1/12 Impact Viewers & DVR Update for Week 2 on Pop TV

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Week 2 of TNA Impact on Pop TV upticked in combined viewership, but the channel still needs more distribution and more awareness to draw a respectable audience after Pop’s president set lofty goals for the show.

TNA Impact Viewership Tracking

– January 12: The following is a break down of Week 2 of TNA Impact on Pop TV, including DVR viewership.

– First-Run audience: 288,000 viewers

– Replay audience: 77,000 viewers

– Combined Tuesday night audience: 365,000 viewers, up from 345,000 viewers for the debut episode.

UPDATE: DVR Viewing was 25,000 viewers, up from 13,000 on the debut.

– The total live, replay, and DVR audience was 390,000 viewers, up from 358,000 last week.


– The bright spot for Impact was the show drew a median age of 44.8 years-old, falling within the 18-49 advertiser window.

As a result, Impact drew 148,000 a18-49 viewers, up from only 96k a18-49 viewers last week.

Impact also maintained last week’s male-female split with 59 percent males 18-49 and 41 percent females 18-49.

DVR Update: There was very little DVR movement across the board. Adults 18-49 added zero to a 0.12 rating. Meanwhile, adults 18-34, adults 25-54, females 18-49, and males 18-49 all added 0.01.

The top rating was males 18-49 moving from a 0.14 to a 0.15.


– The down side is Impact is behind the pace of Destination America one year ago despite being available in more homes.

One year ago, Impact drew a combined audience of 531,000 viewers, which was about half of what TNA was drawing on Spike TV at the end of their 2014 run.

TNA is now drawing about two-thirds of what they started with on Dest. America last year.

Pop is available in 64.7 percent of households, versus 49.2 percent of households for Dest. America. Impact now has to try to rebuild an audience after transitioning from Spike to Dest. America, where they lost a portion of their audience, and try to re-find those viewers on Pop.

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