3/27 WWE in Washington, D.C. – Reigns & Ambrose vs. League, Owens vs. Styles vs. Zayn dream IC Title match


WWE Live Show Results
March 27, 2016
Washington, D.C.
Report by Paul Frampton, PWTorch reader

Byron Saxton, who is local to the area, served as the host/ring announcer.

(1) Goldust beat Adam Rose (w/Social Outcasts). The Social Outcasts came out first and ran down D.C. and the fans. Goldust got the win but was attacked afterwards by all four guys. R-Truth came out for the save.

(2) Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks beat Naomi & Tamina with Natalya as the special guest referee. Naomi would not let up on Sasha in the corner, so Natalya pulled her off. So, Naomi slapped Natalya, who hit her back. This allowed Sasha to hit Naomi with her double-knee backbreaker and get the submission.

(3) U.S. champion Kalisto beat Rusev (w/Lana) to retain the U.S. Title. Pre-match, Lana serenaded Rusev with a special song: “You are my monster, my only monster, you make me happy when you crush people.” Kalisto managed to slam Rusev in the match. In the end, Rusev was going for The Accolade, but Kalisto reversed out, causing Rusev to fall into an exposed turnbuckle. Kalisto then hit his finisher for the win.

As Kalisto was going to the back, he was attacked by Ryback. Sin Cara made the save, leading to…

(4) Ryback beat Sin Cara with the Shell Shock.

(5) WWE tag champions New Day beat The Dudleys and The Usos in a three-way match for the Tag Titles. New Day’s Xavier Woods brought out the trombone and played on the outside. In the end, one of the Usos went for a splash off the top rope, but D-Von got his knees up. Big E. had made a blind tag beforehand and he came in to help Kofi Kingston get the finisher and the pin on D-Von.

(6) Big Show & Kane beat Bray Wyatt & Erick Rowan (w/Braun Strowman). Big Show got the win after pinning Rowan. Post-match, Big Show and Kane double chokeslammed Braun Strowman. Kane and Show shook hands, but Kane made the “I am watching you” gesture.


(7) The Miz beat Jack Swagger. Swagger had Miz in the anklelock, but Miz made it to the ropes and pulled on the ring skirt. While the ref was fixing the skirt, Miz poked Swagger in the eye and hit his finisher for the win.

(8) IC champion Kevin Owens beat A.J. Styles and Sami Zayn in a three-way match to retain the Intercontinental Title. Initially, Owens refused to fight and sat in a chair at ringside. Once he got in, he mocked Styles and Zayn by doing their poses after he threw them out. For the finish, Styles hit the springboard forearm on Zayn, but Owens got back in the ring and superkicked Styles to know him out of the ring. Owens covered Zayn for the pin.

(9) Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose beat Sheamus & King Barrett. Reigns hit the Superman Punch on both Sheamus and Barrett, then Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds. Sheamus responded with a Brogue Kick on Ambrose, but Reigns broke up the pin. In the end, Reigns ducked Barrett’s Bullhammer and hit the spear for the win.

– The show went about 2:45. They announced that Battleground will be coming to the Verizon Center on July 24.

– There were several changes in the matches tonight from what had been advertised. The radio ads had Kalisto defending the U.S. belt in a three-man match against Alberto Del Rio and Ryback. Also advertised was Owens against Dolph Ziggler in a street fight.

– Reigns got a lot of cheers, especially from the kids, although some people around me booed, Those people also tried to start C.M. Punk chants, so take that for what you will. I think the biggest pop of the night went to the New Day and Lana may have gotten the most heat for her Rusev song.

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