3/7 Raw News & Notes – Roadblock, Shane-Vince, WWE Tag Title match & post-match angle, NXT star surprise appearance, HBK, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE Raw TV News & Notes 3/7

– Raw closed with Dean Ambrose one-upping WWE World Hvt. champion Triple H to tease the idea of Ambrose beating Hunter for the WWE Title at the “Roadblock” WWE Network special on Saturday.

Roman Reigns, who is scheduled to face Hunter (or Ambrose) for the WWE Title at WrestleMania, did not appear on Raw for the second consecutive week.

– Raw opened with Shane McMahon returning to Raw two weeks removed from his surprise return. Shane and Vince McMahon had a verbal exchange about Vince disowning his son. Security then tried to escort Shane from the building, but Shane “fought them off” with attempted punches and kicks.

– New Day retained the WWE Tag Titles against Chris Jericho & A.J. Styles when Jericho took the fall.

After the match, Jericho did the expected heel turn on Styles. Jericho landed three Codebreakers and stuffed a “Y2AJ” t-shirt in Styles’s mouth to set up a likely WrestleMania match.

– NXT star Sami Zayn made a surprise appearance attacking IC champion Kevin Owens. This followed Owens beating Neville in a non-title match.

– U.S. champion Kalisto and Ryback set up a new feud by winning squash matches.

– WWE announced Shawn Michaels for this week’s ESPNews SportsCenter interview on Tuesday night.

– Announced for Thursday’s Smackdown is Miz TV with Owens and Zayn, plus Jericho explains turning on Styles.

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