WWE Video – Brie Bella in the weekly interview – continuing D-Bryan’s career, Divas Title match, Bryan’s permanent brain injury, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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Brie Bella, the wife of retiring WWE star Daniel Bryan, was interviewed by Michael Cole in this week’s interview on WWE’s website.

Brie walked through Monday’s events of getting emotional when they arrived in Seattle for Raw knowing that it would be Bryan’s last time to be a “wrestler” on WWE TV. Then, Bryan enjoying being backstage again with the wrestlers, but becoming nervous and emotional again when it came closer to his retirement speech at the end of Raw. Brie said she wasn’t sure if Bryan was going to be able to make it through his speech because all he knows and what he is passionate about is wrestling. But, she was proud of him for pulling himself together to end his career on a high note.

Now, as Brie noted, she is the wrestler and Bryan is no longer a wrestler. Cole asked what that role reversal will be like and whether they have discussed the transition.

“I can’t sleep. I’m just thinking about everything,” Brie recalled Bryan telling her at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Brie said Bryan was concerned about no longer being a wrestler, but Brie re-assured him that he will always be a wrestler, even if he cannot wrestle again.

But, Brie said she realized that Bryan’s journey as a wrestler ended on Monday, and now she gets to continue the journey. “I get to keep living the (shared) dream and he doesn’t,” Brie said. “It was a little devastating for me (to realize that), but I’m going to make my husband proud. He always pushed me, he made me become better.”

Cole noted that Brie now gets the chance to continue the dream if she beats Charlotte for the Divas Title at Fast Lane. Brie said the hard part is, as a twin, she always had Nikki Bella by her side, but now Nikki is recovering from her neck injury and her husband had to retire. Brie got emotional talking about being by Nikki’s side when she went in for surgery and being with Bryan when he got the news that he cannot wrestle again.

“It’s not even about Bryan not being able to get in the ring, but for the rest of his life, he has an injury in his brain that he has to be careful about,” Brie said. But, through their sadness and weakness, she feels stronger to represent Bryan and Nikki. “I’ll let that be my fire going into Fast Lane,” Brie said. She vowed to win the Divas Title at Fast Lane and represent Bryan and Nikki, doing the “Yes!” chant in victory.

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