6/29 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Ciampa vs. Tozawa, T-Bar vs. Ali, more


Results and analysis from this week's WWE Main Event


JUNE 29, 2022

WWE Main Event Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick

  • Retribution members square off


After some “Ali” chants, T-Bar scuffed his foot across the canvas. He yelled at Ali, “That’s a line in the sand, and you won’t cross it because you’re a little man. You’re scared!” Ali crossed the line and stepped into T-Bar’s personal space and held his hands up. T-Bar nodded and shoved Ali to the mat. Ali booted T-Bar in the face and landed two chops. T-Bar fired Ali into the opposite corner, then planted him with a sidewalk slam. Ali got to his feet and landed a couple kicks. Ali over-extended Ali’s shoulders before leveling him with a clothesline. He covered Ali for two.

Ali sidestepped a charging T-Bar in the corner and landed a kick to his face. He took T-Bar down with a tornado DDT, then climbed to the top rope. He jumped into a 450 splash but T-Bar moved aside. Ali rolled through his landing and was quick to his feet, only to receive a big boot to the face from T-Bar, who then covered for two. T-Bar positioned Ali on the top turnbuckle and grasped his throat. He set up for a choke slam but Ali battled out and slammed T-Bar to the mat with an elevated sunset flip. Ali flipped back up to the top rope and this time hit the 450 cleanly. He covered T-Bar for the three-count.

WINNER: Mustafa Ali by pinfall in 4:55..

(Meyers’s Analysis: Standard match with a brief build to Ali’s 450 splash and victory. The announcers mentioned their prior affiliation in the ill-conceived Retribution faction, and how they hadn’t spoken since.)

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Ciampa controlled Tozawa with a wrist lock. Tozawa rolled through the hold and applied a leg bar, but Ciampa got to the ropes and kicked Tozawa away. Tozawa whipped Ciampa to the mat with a side headlock, but Ciampa escaped and fired a knee strike into Tozawa’s shoulder blade. Ciampa dealt some damage in a corner, then fired Tozawa into the opposite corner. Ciampa ran after him but Tozawa blocked him with both boots to the chest. Tozawa jumped from the middle rope and took Ciampa down with a hurricanrana, then again with a drop kick. Tozawa climbed to the top rope but Ciampa ran to the corner and blocked his ascent by grabbing the loose end of his belt. He yanked him down to a hard landing on the top turnbuckle, then ran the length of the ring edge to knee Tozawa in the face. Tozawa toppled out to the floor and we cut to break.

Ciampa had control back in the ring. He knocked Tozawa to the mat with a reverse elbow and covered for two. He stomped Tozawa in the head, then landed a few knee strikes. He draped Tozawa over the bottom rope and choked him against it with his boot. Tozawa got to his feet but Ciampa knocked him back down with a big chop. Tozawa showed resilience on his face, but Ciampa raked his eyes and then catapulted him face-first into the underside of the bottom turnbuckle. Ciampa applied a chin lock.

Tozawa got free and ran the ropes, then took Ciampa down with another hurricanrana and followed up with a running knee strike. Tozawa went to the top rope and hit a flying reverse elbow. He covered Ciampa for two. Ciampa reversed out of a German suplex and blasted Tozawa with a forearm strike. Tozawa rolled up Ciampa for two. Ciampa came back with a big knee strike to the face, then hit the Fairytale Ending for the three-count.

WINNER: Ciampa by pinfall in 7:10.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Decent action with a couple bursts of energy and speed from Tozawa, but nothing remarkable.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 6.8

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