8/10 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho, Jade Cargill vs. Madison Rayne, Coffin Match, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


AUGUST 10, 2022

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Taz and Excalibur


Darby jumped off the top rope as Brody was making his ring entrance. Darby continued the sneak attack and then revealed a Skateboard with thumb tacs, he quickly bloodied the face of King. Brody King then hit a straight right and threw Darby into the barricade. King broke the skateboard and then Darby ran in off screen and took control of the match once more. Both men were on the top rope, here Darby hit a top rope Code Red, leaving both men laying.

The match moved to the outside again, King slammed Darby into the barricade and then King chopped Allin and then tossed him violently into the barricade on the opposite side. Darby then was tossed into another barricade, where Darby flipped over into the crowd. [c]

King had Allin on a table on the outside, King then went to the top and dove out onto the table. But, Darby had rolled away and King went through while his face was bleeding excessively. Darby went to set up another table and the lights went out, Buddy and Malakai were next to King. Julie Hart then tripped Darby as Buddy Matthews and Black took advantage.

King then hit a cannonball into Darby, through a table in the corner. Matthews open date coffin and Sting was in it, he took a bat to Matthews and took him out. Sting then entered the ring and hit King with the bat, he then threw the bat to Black, offering him a free swing. Black fainted that he would use it, but dropped it and walked out of the ring. Sting followed Black up the stage as Darby hit a dive out to King.

Brody King sent Darby into the barricade then the stairs. King then moved the coffin close to the apron. King then picked up Darby and went to the ring apron. Darby used a chain and punched King with it then choked him out. Darby let go and King dropped into the coffin, causing the lid to shut.

WINNER: Darby Allin

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that went to 11 it terms of speed, gore and wrestling intrigue. I enjoyed all three aspects and look forward to the feud ending match at All Out.) 

-Jon Moxley said the AEW title was forged in Cincinnati, all the pain that made it what it is. He said Chris Jericho’s fighting spirit will be put to the test. If his spirit doesn’t break, his body will. [c]

-Chris Jericho responded to Jon Moxley. He said that after 2 and a half years he will be AEW champion. He said that Moxley wanted Lionheart, he said that teeth can be fixed and blood loss can be survived. But, tonight he was going to stretch Moxley like he has never been before.


All four men started fast, with Andrade and Rush getting the early advantage. Rush hit an elbow and then tossed Rey Fenix into the corners both he and Penta tried to comeback. Penta was able to hit a pump kick to send Rush to the outside, Penta went to dive, but was tripped by Andrade. Rey Fenix was able to dive out onto a seated Rush and then did a second dive to take out Andrade.

Penta got a near fall on Rush while that was happening. The Lucha Bros tried a team Fear Factor, but Andrade spoiled that as he and Rush tried a double cover on their opponents. Andrade and Rush did stereo dives to the outside as the commercial break started. [c]

Penta dodged an attack and then took on both members of LFI, Rey jumped in and had wrist control of Andrade and ran the top of the ropes. Rey and Penta then teamed up for a near fall. Rey then had a near fall of his own Rush. Penta and Rey hit stereo dives to the outside, Rey then went for a frog splash, but Andrade got his knees up. He and Rush were now in control once more.

Andrade was trying for a DDT on Rey, but Penta hit a pump kick to stop it. Andrade hit a running double knees. Rush then hit a power bomb on Rey. Penta hit a cutter right after on Rush. All four men were down and the ref started a count. Penta hit a destroyer on the apron, Rey pushed Rush onto the apron. The Lucha Bros tried for Fear Factor on teh apron, but Andrade stopped that.

Rush tied Penta’s masks to the ropes, keeping him in place. Rey fought but, Rush hit a missile drop kick and then hit a pile driver. Penta ripped his mask off to save his brother. In the chaos Rey got a two count on a roll up. Rush then hit the Bull’s Horns on Rey, Andrade then hit the Hammerlock DDT for the pinfall win.

WINNER: LFI: Andrade & Rush

(Sage’s Analysis: A lot going on in this match, but I really liked most of it. The highlight was Penta taking his own mask off to save Rey. The worst being the no sell by Andrade on the apron destroyer.)

-The Young Bucks were backstage with Hangman and Dark Order. Matt Jackson apologized for the way they have treated Hangman. He talked about what went wrong after they started AEW and her said he was sorry. He said that this was the building that Page won the world title. Matt said that he can never get those years back, maybe he is a bad person. But, he said Adam Page makes him and Nick better people. Matt then asked if Page would join the Bucks next week in their trios group. Adam Page said that he couldn’t join them, he said that Dark Order were there for him and as a result he will chose to back the Dark Order and he is gonna be in there corner.


Luchasaurus hit a German Suplex then a move called the Fossilizer for the win.

WINNER: Luchasaurus

-Post match Christian Cage appeared on camera and said that Minneapolis did not deserve to see him. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus attacked Cage backstage, but were stopped by security.

-Miro was in a room of all black, except for a ray of light. Julia Hart entered and told him to accept the gift. Miro said only one woman can touch him like that and it isn’t her. He told her to tell Malaki that he accepts their gift and will use it to destroy the house of black. [c]

-The Factory, and QT Marshall told Powerhouse Hobbs that they would take care of Ricky Starks tonight.

-Jay Lethal, Sanjay Dutt and Satnam Singh walked out. Dutt talked about the message that Jay Lethal sent to Wardlow at Battle of the Belts. Lethal demanded another shot at the TNT title. Wardlow walked out and said that Lethal could have another shot. But, tonight he was gonna beat their asses as FTR’s music all three walked to the ring. Lethal and company backed out and exited the ring. Lethal entered the ring and FTR hit a Big Rig.

(Sage’s Analysis: The segment was weird in itself. But, pairing FTR the hottest act in AEW with Wardlow is so smart, I hope the pairing continues.)

-The JAS were backstage, they said that Jericho would win and that they even had a little bit if the bubbly.


A brief video package talking about Starks’ relationship with Solow was shown.

Aaron Solow tried to attachee Starks as the match started, Ricky dodged and hit a series if moves. Cole Carter tripped Starks and was shown out, leaving Solow all alone. Aaron Solow was in control after this, but Starks launched off teh top rope to hit a spinning DDT. Starks tried his old finisher, but then hit a Spear to get the pinfall win.

WINNER: Ricky Starks

-Post match Starks hit a spine buster on Comarato, and then left the building as the Factory assended on him. Hobbs broke a TV in disgust.

(Sage’s Analysis: A solid match for the little amount of time. It is weird to see a face run out against a group, but its better to do it this way that having Starks be saved by someone.)

-Billy Gunn and The Gunn Club, Billy was berating his sons. Hathaway offered his card to them, Billy told him to leave. It was announced they have a match against Danhausen and “the bearded one,” on Friday. [c]

The Best Friends were interrupted by The Trust Busters.


Jade patted the head of Madison Rayne to start the match, Rayne fought back. Jade went to the outside and Madison went to the apron, Jade tried to pick up Rayne, but Rayne countered and hit a hurricanrana. Back in the ring, Jade hit a spear going into the break. [c]

When the show returned Jade hit a vertical suplex after a long hold. Rayne hit a jawbreaker after the suplex, then a neck breaker. Then Rayne went for a neck breaker off the top, which Jade did not take well. Rayne then hit a neck breaker out of the vertical suplex.

Kiera Hogan distracted Madison, Jade went for a boot to the head, but Madison dodged and the boot hit Hogan. Soon after Jade hit the Jaded slam on Rayne for the pinfall.

WINNER: Jade Cargill

-Post match Athena entered the ring and hit a forearm. Kiera Hogan pulled Jade out of the ring as Athena held up the TBS championship.

(Sage’s Analysis: Not a good match, the structure was odd and the chemistry between the two was off. It seemed like Jade only hit vertical suplexes or her finisher and Madison Rayne only hit neck or jaw breakers.)

-Tony Storm and Thunder Rosa were backstage, it was announced that Kris Statlander was injured and now Storm is the #1 contender.

-The announce team ran down the matches for the next three episodes of AEW content. [c]


The match started slow as it started at the 9:30 mark and would end up being a long match. The two men locked hands and then grappled on the mat and stood up. They locked hands once more and Moxley got the quick headlock, Jericho and Moxley then traded strikes until Jericho tried for the Walls of Jericho. Jericho then had an arm submission locked in but it was let up. Jericho then did a submission form his back and let up again. The two men traded chops and Moxley hit a running kick to the back of Jericho. Jericho then pulled the earring of Moxley outing kicked him off the apron. [c]

Moxley was bleeding tremendously as the show returned, Jericho was working numerous holds and elbow strikes. Moxley was able to counter and get a German Suplex. Jericho then put Moxley on the top rope, Jericho hit a Hurricanrana and then slammed the leg of Moxley on the ring post. After a few slams, Jericho locked in a hold that needed to be counted out by the ref. Moxley then locked in a face lock, Jericho rolled forward and he applied the Lion Tamer hold. [c]

Moxley had not tapped out during the commercial break, Moxley had gotten some momentum on the outside. He tossed Jericho back into the ring and tried a splash off the top rope, but Jericho hit a code breaker and then punched the open cut that Moxley had. Jericho then took off a turnbuckle. Sammy Guevara distracted the ref and Jericho hit Moxley with the bat. This turned into a near fall.

Moxley reversed into a cradle pin, for a two count. Moxley was thrown into the exposed turnbuckle, Jericho then hit Judas Effect for a near fall. Jericho then grabbed the AEW title, Moxley then slammed Jericho into the exposed buckle, Moxley then Locke din teh Bulldog choke. Jericho countered and laid in down elbows and then tried to lock in the walls of Jericho. They zoomed into Jericho as it looked like he had broken his nose. Moxley locked in the Bulldog choke and Jericho held on a long time before tapping out.

WINNER: Jon Moxley

(Sage’s Analysis: Wow I did not expect that. The ending sequence with blood gushing out of Jericho’s nose is something I will not soon forget. The style of the match was like the greatest 80’s match you will ever see. I truly great Dynamite main event.)

-The JAS and Blackpool Combat battled in the ring. CM Punk’s music hit and he cleared the ring with the exception of Jon Moxley. CM Punk and Moxley then stood nose-to-nose in the middle of the ring, with Moxley flipping off Punk. Moxley then walked out of the ring leaving Punk in the ring alone to celebrate with the fans.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A really strong show start to finish. The opening and closing matches were four guys working their asses off in different ways. There was also some good storytelling in squash matches in the middle. The tease of Kenny next week and Punk coming back at the end of the episode really heats up AEW in a big way.

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