Survivor Series Update – Taker & Kane’s match official

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The Undertaker & Kane will face the Wyatts at the Survivor Series PPV on November 22. Except, it will not be the anticipated traditional Survivor Series match.

Instead, WWE set up a two-on-two match on this week’s Smackdown. The story is that Bray Wyatt offered Taker & Kane the choice of which two Wyatt Family members to face at Survivor Series.

The rest of the PPV line-up will be filled out on the basis of who loses WWE Title tournament matches.

Updated Survivor Series Line-up

– WWE World Hvt. Title tournament final two rounds.

– The Undertaker & Kane vs. two Wyatt Family members.

– Divas Title match: Charlotte vs. Paige.

3 Comments on Survivor Series Update – Taker & Kane’s match official

  1. I kind of see this as a possible setup for Kane to turn against Taker or something along those lines. I know they have fought each other so many times but I just have the feeling they might be fighting each other again.

  2. They’ve already had two traditional Survivor Series elimination matches-1 on RAW and the other on SD. Now this will just be a regular tag match. So,this is now…just another show? No other hook or gimmick to it to make it stand out from any of the others? Lame.

  3. They could have done an elimination match to determine a # 1 contender for the WWE World title. 2 team captains decide who would be on their respective teams- a combination of babyfaces and heels on each team could be fresh as I don’t think it’s been done since 1995. If it happened to come down to, say 3 victors, it would become a triple threat. This would make for interesting conflict as everyone would have to determine whether to help their teammates or not to try and make it just 1 on 1.

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