5/18 Lucha Underground Viewership – mixed bag performance

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week’s Lucha Underground audience fell seven percent from last week. There was also a mixed bag in the key demographics…

Lucha Underground Ratings Tracking

May 18: Lucha Underground’s combined audience was 164,000 viewers for both airings, down seven percent from 177,000 combined viewers last week.

Lucha drew 127,000 original viewers, then 37,000 replay viewers.

Last week was a unique split of 96,000 original and 81,000 replay viewers.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Lucha drew a median age viewer of 48.7 years-old, one of the youngest audiences this season.

As a result, Lucha drew 57,000 adults 18-49 viewers in the first airing, doubling last week’s a18-49 audience.

Lucha also doubled the males 18-49 audience from last week to the most m18-49 viewers in one month.

However, the show continues to draw very few female viewers. This week’s split was 89 percent m18-49 and 11 percent f18-49. It marks four straight weeks of very low female turn-out.

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