4/23 WWE in Glasgow, Scotland – Reigns vs. Sheamus closes tour, Women’s Title match top honors


WWE Live Show Results
April 23, 2016
Glasgow, Scotland
Report by Sean Meechan, PWTorch reader

It looked like a sell-out at the Hydro which is promising ahead of the November Raw and Smackdown tapings. Young crowd, reflected in chants.

(1) Cesaro beat Stardust with the Sharpshooter in a standard opener. Cesaro still with heavily taped shoulder and selling it throughout. Also, Cesaro did the local signing earlier in the day.

(2) Zack Ryder & Darren Young beat the Social Outcasts (Heath Slater & Bo Dallas) with a Rough Ryder in a very short match.

Rusev entered with the Bulgarian flag to good heat, then Swagger entered with the Scottish flag to a cheap pop.

(3) Rusev beat Jack Swagger with the Accolade in a brief 50/50 match with multiple flag spots.

(4) WWE tag champions New Day (Big E. & Xavier Woods minus Kofi Kingston) beat the Dudley Boys and the Usos in a three-team match to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles with the Big Ending. Dudleys then attacked the Usos, but they were caught with double superkicks.

[Interval and Announcement of November Smackdown taping.]

(5) Sin Cara beat Tyler Breeze with a Senton in a good match. Breeze showcased again that he can sell as good as anyone and Sin Cara has varied his moveset.

(6) Women’s champion Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) beat Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a three-way match to retain the Women’s Title. Charlotte won with feet on the ropes and schoolboy pin with assist from Flair.

Announcement of November Raw taping.

(7) WWE World Hvt. champion Roman Reigns beat Sheamus to retain the WWE World Heavyweight. Mixed reaction for Roman, even against super-heel Sheamus, who was bad-mouthing Scotland. Multiple people left during this match.

Biggest Pops: Roman Reigns, The Usos, Sin Cara.

Biggest Heat: Sheamus/Reigns, Rusev, Tyler Breeze.

Match of the Night: Women’s Triple Threat.

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