3/2 ROH TV Report – Matt Sydal vs. Adam Cole main event, Top Prospect tourney continues


ROH TV Report
Aired February 28, 2016 in syndication
Aired March 2, 2016 on Comet TV
Taped 2/6 in Nashville, Tenn.
Report by Mike Metzger (@md0uble), PWTorch contributor

The ROH TV opening aired.

Ringside: Kevin Kelly and Mr. Wrestling III welcomed viewers to the
show, and then announced tonight’s main event will feature Matt Sydal
against Adam Cole!

Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser made their entrance, as Kevin Kelly
encouraged viewers to order the replay of the 14th Anniversary PPV in
the vaguest of terms. Dalton Castle’s music played, and “the boys”
appeared in the entranceway. Silas looked like he was going to say
something on the mic, but Dalton Castle suddenly appeared and attacked
both Silas and Bruiser from behind! Castle cleared the ring and the
crowd popped. A bell rang for some reason, while ROH security dragged
Castle to the back.

“Dalton’s boys” chant from the crowd, as those brave souls entered the
ring. Silas told “the boys” to soak it all in. Silas reminded them
that he gave them “opportunity after opportunity.” He claimed to be a
patient man because he was willing to take “the Boys” back, even after
they betrayed him. Apparently, “the boys” had already learned to be
men. But, Silas promised them a reality check and said that he and
Bruiser would show them what real men really were. Silas said he was
going to embarrass them, and was so confident that he agreed to quit
the wrestling business if “the boys” were to beat him and Bruiser


On commentary, Mr. Wrestling III wondered if what Silas said was a
binding contract. Kelly quickly reinforced the stipulation by saying
that Silas was “a man of his word.” Silas started off with Boy 1.
Silas wrestled him into the corner before quickly tagging his partner.
Bruiser came in and dominated. Boy 1 snuck in a couple of futile
blows, but to no avail. He eventually snuck away and tagged Boy 2.
Both “boys” came in and hit Bruiser with a couple of clotheslines.
They had no effect, so they tried a double-clothesline. That didn’t
take the big man off his feet, but “the boys” were able to twist
Bruiser’s arms and then drop him face-first onto their boots. Boy 1
tagged back in and climbed up top, but Silas ran over and distracted
him. This allowed Bruiser to nail Boy 1 with a fallaway slam from the
second rope, as the show cut to a break at the 2:10 point in the

[Commercial Break]

Back at 4:50, the heels were still in control. Bruiser tagged in. Boy
1 fought back with some chops, but Bruiser slammed him to the mat with
a wheelbarrow suplex. Silas tagged in, but Boy 1 was able to reverse
another wheelbarrow attempt into a bulldog. Boy 1 slowly crawled to
the corner and tagged his brother! Boy 2 came in and nailed Silas with
a clothesline and then a dropkick. Bruiser tagged in, but “the boys”
hit him with an enziguri/Tornado DDT combo! Boy 2 covered Bruiser, but
he kicked out at two.

Silas reappeared and threw Boy 2 out of the ring. He picked up Boy 1
for an electric chair but he wriggled free. Silas grabbed him and
DDT’d him into the bottom turnbuckle. Boy 2 reappeared and low-bridged
Silas to the outside. Meanwhile, Bruiser went to follow up with a huge
top rope splash, but Boy 2 ran over to break it up. Bruiser came out
on top of the scuffle and went for the splash, but Boy 1 reversed into
an Ace Crusher in mid-air! He went for the cover, but Silas broke up
the pin! Boy 1 stood on Boy 2’s shoulder’s and then dove onto Silas
and Bruiser at ringside. Boy 2 then hit a huge Asai moonsault onto
Bruiser and Silas!

Back in the ring, Boy 1 nailed Silas with a facebuster. Both “boys”
hit a double team and went for the cover, but Silas kicked out at two.
Bruiser ran in and squished both “boys” into the corner, where they
laid on top of one another on the bottom turnbuckle. Bruiser nailed
them with a Samoan Wrecking Ball in the corner, Umaga-style. Silas was
right behind him with a running knee. Bruiser immediately followed up
with a huge Corner Cannonball and then covered one of “the boys” for
the win!

WINNERS: Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser via pinfall in 9:45.

Dalton Castle ran in after the match, but the numbers game was too
much for him. Silas kicked Castle in the face and then Bruiser hit an
ugly-looking flapjack. Huge “Dalton Castle” chant, but the heels
walked away triumphantly.

ANALYSIS: Good match. Bruiser is deceptively athletic for a guy his
size. Dalton Castle’s “boys” looked a bit green, but they were able to
hold their own with some nice hope spots. I’m glad Silas got some heat
back by beating “the boys,” but do we really need another chapter of
Castle-Silas? As mentioned on this past week’s Radican Wrestling
Community audio show, I think Castle is one ROH’s hottest
up-and-coming acts, yet he is just treading water in this never-ending
program. (**1/4)

Backstage: Adam Cole complimented Matt Sydal on his wrestling ability.
Cole reminded Sydal that he beat him the last time they fought each
other. Cole said it was an especially impressive victory since he was
still injured at the time. Cole warned Sydal to be ready because he
was “100% healthy” and would take him down just like everyone else.

[Commercial Break]

2 – BRIAN FURY vs. ACTION ORTIZ — Top Prospect Tournament semi-final match

Before the match, clips aired of Fury beating Shaheem Ali and Ortiz
beating Leo St. Giovanni to advance. Both men shook hands and then the
bell rang. Fury applied a headlock, but Ortiz shoulder tackled him to
the mat. Ortiz hit a scoop slam, but missed an elbow drop. Fury fought
back with some forearms, before Ortiz collided with him mid-ring. Fury
rolled to the outside, but Ortiz was right behind him with a huge flip
dive. Quite impressive for the big man.

Ortiz rolled Fury back in and covered him for a two count. Ortiz went
for a Corner Cannonball, but Fury was able to dropkick him in he knee!
Fury hit an back elbow, which was good for a nearfall. Fury went for a
neckbreaker, but Ortiz broke free and threw some fists. Ortiz hit a
back elbow and then a clothesline, which took Fury off his feet. Ortiz
clotheslined Fury in the corner and then hit a back suplex. He went
for the cover, but Fury again kicked out at two.

Ortiz went for another back suplex, but Fury broke free. Fury ended up
running right into a right hand from Ortiz, but as Fury fell backward,
he inadvertently (?) kicked Ortiz low. Fury quickly followed up with a
sit-out spinebuster for the victory!

WINNER: Brian Fury via pinfall in 4:05.

Ringside: Brian Fury told Kevin Kelly that he felt fantastic after
advancing to the finals. He didn’t care if he had to face Lio Rush or
Punisher Martinez. He invoked his experience and said he’d beaten guys
like them time and time again. He said that he had only begun to
scratch the surface of what he was capable of.

ANALYSIS: Solid work from both guys. I like the story of Fury being a
cagey veteran who seems to know how to use the rules to his advantage.
That could be a great heel character, if booked correctly. (**)

[Commercial Break]

3 – LIO RUSH vs. PUNISHER MARTINEZ – Top Prospect Tournament semi-final match

During intros, clips aired of Martinez destroying Colby Corino and
Rush defeating Jason Kincaid in an impressive contest to advance.
Martinez is a whole foot taller than Rush, and the size-difference was
painfully obvious as both men shook hands. The bell rang, and Rush
immediately began kicking Martinez in the leg several times. Rush
threw some chops, but they had little effect on the big man. Rush
exploded into a flurry of offense. He hit a dropkick and a
clothesline, to no avail.

Rush went for a roll-up, but Martinez just picked hm up off the mat.
He went for a chokeslam, but Rush wriggled free. Both men jockeyed for
position for several moments. Rush was able to skillfully avoid
several strikes and kicks from Martinez. This seemed to frustrate
Martinez. Rush went for a kick, but it had no effect. Rush low-bridged
Martinez to the outside and went for a dive, but Punisher caught him.
Rush kicked him away and then hit a corkscrew dive from the top
turnbuckle, which finally knocked Martinez off his feet!

Rush rolled Martinez into the ring and hit an elbow drop from the top
rope. Martinez kicked out of a pin attempt, but Rush followed right up
with a basement dropkick. Rush charged at Martinez, but got caught
with a reverse jawbreaker. Martinez splashed Rush in the corner a
couple of times, and then dropped him neck-first offer his knee.
Martinez went for the cover, but Rush kicked out out. Rush fought back
with more kicks. He charged at Martinez, but ran right into his knee!
Martinez slowly climbed to the top, but Rush wisely rolled out of the
ring. Martinez followed him out with a huge dive to the outside!

Martinez went for a powerbomb on the ring apron, but Rush escaped and
reversed into an ugly-looking Tornado DDT off the apron. Back in the
ring, Rush charged at Martinez, but ran right into a Trouble in
Paradise kick. Martinez went for the cover, but somehow Rush kicked
out! Martinez went up top and went for a super chokeslam, but Rush was
able to reverse into a jumping moonsault side slam, John Morrison/Sin
Cara-style for the victory!

WINNER: Lio Rush via pinfall in 6:06.

ANALYSIS: Compelling match. It told a great come-from-behind story for
Lio Rush, who dazzled the crowd with some innovative offense. I like
Rush, but he seems to be just the latest incarnation of A.C.H. – a
scrappy, high-flying underdog. ROH fans know that gimmick can only
take someone so far. I’m looking forward to Rush-Fury in the finals,
though, and that match will take place next week on ROH TV. (***)

Ringside: Kevin Kelly interviewed the victorious Lio Rush. “I’m not
gonna lie, man. I feel beat up and broken right now,” said Rush. He
said feeling that way had never stopped him before, and will not stop
him going forward. He then warned fellow finalist Brian Fury that he
would “feel the Rush” in the finals.

[Commercial Break]


Both men tentatively shook hands before the bell. They tied up in the
center. There was a chain wrestling sequence that ended in a stalemate
at the 0:35 mark. They locked up again. Cole broke clean in the corner
and yelled, “Adam Cole, bay bay!” Sydal casually walked over to Cole
and gave him a double high-five! This angered Cole, who knocked Sydal
down in the corner and proceeded to stomp him several times. Cole
whipped Sydal in a corner, but missed a charge. Sydal hit a
headscissors takeover and then kicked Cole in the leg a couple times.
They ran the ropes and Sydal came out on top with a spinning heel

Sydal applied a leg lock, and then a full Muta Lock. Cole literally
bit his way out of it after only a few seconds. Cole threw an elbow,
but Sydal rammed him in the corner and kicked him in the leg. Sydal
began working the leg again, but Cole kicked him away and followed up
with a jawbreaker. He went for a charge, but Sydal got his knees up.
Cole came right back at him and shoved Sydal off the top rope, as
Sydal’s head hit the apron on the way down!

Cole grabbed Sydal on the outside and told the fans in the front row
to move. This proved to just be a psyche-out, as Cole simply threw
Sydal back in the ring, instead. (Author’s Note: I was the victim of
this exact spot at an NYWC show in the early 2000s. It might be cheap
heat at its worst, but it sure makes you feel stupid when you get out
of your seat for no reason. Absolutely maddening!) Back in the ring,
Cole hit a scoop slam and scored a nearfall. Sydal sold his neck, as
Cole rammed his knee into Matt’s back a few times. Cole followed up
with a chin lock on the mat, as the show cut to its final break at the
4:44 point in the match.

[Commercial Break]

Back at 5:44, Sydal fought back with a kick. He followed up with an
enziguri that took Cole off his feet! Sydal kicked Cole in the knee
and then headbutted his knee, as well. Sydal hit his Sliced legdrop
and then a standing moonsault. He went for the cover, but Cole kicked
out at two! Sydal kicked Cole in the back of the head. This sent Cole
to the outside. Sydal went for a baseball slide, but Cole caught him
and hit a wheelbarrow suplex on the ring apron!

Back in the ring, Cole hit a Shining Wizard, which was good for
another two count. Cole went for a suplex, but Sydal escaped. Sydal
went for a suplex of his own, but Cole got his knees up and hit a
Codebreaker-like maneuver! Cole followed right up with a Shining
Wizard and went for the cover, but Sydal kicked out at two! Cole
thought about his next move and then climbed to the second rope. It
looked like he was going for a Destoryer, but Sydal popped up and hit
a hurricanrana out of nowhere!

Both men jockeyed again, until Cole locked on a figure-four leglock.
Sydal struggled for a good 30 seconds, before finally turning Cole
over! Cole quickly made it to the bottom rope, however. Reset at
10:25, as both men traded blows in the center. Cole came out on top
with a kick to the knee. He missed a Shining Wizard, though, which
opened him up with a spin kick from Sydal! Cole came right back with a
superkick. Sydal answered with a jumping knee strike, but Cole bounced
back with two consecutive superkicks! Cole picked up Sydal, but he
countered with a reverse rana! Sydal went up top and hit a Shooting
Star Press for the victory!

WINNER: Matt Sydal via pinfall in 11:48.

ANALYSIS: Great main event. It had the slow build, which is a nice
change of pace from the usual bang, bang ROH match. The match built
throughout, culminating with a stellar finishing sequence. I doubt
this means that Cole is moving down the card. More likely, it will be
a one-off ROH World Title opportunity for Sydal, but at least it
creates a fresh match-up for Jay Lethal. (***)

FINAL REAX: Solid show. There were some developments, despite being
the dreaded week-after-the-PPV episode. I think Silas Young-Dalton
Castle is long past its sell date, but at least it looks like the end
is near. I’ve been critical of the Top Prospect Tournament this year,
but the two semi-final matches really piqued my interest. I’m looking
forward to the finals next week, I just hope that the winner gets a
bigger push than Donovan Dijak has received in the last year.

The main event was a strong close to the show. I’d be more excited if
it actually meant a real push for Sydal, but my gut tells me
otherwise. VIP Members: For more of my thoughts on ROH’s 14th
Anniversary PPV and the Ring of Honor product in general, please
listen to this past weekend’s edition of Radican’s Wrestling Community

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