VIP AUDIO 5/16 – 10 YRS AGO Wade Keller Hotline – The News (4-6-06): In-depth insider details on prospects of Hogan vs. Austin match, Orton suspension, Bret backstage at HOF, Joey Styles mistake (33 min)


SUMMARY: In this update, PWTorch editor Wade Keller breaks a ton of insider news on the prospects of a Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin match – how close it came to happening at WM22, what stood in its way, what the prospects are of it happening in the future, why Austin said what he said about Hogan at the HOF during his Bret Hart intro, and any backstage interaction between the two. Also, lots of news on the ECW PPV including the possible main events with Rob Van Dam, whose idea it was for him to win the Money in the Bank match, who he’s most likely to face and why, who else he might face, plus other big names signed for the event and how it will be formatted and booked this year compared to last year. Also, the inside story on Randy Orton’s suspension, how it is perceived by his colleagues, and why he has a ton of heat for other reasons. Plus, backstage notes on Bret Hart at the Hall of Fame, insider news on Joey Styles and some mistakes he made at WM on air and off air, pro wrestlers live on ESPN next week, Survivor Series notes, Rosemont Horizon notes, and more.

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