2/19-2/27 CWE Tour Results – Colt Cabana, Silas Young, Chase Owens, Kincaid, title matches, more

Colt Cabana reportedly not returning to AEW full time
Colt Cabana (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


Canadian Wrestling’s Elite ran a week-long tour of Canada from February 19 to 27 headlined by Colt Cabana and ROH roster members.

February 19, 2016
Fannystelle, Man., Canada

(1) CWE champion “A-List” Anderson Tyson Moore beat “The Hot Prospect” Travis Cole with “The Headshot.”

(2) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan beat “Superstar” Tod Bullet following the Cruel Summer.

(3) “The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens beat ROH Top Prospect Jason “The Gift” Kincaid following a Package Piledriver.

(4) CWE Tag champions Blazin’ Dick beat “The Mastermind” Kevin Cannon & “The Rebel” Bobby Collins to retain the CWE Tag Titles.

(5) Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana beat Sigmon in his CWE debut.

February 20, 2016
Yorkton, Sask., Canada

(1) Tyson Moore beat Chase Owens to retain the CWE Title.

(2) Travis Cole beat Bull Bodnar.

(3) CWE tag champions Blazin’ Dick beat Tyler Colton & Chase Owens to retain the CWE Tag Titles.

(4) Jason Kincaid vs. Danny Duggan went to a draw.

(5) Colt Cabana beat Rob Stardom.

February 21, 2016
Sherwood Park, Man., Canada

(1) Carter Mason beat Lewis Howley.

(2) Chase Owens & Sigmon beat Dynamite Dan & Pistol Pete.

(3) CWE TV champion Tyler Colton beat Jason Kincaid to retain the CWE TV Title.

(4) Danny Duggan beat Travis Cole.

(5) Blazin’ Dick beat Chase Owens & Sigmon to retain the CWE Tag Titles.

(6) Colt Cabana beat Silas Young.

February 23, 2016
Calgary, Alb., Canada

In front of a sold-out audience…

(1) Jason Kincaid beat Lewis Howley.

(2) CWE TV champion Tyler Colton beat Danny Duggan to retain the CWE TV Title.

(3) Colt Cabana beat Travis Cole.

(4) Silas Young beat Carter Mason.

(5) Dynamite Dan & Pistol Pete beat Chase Owens & Sigmon and Orin Vedit & Petey Brown in a three-team elimination match.

February 24, 2016
Regina, Sask., Canada

(1) Jason Kincaid beat Travis Cole.

(2) Chase Owens & Sigmon beat Orin Vedit & Petey Brown.

(3) Tyler Colton beat Carter Mason to retain the CWE TV Title.

(4) Joey Vendetta beat ROH star Silas Young.

(5) Danny Duggan vs. Mr. Inkredible went to a double DQ.

(6) Colt Cabana beat Rex Roberts.

February 25, 2016
Brandon, Man., Canada

(1) Danny Duggan & Carter Mason beat The Convent (Orin Veidt & Petey Brown).

(2) CWE TV champion Tyler Colton beat Jason Kincaid and Travis Cole in a three-way match to retain the CWE TV Title.

(3) Tyson Moore beat Mr. Inkredible.

(4) Tommy Lee Curtis beat ROH star Silas Young.

(5) R.J. Lilley KO’ed Kevin Cannon in a boxing exhibition.

(6) Colt Cabana & Chad Tatum beat Chase Owens & Sigmon.

February 26, 2016
Winnipeg, Man., Canada

CWE celebrated its 7-year anniversary with event #7 of the tour…

(1) Travis Cole pinned Carter Mason.

(2) Bobby Jay beat Will Damon in an unsanctioned match.

(3) Adam Knight beat “Hotshot” Danny Duggan.

(4) Bobby Collins & Rob Stardom survived Gang Wars against the Peg City Punishers.

(5) Nate Hardy beat Tommy Lee Curtis in a ladder match.

(6) Chase Owens beat Colt Cabana via Package Piledriver.

(7) Mr. Inkredible & Antonio Scorpio beat CWE tag champions Blazin’ Dick to capture the CWE Tag Titles.

(8) CWE champion Tyson Moore beat CWE TV champion Tyler Colton to retain the CWE Title.

February 27, 2016
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

(1) Tommy Lee Curtis beat Travis Cole.

(2) Dick Blood beat Moses Luke in a No DQ match.

(3) Chase Owens beat Carter Mason.

(4) Kevin Cannon & Rob Stardom beat “Hotshot” Danny Dugan & Robb Mass.

(5) CWE TV champion Tyler Colton beat Colt Cabana to retain the CWE 123Approved.ca TV Title.

CWE returns this spring with “The Back To The Future Tour” headlined by Frankie Kazarian and Silas Young. More info at CWECanada.ca.

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