4/30 ROH Results – RADICAN’S in-person report on ROH champ Jay Lethal, Briscoes vs. MCGM vs. ReDragon main event, Moose & Lio Rush (w/Photos)


RadicanROHRIRing of Honor Live Results
April 30, 2016
West Warwick, R.I.
Report by Sean Radican, PWTorch columnist

Read Radican’s in-person tweets @SeanRadican.

(a) Taeler Hendrix beat Sumie Sakai. Taeler won with a Tombstone piledriver. The action was fine here.

(1) Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) beat Wildman Kong. Big chant for Castle to kick off the match. Castle won with an incredible German with a bridge!

(2) Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) beat Joey Daddiego (w/Taeler Hendrix). Dijak got a good reaction coming out for his entrance. Nana saved Dijak from a pin by dragging the ref to the floor. Daddiego accidentally punched Hendrix when Dijak ducked. Dijak then hit feast your eyes for the win.

(3) Lio Rush beat Christopher Daniels via DQ. Daniels heeled on the fans while he was in control. At one point he gave a fan up front a censored middle finger. Rush mounted a comeback and went up top. Kazarian then ran down to attack him for the DQ.

Moose ended up making the save. Stokely Hathaway cut a promo on The Addiction for attacking Rush. He said Rush was their friend. Stokely challenged The Addiction to a tag team matches bringing back memories of Teddy Long. Rush then wiped them out with a huge flip dive.

(4) Moose & Lio Rush (w/Stokely Hathaway) beat The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian). Hot start to the match with action on the outside and some nice double team moves on The Addiction from Moose & Rush. Long heat segment on Rush. Moose got the hot tag and ran wild to a big ovation. Moose and Rush won with a tandem frog splash. The Addiction jumped Rush and Moose after the match. They hit Rush with the BME into a tombstone piledriver. Young Bucks then ran out to make the save.

Matt Taven came out next. He sat in on commentary.

(5) ROH World champion Jay Lethal (w/Taeler Hendrix) beat Vinny Marseglia. Marseglia ran wild early and hit a big dive to the floor, but a distraction from Hendrix gave Lethal the upper hand. Lethal took control and worked over Marseglia for a long period of time. He teased a dive, but ended up flipping off the crowd. The fans were chanting “C.M. Punk” at Lethal and Marseglia got the upper hand and did the GTS pose for a pop. Marseglia ducked the Lethal Injection and hit a nice Russian legsweep and both men were down. Marseglia had a good showing here, but ultimately fell to the Lethal Injection.

Post-match, Hendrix put the boots to Marseglia after the match. Dijak ran down and brawled with Lethal. He countered the Lethal injection into feast your eyes to a huge pop. Dijak posed over Lethal with Nana with the title until Daddiego chased him off.

(b) Veda Scott beat Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose in a Triple Threat match. The Women’s matches will be on the “Women of Honor” series.

(6) Delirious beat Silas Young. Young cut a heel promo on Cheeseburger and A.C.H. making fun of them. He asked who was booking this crap? He then made fun of Delirious dressing up like it was Halloween. Young vowed to get Cheeseburger, A.C.H., and Delirious out of ROH. Delirious wanted a handshake, but Young attacked him instead. Young was dominating when Delirious went under the ring and Cheeseburger popped out wearing a Delirious mask and attacked Young. The ref acted like this was acceptable. Cheeseburger then went back under the ring and Delirious ran out and rolled up Young from behind for a 2 count. Young hit a low blow while grabbing the ref and then hit misery for the win. What did I just watch?

After the match, Cheeseburger came out from under the ring and Young hit him with misery as well.

(7) The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) beat ANX (Rhett Titus & Kenny King). The Young Bucks came out with Kenny Broomega. The Young Bucks hit the Terminator dive to a big pop during the early going. ANX fired back and went to work on Matt. Nick got the tag, but the ref wouldn’t allow it because he was distracted by King.  Matt ducked a double super kick and Nick got the hot tag and ran wild. The Young Bucks hit a double super kick on King on their and then a dog now super kick on Rhett. They then finished him off with the Meltzer driver. Wow!

The Addiction attacked the Young Bucks after the match. Moose then ran down. The Young Bucks recovered and threw a superkick party. Moose joined in with a superkick on Daniels and the fans popped. Moose and The Young Bucks hit the suck it and Moose punches as the fans chanted along. Kazarian tried to fire back, but ate a triple superkick.

(8) A.C.H. beat New Japan wrestler Kamaitachi. It started slowly, but got really good. A.C.H. hit Air Jordan and then another dive to the floor while mounting a comeback. The fans lost their minds. Kamaitachi fired back and hit a leg drop to the floor on A.C.H. to a huge pop. A.C.H. ducked a double knee strike off the top and hit the midnight star for the win. That was one hell of a match.

(9) The Briscoes beat Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) and ReDragon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) in a three-team main event. They built to a big spot that saw ReDRagon get a double submission on MCMG, but it didn’t get much of a reaction. The Briscoes broke up the submissions and the pace picked up. Jay dropped Sabin going for the Doomesday Device for the win late in the match. He then got him up again and The Briscoes won. Solid main event.

Jay cut a promo after the match and said that’s why ROH has the best wrestling on the planet. He said a week from tomorrow on PPV, The Briscoes would face War Machine for the ROH Tag Titles. He said they would bring the titles home next Sunday. The fans applauded.

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