3/7 WWE Raw Results – CALDWELL’S Complete Live Report


Shane McMahon is back on Raw as WrestleMania Season heats up. Plus, A.J. Styles & Chris Jericho challenge New Day for the WWE Tag Titles. …

CaldwellStaff_thumbWWE Raw TV Report
March 7, 2016 – Episode #1,189
Live in Chicago, Ill.
Report by James Caldwell (@JCTorch), PWTorch assistant editor

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The Card

  • Shane McMahon opens Raw
  • WWE Tag Title match: New Day vs. A.J. Styles & Chris Jericho
  • Hype for “WWE Roadblock” Network special on Saturday


After a video recap of Vince McMahon writing off Shane McMahon last Monday on Raw, this week’s Raw opened with Shane McMahon’s music. Shane bounced out on-stage and did the Shane Shuffle before hitting the ring full of energy.

Shane walked around the ring soaking up the crowd reaction, pausing to milk it before speaking. Shane thanked the crowd for an overwhelming response before pausing again for a “Welcome Back” chant. Shane shouted out to Chicago, then kept soaking up the moment.

Shane went back to last Monday when he was watching Raw on his couch with his three sons. He said he heard from his WrestleMania opponent, The Undertaker, who he has the utmost respect for. Then, there’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Shane said he heard Vince disown him, and decided that they need to create a new award for Father of the Year. Shane said Vince is an egomaniacal, out-of-touch basta—. Shane said Vince has lost touch with his family, the fanbase, and him.

Shane said he’s going to use all of that anger inside him listening to his dad talk like that to fuel him at WrestleMania. He said it’s his destiny to control Raw. Vince’s tyranny stops. The Authority stops. The back-stabbing and backstage politics stops. Shane said there are so many talented wrestlers who never get a break, then there are those who get all the breaks without talent (dog whistle on Roman Reigns).

Shane said he’s not sure how he’s going to beat Undertaker yet, but he will figure out a way before WM32. He said he walk out the next night in control of Monday Night Raw. Suddenly, the bell tolled for Undertaker.

Instead, Vince McMahon’s music played. Vince strutted out with a sheepish look of “Oh, you were expecting someone else?” Vince came out on-stage to loud boos asking the crowd if they’re disappointed. “A-hole” chant from the crowd. Vince stopped talking and paused to listen, then mockingly conducted it to sleep. “Must be running out of steam. That’s it?” The crowd followed with a loud “C-M Punk” chant. McMahon paused, then spoke over the chant. The audience paused to listen, then McMahon kept talking as the chant faded out.

Vince went back to last Monday when he wrote Shane out of his will and left Stephanie with everything. Then, he looked at a photo of them together in his desk. Shane was a little guy and they were about to go to Shane’s very first wrestling match. Vince introduced a photo of Vince standing in front of stairs holding Shane in his arms. The crowd awed.

Vince then dropped the photo on the ground and stepped on it. Vince said Shane grew up thinking that his dad was invincible. But, somehow, he’s made Shane think the same way about himself. Vince said he’s Vincent Kennedy McMahon, while Shane is “just Vince’s son.” The crowd mocked Vince and picked up a “Shane O Mac” chant.

Vince said he would like to talk about his grandsons when their father, Shane, watches him fail. Shane spoke to be careful. Vince warned Shane that he’s going to be loaded on the gurney at WrestleMania, but he’ll be there to wrap his arms around Shane’s sons. He said they’ll at least have one standing father figure. Vince continued that it’s ironic that his greatest creation (Undertaker) will take out his greatest failure (Shane) at WrestleMania.

[Q2] Vince, satisfied with himself, brought out security guards to remove Shane from the ring. Security hit the ring to surround Shane, who warned that he’s a little amped up right now. “Get him out of there!” Vince screamed from the stage. Shane vowed to leave the ring peacefully as security entered the ring.

Security got too close, so Shane kind of shot on one dude, then awkwardly punched another guy. The crowd tried to rally behind Shane, who eventually dumped out the security crew from the ring. The crowd roared after Shane’s attack, then Shane collected himself and left the ring.

[ Reax: Big mistake giving away a visual of Shane doing anything physical before WrestleMania. It hurt his mystique after being off TV for so many years and exposed that he’s a non-wrestler masquerading as having a kayfabe shot against Taker. ]

Backstage: IC champion Kevin Owens was shown walking down the hallway. Owens faces Neville next.

[Commercial Break at 8:18]

In-ring: Kevin Owens was already in the ring back from break. Neville was introduced as his opponent. Cole noted that Owens is looking for an opponent at WrestleMania, and Neville could be that guy if he wins this match.

1 — IC champion KEVIN OWENS vs. NEVILLE — non-title match

Owens took early control, then took a moment to yell at the men assembled at the announce table down at ringside. Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and JBL tried to figure out which one of them he was yelling at. Owens then went back to work on Neville. Owens wanted a running senton, but Neville got his knees up to block.

Neville rallied with rapid-fire offense into a running kick to the side of the head. Running forearm followed. Neville head-scissored Owens to the floor, then went looking for a flip dive, but Owens moved out of the way. Owens then chucked Neville into the ring steps heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 8:27]

[Q3] Owens had control of the match back in the ring. Owens delivered a big German Suplex, then wanted a running cannonball splash, but Neville popped to his feet and nailed an enziguiri. Owens recovered on the outside, so Neville regrouped and nailed a big Shooting Star Press onto Owens down on the floor. Big reaction from the crowd for that high-risker.

Back in the ring, Neville followed up with a standing SSP for a close two count. But, Owens kicked Neville in the head to knock him down. Owens tried a two-step moonsault, but Neville moved and Owens crashed to the mat. Neville followed with a modified Red Arrow from the second rope, but Owens kicked out just barely before three, putting the crowd into a frenzy. Neville wanted a full Red Arrow, but Owens grabbed him, hooked the tights, and scored a quick three count.

WINNER: Owens at 10:20. Good action for a cold match-up going into the match.

Post-match, Owens was not satisfied with the victory. He wanted to powerbomb Neville on the floor as Saxton said he would love to see this match for the IC Title at WrestleMania. Suddenly, NXT star Sami Zayn’s music played and Owens freaked out as the Chicago crowd popped. Zayn stormed ringside to attack Owens and fight him into the ring. Zayn got the upper hand, then Owens tried to leave, but Neville kicked him in the head. Owens bailed from the ring and grabbed his title belt to get the heck out of there as a hyped Zayn sold determination from the ring.

[Commercial Break at 8:36]

Back from break, WWE ran a hype piece on WWE Network. Saxton then fed to a video recap of how WWE champion Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose was made for “Roadblock” this Saturday.

[Q4] Backstage: Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder were randomly talking. Ryder stopped mid-sentence when Stephanie McMahon walked in. “Stay hyped!” Stephanie told Ryder as he walked off. Steph confronted Ziggler about an anti-Authority tweet earlier today. Dolph then went back to Survivor Series two years ago when he “single-handedly” took The Authority out of power. Steph didn’t remember that since she’s in power right now. Dolph warned Steph that the same could happen at WrestleMania if Shane beats Taker. Steph decided to reward Dolph for his tough talk by putting him in a match against The League of Nations tonight. Sure, cool. With no tag partners. Big gulp. Steph sarcastically wished him good luck.

In-ring: Brie Mode produced Brie Bella for a Divas match on the other side of the break.

[Commercial Break at 8:48]

Back from break, WWE ran a spot for Total Divas showing a clip of Daniel Bryan talking back to Nikki Bella. Apparently D-Bryan talking about scooters will help correct record-low viewership last week.


The announcers tried to tie this match to the Divas Title situation by noting Brie challenged for the Divas Title at Fast Lane last month. Brie took control early on, then smashed Summer in the face with a running knee. Suddenly, Lana walked down to ringside to resume a random issue with Brie from last week. Summer took advantage by rolling up Brie from behind for the win.

Post-match, Lana entered the ring and attacked Brie from behind. Lana nailed Brie with her own X Factor finisher before leaving the ring to Rusev’s theme music.

WINNER: Summer at 2:05. Is this supposed to be a surrogate feud for D-Bryan vs. Rusev?

Up Next: Dean Ambrose speaks next. Triple H gives Big Beating to Roman Reigns, and Reigns misses the next Raw. Triple H gives Big Beating to Dean Ambrose, and Ambrose makes the next Raw. The toughness checkmark goes to Dean.

[Commercial Break at 8:55]

Dean Ambrose’s music played at the top of the hour to bring up one-half of the WWE Title main event on Saturday night.

[Q5 — second hour] Ambrose hit the ring and glared into the hard camera while holding his arms out. He held the pose for a while, then spoke. Dean said everyone knew their destinations at WrestleMania, but suddenly he showed up and threatened to screw everything up by winning the WWE Title on March 12.

Ambrose said he knows it’s bad timing three weeks before WrestleMania. He said he doesn’t care what Hunter’s plans are, and not even Roman Reigns’s. Dean vowed to hi-jack WrestleMania by winning the title on Saturday. He said his bad attitude has gotten him into trouble with authority. That bad attitude even got him a beating on the announce table over there.

“Nice try,” Dean said. He warned Hunter that he will drill his head into the mat and he will hold the WWE Title up over his head. Dean said this face will be The Face of Your Company. He said they will throw out the first pitches at baseball games, talk to kids at school, and do ribbon-cuttings. Dean shouted that Hunter will stand up and show him respect, then buy him a shiny, new suit. Nevermind, he’s never going to wear a suit.

Dean said he actually doesn’t want the extra stuff that comes with being WWE champion. Rather, he wants to be WWE champion taking on the best competition and being the type of champion these people deserve.

Suddenly, Triple H’s music played. Hunter, in a suit, casually walked out on-stage with the WWE Title belt over his shoulder. Hunter said he’s here to bring Dean back to reality because the title will stay with him as long as he wants it. Dean said he thought Ambrose learned his lesson last week, but maybe he needs another lesson over at the announce table.

Dean shot back that when he wins the WWE Title on Saturday, he will stand on the announce table and hold the title belt high. “And when I do, you can suck it,” Ambrose told Hunter to a pop. Hunter told Dean that “Roadblock” is just a stupid name someone in marketing came up with (dog whistle), but Dean is a speed bump, not a roadblock to WrestleMania. He told Dean that he’s just like Roman Reigns – a bump in the road.

Hunter warned Dean that if you don’t learn from Reigns’s history, you will repeat it. Dean said Hunter sounds like his 10th grade history teacher. Hunter told him to shut up and stop being delusional about winning on Saturday. He said he would rather be delusional than “whatever you are.” Hunter said what he is is driven – driven by power, money, and success. He said that’s what makes him what he is and what makes Dean what he is.

Dean had enough of the talk and told Hunter to come down from the stage and get in the ring so he can hear him a little closer. “Ambrose, Ambrose” chant as Hunter slowly walked toward the ring. Hunter said here’s the thing – he does not fight on anyone’s time except his own. Dean, you’ll get your shot at Roadblock on Saturday. So, tonight, he will delegate. Hunter booked Dean against Bray Wyatt in the ring tonight. Hunter closed by saying The Authority always wins. Hunter’s music played to wrap the segment.

[ Reax: Speaking of surrogates, is Dean Ambrose going to hold Roman Reigns’s place on the whole Road to WrestleMania? Feels like they’re setting up Reigns to make a big save to try to endear himself to the audience. ]

Tonight: New Day vs. A.J. Styles & Chris Jericho for the Tag Titles.

Up Next: Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett in an elimination handicap match.

[Commercial Break at 9:10]

In-ring: Dolph Ziggler was introduced first for a stack-the-deck match. The League of Nations’s music played to bring out Sheamus, Rusev, and King Barrett. No Alberto Del Rio.


3 — DOLPH ZIGGLER vs. LEAGUE OF NATIONS (RUSEV & SHEAMUS & KING BARRETT) — handicap elimination match

As the match started, the announcers talked about Ziggler thinking he’s being “held down.” What does that even mean in a storyline context? Just more dog-whistling. Barrett nailed Winds of Change early on and Cole said Ziggler might be eliminated, but Ziggler kicked out. How could Ziggler be “eliminated” if he’s by himself? League of Nations continued to work over Ziggler as the crowd looked for some hope from Dolph. Meanwhile, JBL said Del Rio was given the night off and is watching the match from backstage.

Dolph fought back, but the numbers game was too much and Dolph lost control again. Barrett tried to follow up, but Dolph surprised him with a superkick. Dolph covered Barrett and scored a three count for an elimination.

*** Barrett eliminated at 5:46 ***

Sheamus and Rusev came flying at Ziggler after Barrett was eliminated. Ziggler found himself hanging on the ring ropes, and Rusev smashed him with a sidekick from the floor. Ziggler recoiled into the Brogue Kick from Sheamus. One, two, three for League to get the win.

WINNERS: Sheamus & Rusev at 6:35. Well, at least Dolph pinned Barrett. And then got what was coming for him talking behind the teacher’s back in the back of the room.

Earlier Tonight: Vince McMahon disowned his son, Shane. What a sad ending to that photo. WWE creatively edited Shane’s punches to the security guards to close the segment.

Up Next: A video review of Shane McMahon’s in-ring career.

[Commercial Break at 9:25]

[Q7] Back from break, Cole and Co. were shown on-camera to set up a hype video for Shane McMahon’s in-ring career. It was mostly his crazy bumps and high-flying, highlighting that he will try anything to win a match.

Backstage: Becky Lynch banged on the Divas locker room door to get Sasha Banks out for their match next. Sasha came out selling annoyance with Becky since she stuck her nose in her Divas Title match at WrestleMania. Becky told Sasha to watch their matches back since she had Sasha beaten in their #1 contender shots. So, accept that it’s a three-way for the title against Charlotte and get ready for tag action next. Becky stomped off, then Sasha reluctantly finished preparing for their match.

[Commercial Break at 9:35]


Back from break, the heels were shown already in the ring. WWE also showed Ric Flair and Divas champion Charlotte down at ringside to watch the match. After full ring introductions for Becky and Sasha, Cole hyped Charlotte vs. Becky vs. Sasha for the Divas Title at WrestleMania. Once the match started, a brawl broke out. Sasha then caught Naomi in the Bank Statement to secure a quick tap-out.

Post-match, Sasha did the belt-around-the-waist motion, then Charlotte blasted her from behind. Charlotte took out Sasha, then took the Divas Title belt and left the ring. Sasha and Becky recovered in the ring as Charlotte stood tall in the ring.

WINNERS: Team Banks via submission at 1:54.

Backstage: R-Truth was shown entering the arena dressed like a pizza deliveryman. Mark Henry asked him what he’s doing, then Truth walked up to Goldust with a Chicago deep dish pizza. Goldust asked what he’s doing. Truth said he’s trying to make up for dissing Goldust by doing something silly like he would do. Goldust took offense, saying a real tag partner would know he’s lactose intolerant. He said his butt would explode if he ate that pizza. Goldust accused Truth of a sick joke. Truth shouted after Goldust that he didn’t know about his exploding butt. Truth left, then Henry grabbed the pizza and said he loves Chicago to wrap the gag.

Up Next: New Day vs. Y2AJ for the Tag Titles.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:45]

Back from break, WWE tag champs New Day came to the ring for their latest title defense. Kofi Kingston, Big E., and Xavier Woods said no one is going to stop their title reign. Definitely not YA2J. Big E. said they are a real team, complete with matching team tattoos. Big E. thought the others got tattoos, too. No, that was just you, Big.

Chris Jericho’s theme interrupted before New Day got too deep into their material. Jericho emerged on-stage sporting a “Y2AJ” t-shirt underneath his leather light-up jacket. A.J. Styles’s music then played to a strong reaction to bring out Styles in a matching t-shirt. Before the match started, Lilian Garcia handled formal ring introductions.

5 — WWE tag champions NEW DAY (BIG E. & KOFI KINGSTON w/Xavier Woods) vs. CHRIS JERICHO & A.J. STYLES — WWE Tag Title match

Y2AJ took control early on, knocking the heels out of the ring. Double planchas to the outside as Xavier freaked out across ringside. Jericho and A.J. returned to the ring to stand tall and share a smile for the crowd heading to break.

[Commercial Break at 9:56]

[Q9 — third hour] Raw returned to New Day controlling the match. Big E. and Kofi tagged in and out stomping Jericho in their corner, then Xavier worked the trombone to the “New … Day Rocks/Sucks” beat. Jericho came back with a missile dropkick, then an enziguiri to Kingston. Hot tag to Styles, who ran over Kofi.

Styles delivered a sliding forearm to Kofi, then kipped up. Styles ducked a kick, then went into a super-fluid back flip reverse DDT on Kofi for a close two count. Beautiful execution of that complicated spot. Styles lost control, though, and took a Big Ending combo from Big E. and Kofi. Kofi covered, but Jericho dove onto everyone to break up a pin before three.

Tag to Jericho. Jericho and Kofi exchanged control, then Jericho nailed a Lionsault onto Kofi as Styles blind-tagged into the match. Styles then nailed a springboard 450 splash onto Kofi, but Big E. yanked Kofi out of the ring just before three. Back in the ring, Styles took a kick from Kofi, then fell to his corner, where Jericho tagged himself in. Jericho put Kofi in the Walls of Jericho, and JBL said they have new tag champs, which everyone knows what that means.

With Jericho still working the hold, Styles took out Xavier at ringside. But, Big E. chucked Styles into the barricade and ran into the ring to grab Jericho. Jericho posted Big E., though, and went for the Codebreaker, but Big E. blocked and powered Jericho into the air to deliver the Big Ending. Big E. covered Jericho for the win.

WINNERS: New Day at 11:32 to retain the WWE Tag Titles. That was a heck of a tag match. Great sequences and nearfalls leading to the finish. Everything was good except for JBL giving away the finish. (***1/4)

Post-match, New Day celebrated out of the ring. Back in the ring, Jericho and Styles slowly recovered to their feet. Styles held up Jericho, who suddenly dropped him with the Codebreaker. Jericho’s face went heel mode as WWE went for crowd shots of stunned fans. Jericho delivered a second codebreaker, then a third to a lifeless Styles.

Jericho left the ring and grabbed one of their Y2AJ t-shirts. He returned to the ring and stuffed the shirt in Styles’s mouth as WWE got a shot of the WrestleMania banner hanging in the arena. Styles cussed out Styles, then stood tall to boos as Raw faded to commercial.

[Commercial Break at 10:12]

[Q10] Back from break, WWE ran a “WrestleMania is 27 Days Away” spot, focusing on The Rock.

Moments Ago: New Day pinned Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Tag Titles. Then, Jericho turned on A.J. Styles.

Backstage: Jericho was shown stomping down the hallway. Renee Young approached him for a comment. Jericho said here in Chicago where Y2J was born, all the crowd is chanting is “A-J-Styles, A-J-STYLES!” He said he hopes they enjoyed it because they’re not going to be chanting Styles’s name anymore. Saxton figured out that Jericho is upset over the fan support for Styles.

In-ring: U.S. champion Kalisto was introduced to the ring for the next match. Cole announced that Shawn Michaels will be on SportsCenter tomorrow night. That’s big, yet jarring since HBK isn’t involved in anything right now. Tyler Breeze was introduced as Kalisto’s opponent as Cole plugged tickets for next week’s Raw in Pittsburgh.

6 — U.S. champion KALISTO vs. TYLER BREEZE — non-title match

Saxton said Breeze’s mission in WWE is to be “the most relevant Superstar in WWE.” That’s a misguided goal in storyline context of trying to win matches to earn title shots. It also got him another loss, as Kalisto polished off Breeze in two minutes with a running Salida Del Sol for the pin.

WINNER: Kalisto at 2:12. This was treated like a comedown match, which is unfortunate for a titleholder. What is Kalisto going to end up doing at WrestleMania?

Still to come: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt.

[Commercial Break at 10:22]

NXT hype video: The DVD is out next Tuesday.

Announcers: After Cole gave a dry, corporate endorsement of NXT, Cole and JBL talked up Big Boss Man’s 2016 WWE Hall of Fame induction.

Backstage: Sin Cara talked up Kalisto, then Jo-Jo approached Kalisto to discuss the Road to WrestleMania. Kalisto name-dropped Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero as his inspiration. Ryback interrupted the interview to wonder why he doesn’t have a match at WrestleMania. Ryback then looked down at Kalisto, saying he has nothing but respect for Kalisto, but he’s the Big Guy. Ryback went on a long spiel about super-heroes, then told Kalisto to watch him tear the wings off the Social Butterflies. The more he talked, the less interested the crowd became. There was no bite to the match they’re setting up for WrestleMania.

[Q11] In-ring: The Social Outcasts were introduced to the ring for the latest Third Hour comedown segment. Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, and Adam Rose did their back-and-forth lines, then Axel growled about something. He did some chopping motions until the other three joined in and repeated it while dancing in a circle. Ryback’s music interrupted. The match is next.

[Commercial Break at 10:34]

7 — RYBACK vs. CURTIS AXEL (w/Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, and Adam Rose)

The match was joined in progress with Ryback working over Axel. Axel bailed to the floor, where the Outcasts used a numbers advantage to cut off Ryback. Back in the ring, Axel pounded away on Ryback. But, Ryback responded with Shell-Shock for a three count. Ryback headed right out of the ring to the back after winning.

WINNER: Ryback at 2:08.

Earlier Tonight: Shane McMahon called Vince McMahon bad names. Then, Vince stomped a photo of him holding little Shane. Vince tried to send security to the ring to escort Shane out of the building, but Shane did some jabs and knees to fight them off.

Authority Office: Vince McMahon was on the phone having a random conversation about trying to break the old WM attendance record. Stephanie McMahon walked in to have a chat with Vince about Shane. What if Shane wins? Steph said Shane doesn’t always use his brain and he might do something crazy to win. “I got this,” Vince said. “But, what if you don’t?” Stephanie replied. “I said I got this okay? Thank you,” Vince told her. She walked off.

In-ring: Dean Ambrose was introduced for the main event. Ambrose paced the ring and stroked his chin before the main event.

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:44]

Smackdown plug: The Miz has Miz TV with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Plus, Chris Jericho explains his attack on A.J. Styles.

In-ring: Dean Ambrose continued to pace the ring before Bray Wyatt’s theme interrupted. Bray spoke from a smoky, dark room. Bray sent a warning to Brock Lesnar for Roadblock. He vowed to conquer the conqueror. But, tonight, he will show how dangerous he is. Back in the arena, Bray slowly made his entrance without his henchmen by his side.


The announcers ignored the absence of Wyatt’s henchmen in favor of a hypothetical discussion about what WWE and WM32 would look like if Ambrose won the WWE Title at Roadblock. Raw cut to break with Bray in control. The announcers were obviously produced to ignore the Wyatt henchmen’s absence to set up interference later on, but it was such a glaring item that it made the announcers seem like dolts.

[Commercial Break at 10:54]

Back from break, Wyatt continued to work over Ambrose, stopping to taunt him a little. “Are you ashamed of yourself?” Bray chided. “Talk to me, Ambrose!” Bray knocked Dean to the outside, then slowly followed to the floor. Suddenly, both ran at each other with a double knock down clotheslines. After selling on the floor, both scurried back into the ring before a 10-count.

[Q13 — over-run] The match continued in the ring with wild blows exchanged. Suddenly, Wyatt exploded on Dean with a lariat into a running butt splash for a two count. The fight moved back to the floor, where Bray slammed Dean across the barricade with a big uranage.

Back in the ring, Bray continued to attack Dean before pausing for a Shinsuke Nakamura moment in the corner. Dean woke up and nailed his rebound lariat on Wyatt, though. Dean then flew at Bray with a flying attack from the second rope. And, suddenly, the Wyatt theme played. The lights came back on and the Wyatt Family was on the ring apron. The Wyatts attacked Dean as the bell sounded for yet another DQ/non-ending to a TV main event.

WINNER: Ambrose via DQ at 11:48.

Post-match, the Wyatts dismantled Ambrose. Bray rubbed his henchmen as the crowd booed. Suddenly, Triple H’s theme music played. Hunter walked out on-stage, then made his way toward the ring as the Wyatts awaited his arrival. Hunter entered the ring and stared down Bray Wyatt, drawing “Yes!” chants from the crowd for something different on the Road to WM32. Bray stroked the title belt, then left the ring with his henchmen.

Hunter was left alone in the ring with Ambrose, who continued to sell in the background. Hunter turned his attention to Ambrose to deliver a pre-Roadblock beat down. Suddenly, something caught Hunter’s attention. It was the announce table. Hunter left the ring to clear the announce table again, then he slowly returned to the ring to follow up. But … Dean surprised Hunter with Dirty Deeds in the middle of the ring.

Dean picked up the WWE Title belt to loud cheers, then he staggered to his feet holding the title. Dean continued to hold the belt as the announcers plugged Roadblock on Saturday. Raw signed off 9 minutes past the top of the hour.

[ Reax: Another maintenance-type show that had some peaks, but a lot of valleys, too. The Road to WrestleMania is lacking juice and they had to slow down a bit to reinforce a Network special on Saturday. The result was one-half of the main event of WrestleMania not appearing on Raw for the second consecutive week. As for Roadblock, WWE tried to give viewers hope of Dean winning and shaking up WrestleMania, which was admirable, but transparent. ]


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  1. Ambrose winning the belt at Roadblock would be a spark to ignite the road to WM. But then tha main event probably will be a 4-way to the joy of no-one…

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