Wardlow talks winning championships and his road to AEW


AEW TNT Championship match added to Dynamite
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Wardlow has goals in AEW and they include winning all of the championships.

In an interview with Forbes, Wardlow talked in detail about his road to AEW and about how his goal is to win all of the championship gold that the company has to offer.

“I think my first wrestling paycheck was five dollars,” Wardlow said of beginning his wrestling journey. “I think it was a five dollar bill in an envelope, and honestly, it was that for a while. Eventually, I think I was making like 25 bucks a show, so I was actually spending more money on gas and driving out to Pittsburgh…So, it was costing me money to wrestle. I started making a little more as I got a little more popular on the indies, and then, I got like a 500 dollar payday, which to me was just mind-blowing. Five to 500 was a lot, but now, we’ve gone from 500 to some real money AEW.

“That’s the sacrifice you have to make if you want to do something exceptional with your life, and to me, nothing I did was a sacrifice,” Wardlow said. “A lot of people say, ‘Well, you sacrificed so much.’ Well, no. To me, it really wasn’t a sacrifice. To me, it really was just the proper steps to getting where I want to be. If you want to do something exceptional with your life, don’t be embarrassed. If you want to be a stand-up comic, go do those stupid little shows in front of 10 people at a coffee house. I know that seems embarrassing or people will question it or it seems like such a small scale, but you have to start on a small scale to reach the big scale.”

In regards to his specific goals that he has for himself in AEW, Wardlow said he’s looking to become a belt collector.

“I want to hold every title in the company, so the TNT title just happens to be the first one that presented itself to me,” Wardlow said. “Of course, everybody wants to be world heavyweight champion. I want to be world heavyweight champion, but more than that, I want the title that I’ve thought about everyday. I want the title that I believe is rightfully mine, and more so than that, I need to teach Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky some respect.

“I will pursue the heavyweight title. I will pursue the tag titles. I will pursue trios titles. I will pursue every title we have in the company. Outside of this business, I’m very selfless. Inside of this business, I’m very selfish. And I’ll be the first to admit, I want it all.”

Wardlow defeated MJF at the Double Or Nothing PPV event in May. Last week on AEW Dynamite, he beat 20 security guards at one time.

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