and Sledge trade punches and forearms. PCO hits Sledge with several body strikes. PCO and Sledge grab each other by the neck until PCO throws Sledge over the top rope and hits a cannonball through the ropes. PCO puts Sledge on the apron, climbs on the top rope, and hits Sledge with another cannonball. PCO rams Sledge into the ring twice but he starts to malfunction. Sledge kicks him over the barricade. Referee Joe Mandak goes to check on PCO but PCO shoves him. PCO and Sledge brawl and Mandak calls for the bell. Sledge and PCO continue to fight while ROH security attempts to break them up.

WINNER: Double Disqualification (I think.)

(Maitland’s Thoughts: I like different styles of matches, but this was pretty slow and prodding. PCO malfunctioning is awkward after he no sells moves. This looks to be setting up a rematch that I won’t have too much interest in. Not sure why Joe Mandak stopped counting the wrestlers out. Danhausen was amusing on commentary.)

Brian Zane interviews Sledge after the match and Sledge says this is far from over. Another graphic for the Wo


Dak Draper comes out first. In a pre-match interview, he says, unlike most of the ROH roster, he is all about titles, prestige and attention and his focus on that made him forget who he was a person. Draper says he is not good on teams and this team fell apart due to Eli Isom and Dalton Castle and they will pay. Eli Isom comes out next. In a pre-match interview, he should have known that Draper and Dalton were on the same page noting they both wore pink. Isom tells him that he is done and he will show them that they won’t make a fool out of him. Dalton Castle comes out third with four boys to his new Radio Gaga inspired theme song. In a pre-match interview, Castle said Draper and Isom screwed everything up but the Foreign Hollywood Press would take notice tonight. The boys applaud Castle until he asks them to cease. (c)

The boys rip off Castle’s t-shirt. Castle charges into the ring hitting Draper and Isom. A three-way brawl ensues until Draper clotheslines Castle over the top rope. Isom hits Draper with a dropkick followed by a dive over the top rope. Isom, Castle, and Draper trade blows until Castle knees Isom and sends him inside. Castle works over Isom with forearms and a suplex until Draper drags him out and throws him into the ring post. The boys tend to Castle while Draper and Isom wrestle inside. Draper has the advantage but Castle grabs his leg. Draper kicks him off allowing Isom to recover and hit a release Norther Lights suplex on Draper and a straight jacket suplex on Castle for a two count. Draper gets sent outside and Isom hits Castle with a drop kick and a back suplex. Castle bails to the outside and they trade blows until Draper kicks Isom and brings him back into the ring. Draper goes for a pin but Castle pulls him out saying he can’t win like that. They argue over who was responsible for losing at Best in the World and Draper throws Castle over the barricade. Back inside, Isom hits Draper with a spinning side suplex for a two count. (c)

Isom gains control of Draper, suplexes him over the top rope and drop kicks him to the outside. Isom hits another dive onto Draper. Castle does a bird call to distract Isom and throws a chair at him. Castle throws Isom back in the ring and attempts to throw Draper but Draper blocks him. Castle yells at Draper to do something big and that it is our moment. Draper hits Isom with the Magnum KO while the boys get on the apron and mimic the move. Draper pins Isom while the Boys count along. Castle celebrates while Draper looks confused. Draper considers giving Isom his participation ribbon but instead shakes his hand. The commentary team wonders if this is a new Dak Draper while Isom collects himself.

WINNER: Dak Draper

-The show ends with a graphic of the competitors in ROH’s Women’s Championship Tournament. They are listed as Sumie Sakai, Rok-C, Mandy Leon, Max the Impaler, Holidead, Angelina Love, Miranda Alize, Alex Gracia, Mazzerati, Nicole Savoy, Allysin Kay, Willow, Marti Belle, and Trish Adora. The tournament starts next week.

(Maitland’s Thoughts: A quick match for a ROH TV main event. I keep thinking there has to be something more to Castle’s character than he wants a Golden Globe. Hopefully it is explained why he wants to help Draper. I don’t see Draper as a babyface at this point. Maybe at some point, but not yet. He and Isom have good chemistry and I look forward to seeing them. I also look forward to the women’s tournament starting next week.)

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