6/22 WWE MAIN EVENT TV REPORT: Judgement Day vs. Mysterios, 24/7 title match, more


WWE Main Event results and analysis


JUNE 22, 2022

WWE Main Event Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


  • Judgment Day and Mysterios bring star power

(1) DANA BROOKE (C) vs. DOUDROP (w/ Nikki A.S.H.) – 24/7 Championship Match

Brooke went on the offense early with a series of kicks, then attempted to roll up Doudrop. Doudrop remained upright and dropped her full weight to the mat but Brooke rolled out of the way. Once on her feet, Brooke did a cartwheel to Doudrop’s front side and kicked her in the face. Doudrop got to her feet and leveled Brooke with a simple head butt, then hit a running senton. She remained on top of Brooke to cover for a two-count.

Doudrop straddled the prone Brooke and applied a chin lock. Nikki, standing at ringside, yelled over her shoulder at the announce team to “shut up.” Brooke got to her feet and nailed Doudrop with a bulldog, then covered for two. Brooke slowly climbed a corner and kicked away an interfering Nikki. This still gave Doudrop enough time to grab Brooke and toss her to the mat. Doudrop ran the ropes and splashed Brooke in the middle of the ring, then covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Doudrop by pinfall in 2:25.

While Doudrop held the title aloft, Nikki rolled into the ring and attempted to roll her up but had as much luck as Brooke earlier. Doudrop scooped her to her feet and said, “How dare you.” Tamina ran in and chopped Doudrop down from behind. Tozawa joined the fray, yanking Tamina out of the ring before covering Doudrop for the three-count and winning the 24/7 title. R-Truth entered and delivered a face-first sit out powerbomb to Tozawa, then covered for the win and the belt. Reggie appeared next and fired Truth into a ring post. He was yanked off by Tamina, then Tozawa was also removed. Nikki climbed to the top rope and leaped to take out the entire field with a high cross body to the floor. Now alone with Truth, she covered him for the win and belt. Nikki rolled into the ring and celebrated with the championship, until Brooke finally reappeared and hit a somersault neckbreaker for the victory and the belt, as things started.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Just some brief, pointless mayhem to get a bunch of low-card faces in the ring.)

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Priest started against Rey. Rey ducked a clothesline but Priest hit punches and a kick. Balor tagged in and briefly controlled Rey before Dom tagged in and quickly took Balor down with a drop kick and an arm drag. Balor booted him in the corner, but Dom controlled Balor’s wrist and hit a lucha-style arm drag from the top rope. Balor stumbled to his own corner and tagged Priest back in.

Dom staggered Priest with a drop kick, then elbowed him in the face. Balor distracted Dom, allowing Priest to recover and turn Dom inside out with a big clothesline. Dom slowly rolled out of the ring to recover as we cut to break.

Priest controlled Dom with an arm bar after the break. Dom got to his feet and reached toward Rey, but Priest hoisted him up and hit a backbreaker. He covered Dom for two. Balor tagged in and rammed his shoulder into Dom’s gut in the corner. He turned him around and gave the same treatment to Dom’s lower back. Dom hit a few punches but Balor resisted and hit a backbreaker of his own before applying a chin lock.

Balor fired Dom off, which allowed him to hit a bulldog before making a hot tag to Rey. Rey ducked a clothesline and hit a high cross body off the middle rope. Balor took Rey down with a sling blade and covered for two. He positioned Rey on the mat near a corner. Balor sat on the top turnbuckle but Rey joined him there, taking him back to the mat with a hurricanrana. He covered, but Priest dove in to break it up. Dom followed suit and took Priest out with a high cross body from the top rope. Balor dumped Dom out of the ring, then Rey drop kicked Balor in the knee, causing him to drape over the middle rope. Rey ran the opposite ropes and went for the 619 on Balor, but Priest was on the floor and intercepted him on the swing through. He carried Rey across the floor and tossed him into the barricade. The bell rang repeatedly at the ref’s discretion.

WINNERS: Rey & Dominik Mysterio in 5:55 by disqualification.

Balor mounted Dom and landed repeated blows in the ring. Priest joined him there and caught a superkick from Dom. Dom positioned Priest on the middle rope with a drop toehold, then the Mysterios hit a stereo 619 to Priest. They posed to the crowd in the ring while Balor checked on Priest at ringside.

(Meyers’s Analysis: The DQ finish made no sense – Priest threw Rey into the barricade, which has never counted as an illegal foreign object to end a match. I suppose this was a clumsy way to protect the relatively fresh Judgement Day from a clean win against the Mysterios? Either way, Dominik and Rey were standing tall in the ring at the end of the segment.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: This episode in general did not resemble a typical WWE Main Event template. The chaos of the first segment, the higher-profile talent of the second, and the extracurricular activity of both segments made this feel more like an extension of Raw.

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.4

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