10/5 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Danielson & Garcia vs. Jericho & Guevara, MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor (@ringoftyler)


OCTOBER 5, 2022

Announcers: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Taz


Wheeler Yuta tried for a collar and elbow tie up to start, MJF dodged and got cheered, and slightly booed, by the crowd. Yuta then got offense in the corner and stunned MJF, this lead to a slam by Yuta. Wheeler then went to the top, while MJF was laying in the middle of the ring. MJF then rolled before the jump and then attacked Yuta as he jumped down to the mat. MJF then taunted the crowd. Wheeler fought out of a hold, MJF promptly hit a back breaker leading to a near fall. [c]

Wheeler battled back and tried for a German Suplex once the full screen returned. After a few moments, Yuta connected on three consecutive Germans. Yuta went to the top again, and MJF rolled away again. The two men battled, Yuta tried for another German. Here MJF got wrist control where MJF hit a power bomb-back breaker for a near fall on Yuta. MJF slapped Yuta on the mat, Yuta stood up and fired back with slaps of his own.

The two men traded jack knife pinning attempts back-and-fourth. MJF tried for a pile-driver, Yuta countered and put MJF of the same position. MJF countered and got Yuta on his back, Yuta countered and slammed MJF. This left both men on their backs as the ref started a ten count. Both stirred at six and, Yuta went to the top. MJF put Yuta in a pile-driver position, Yuta fought back and hit a Hurricanrana. Yuta then dove to MJF on the outside and sent him into the barricade.

Yuta put MJF back in and finally hit the diving splash on MJF for a near fall. Yuta then hit 12-to-6 elbows, MJF then applied his Salt of the Earth hold, Yuta tried to break the hold, but MJF pull him to the middle. Yuta tapped out at that point.


(Sage’s Analysis: A fantastic grounded and highly athletic wrestling match to open the show. A great reminder of the great work both men are capable of. The post match stuff was pretty interesting and a nice tease to MJF putting hands on Regal.)

-Wheeler offered a handshake after the match, Lee Moriarty attacked Yuta. MJF yelled that he didn’t ask him to do that. He was then given the dynamite diamond ring and put it on. William Regal then was on camera and put on brass knuckles, Regal entered the ring. MJF verbally berated Regal and left the ring.

-A video package that told the story of Danielson/Garcia and Jericho was shown.

-The JAS was backstage, Daddy Magic and Angelo said that Garcia has thrown away everything that they have given him. Jericho said that Garcia is a child and that Jericho taught him everything he knows.


Both Jay Lethal and Darby Allin tried standing switches, then traded control on the mat. Darby brought up Lethal in a light head lock, then an arm hold. Darby then ran out and back into the ring, he then hit a springboard arm drag on Lethal. Jay then offered a hand to shake and then kicked Darby in the midsection and began to work over Allin. Lethal tried for a brain buster, Darby countered and hit a DDT. [c]

Jay Lethal was in control as the show returned from a full screen commercial break. Jay hit a German on Darby, that caused Darby to do a full flip and he sold his knee. Both men were on the top, with Darby seated on the turnbuckle, Lethal hit an avalanche dragon screw and then locked in the Figure Four submission hold on Darby. Allin was able to break the hold with the bottom rope.

Darby hit an elbow and then countered the Lethal Injection, Darby then hit a Code Red on Lethal for a near fall. Dutt and Singh came down and Lethal told them to go back. Darby hit a move and eventually connected a last supper pin for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Darby Allin

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match that was different enough from the opener to keep momentum, but didn’t build on the opener. Which would be hard for anyone to do. The distraction finish by Dutt to Lethal teasing a break up was also positive in my opinion.)

-Darby offered his hand and Lethal shook the hand of Darby.


Wardlow and Brian Cage did a mini stare down, Cage then hit a right strike on Wardlow and beat him into the corner. Wardlow turned Cage and hit him in the same corner. Both men traded punches in the middle of the ring, Wardlow hit a head scissors on a Cage rebound. Cage then set up a 619, Wardlow caught Cage and slammed him. Wardlow called for the power bomb symphony, Cage countered and hit his own power bomb. [c]

Cage dominated throughout the break, Wardlow made a comeback with a big backflip off the top turnbuckle. Wardlow then hit a German Suplex, then a belly-to-belly suplex. Wardlow went to the top, Cage chopped him down and Cage hit a vertical suplex picking Wardlow off the apron and to the mat. Wardlow hit a slam on Cage and got a two count.

Cage dodged a punch and hit an F5 like slam for a two count on Wardlow. Cage set up a power bomb, Wardlow hit two head strikes and a lariat. Wardlow then pulled his singlet straps down and him a power bomb, Wardlow didn’t pin and hit a second bomb. Wardlow did not pin again and hit a third and quick fourth bomb for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Wardlow

(Sage’s Analysis: A really good “big man,” match, that showed the upside in both Wardlow and Brian Cage. I honestly don’t know why Wardlow hasn’t had more matches over 30 seconds after this match.)

-Members of the embassy attacked Wardlow, Samoa Joe tried to make the save but he was overpowered. FTR then came out and ran off The Embassy. [c]

-Britt Baker had a pre-taped video saying that Saraya has not been cleared to wrestle and that its her house.


Willow Nightingale and Jamie Hayter started the match, Hayter tagged in Penelope Ford before any contact was made. Willow tagged in Athena in the same fashion, Athena was in control and hit a big cross body on Ford for a two count. Ford pushed Athena into the heel team corner, here she was worked over and Deeb was tagged in to continue the beatdown on Athena. Toni Storm was tagged in but Deeb got the advantage once the commercial break started. [c]

Deeb remained in control, as Willow and Athena came to make the save. But Deeb and Jamie Hayter took out the two women who tried to save Storm. Toni was bale to get the tag to Willow and she battled with Hayter, eventually hitting a spine buster and getting a two count.

Deeb tagged in worked over willow in the corner, Rebel pulled out a crutch to hit Willow with, Saraya took the crutch. Willow took out Deeb, then Ford entered and hit a heel kick on Willow. Athena entered after that and took out Ford. Willow came back in, Ford hit a slam and got a near fall on Willow. Ford tried a handspring move, Willow hit a drop kick and then a doctor bomb for the pinfall win.

WINNER: Toni Storm & Willow Nightingale & Athena

(Sage’s Analysis: A really strong tag match that pleasantly and surprisingly made Willow look like a star.) 

-Baker and Saraya had a stare down and then traded punches, Saraya then kicked Rebel.

-Rush and Jose the assistant had a promo with Private Party.

-The Acclaimed came out for National Scissoring Day. Anthony Bowens stood at a podium mid ring and said that they are the best tag team in AEW history and that they have the #1 t-shirt in 2022. He said that AEW stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. He said that Scissoring was trending all day and that it is a handshake among friends.

He said that The Acclaimed are the tag team of the people, He said that Keith Lee and “sneaky,” Swerve Strickland shouldn’t ever be champions again. Billy Gunn got on the mic and said he went to city hall today, he was asked to give The Acclaimed the scissors of the city. Max Caster then asked everyone to scissor their neighbors in the crowd. Caster said that he wanted to talk about greatness, he said 40 years ago his father won Super Bowl 17 with the Washington football team. He said his dad wears that ring with pride everyday. He said that D.C represents the best and worst of the US, he said that there is no Red or Blue just Pink. The three tried to do a final scissor and Swerve Stricklands music hit.

He said this is the dumbest thing he has ever seen, he said that kids will be suspended with gestures like Billy’s group from 25 years ago. Swerve said next week in Toronto he would take out Billy Gunn in a singles match. Mark Sterling came out and said Swerve was an idiot. He said that The Acclaimed need him because only he can beat Swerve. The Acclaimed all teamed up and took out Sterling as an answer. Gunn accepted the fight, then all three scissored.

-A match to set up Dark Order vs. Death Triangle was shown, since Andrade was sent home for the altercation with Sammy and won’t be there for the match Friday. [c]

-Madison Rayne and Skye Blue were backstage, they were interrupted by Anna Jay and Tay Melo. A match for Rampage was set up.


Rush and Adam Page started with forearms, chops and slaps. Rush threw Page over the top rope, and then sent him to the outside. Here Rush used the TV cables as he typically does in every single match he has ever had. Rush continued the assault as the break started. [c]

Rush dominated durning the break, Page countered and hit a fall away slam. MJF was shown watching the match with his casino chip. Page then hit a lariat and then a cross body from the top rope down to the floor. Page tossed Rush in the ring, where Page hit a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Rush and Page traded forearms, Rush hit stomps and Page picked up Rush and power bombed him into a near fall pin. Rush then hit a straight jacket pile driver for a near fall, Rush then set up Bulls Horns, but Page stood up and hit a lariat. He followed that up with a Buckshot Lariat for the Pinfall win.


(Sage’s Analysis: The least compelling match on the show, but overall fine. The post match stuff with Moxley was good.)

-Private Party came out to attack Page, Jon Moxley came out and shook his head at Private Party. Moxley then entered the ring and the two mean stared each other down. Moxley said that he has been waiting three years to face Adam Page. He said they have beaten everyone there is to beat, except each other. He said that at his home arena on 10/18 there will be one last man standing in AEW. He said only Page is standing in his way to be the one true top guy in AEW. He said that he respects him, but when that bell rings he doesn’t have respect for anything. Page said that if he has been wanting this so long, where is he going? Moxley said this was his final warning he has 13 days and to watch his mouth.

-Willow was backstage and she said she was on a roll and that she wants to challenge for the TBS championship. Jade and The Baddies came in and Jade said that she would be #39.


Luchasaurus slammed Del Sol and then hit a Cutthroat slam for the pinfall win.

-After the match Jungle Boy saved Fuego with a chair shot to Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy said that he was his best friend, he said that he choose Christian Cage and broke his heart. He said that he was going to break the bones of Luchasaurus. He told him to pick the time and place and he would be ready. Cage got on the mic and said the time would be next week in Toronto. [c]


Daniel Garcia and Chris Jericho started the match and both men adhered to the code of honor. Garcia and Jericho ran the ropes and Garcia got mount control on the back of Jericho. Garcia allowed him to stand and both men traded chops. Sammy Guevara tripped Garcia and entered to beat down Garcia. Bryan Danielson was tagged in and quickly took the fight to Sammy. Danielson did a backflip and took out Jericho outside as the last break started. [c]

Danielson dominated throughout, Guevara hit a top rope Spanish Fly for a near fall on Danielson. Jericho was tagged in and he continued the beatdown on Bryan Danielson. Garcia was tagged in and he faced down with Jericho. Sammy tried to jump in and was taken out by Garcia. Jericho and Garcia traded punches, until Garcia forced Jericho into the corner. Garcia was caught on a running kick, but Garcia countered and applied a lion tamer.

Sammy entered and took out Garcia and Danielson. After a moment it was Jericho and Garcia trading chops, Jericho tried the lionsault, Garcia got his knees up and Sammy was tagged in. Garcia put Sammy in a submission and Danielson did the same, both me then laid down elbows. Garcia and Danielson teamed up, but Sammy countered and took out both men and got a near fall on Garcia.

Sammy tried for the GTH, Garcia countered into a pile driver for a near fall, as Jericho pulled of Garcia. Danielson took out Jericho, then Jericho slammed Danielson was put through a table. Sammy hit a GTH and punched Garcia after, Sammy hit a shooting star press but Garcia got his knees up and applied the Dragon Slayer hold. Jericho hit Garcia with an object, Sammy then pinned Garcia for the win.

WINNER: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

(Sage’s Analysis: A good match and story in a vacuum. But, the real life stuff with Sammy makes this a questionable call at best. I am curious what the final step of this story is, but I think a pivot to Jericho getting the pin would be an easy switch.)

Final Thoughts: A really strong ROH focused show, with lots of great matches and a really fun talking segment with The Acclaimed, a strong entertaining 2 hours and 15 minutes.


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