5/20 Midwest All Pro Results – “Eugene” Nick Dinsmore’s promotion – Eugene in main event, Damien Sandow & Benjamin at next show


Midwest All Pro Results
May 20, 2016
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Report by Andrew Soucek, PWTorch correspondent

Former WWE star “Eugene” Nick Dinsmore and his wife “The Reigning Mrs. South Dakota” Stephanie Dinsmore opened up the show. He explained that Nate Redwing wasn’t there (he was scheduled to battle Eugene in the main event), because he was getting a WWE tryout that weekend.

Dinsmore announced the next show coming up on July 20 would include a VIP meet and greet with Shelton Benjamin (a video of him cutting a brief promo played on their screen). He then announced another friend would be there, too. Damien Sandow appeared on the screen and he cut a promo to a huge pop.

1 – Josh Price vs. “The Retro Renegade” J.C. Slater

Price was the heel here. Slater came out in his letterman jacket. The two exchanged arm bars. Slater got him in a fireman’s carry, followed by a bodyslam. Price eventually took control, connected with some body blows. He jawed to the crowd a bit, and put the boots to Slater. Slater began making a comeback, then was cut off with an abdominal stretch, and he used the ropes for leverage. He followed up with a belly-to-belly, but Slater then caught a boot, tried to roll him up, and connected with a DDT for a nice two count. Price got back into it and hit a spinebuster. A missed senton put Slater back in control. He hit a Stinger Splash followed by a pumphandle slam for the three count.

WINNER: J.C. Slater in 7:00.

2 – Blackjack X vs. Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog dresses as a dog in a yellow mask and pants. People love it. He played to the crowd, and tried to hump the refs leg. He controlled offense to start the match. He went under his opponents leg on all fours. They exchanged pinfall attempts. Blackjack played to the crowd, and kicked Dog in the gut. Dog reversed a sunset flip and bit his opponent in the butt, who then bailed to ringside. Dog then tried to bite the ref and was scolded. Blackjack beatdown the Dog, and took him to the corner for some knee shots. Dog hit a tornado DDT off the top rope followed by a Pedigree type maneuver. Blackjack kicked out and got frustrated. He attempted a GTS, but was rolled up for the three count.

WINNER: Yellow Dog in 8:15.

3 – “The Bulletproof Tiger” Jayson Strife vs. Mikey Danger

Due to a hand injury to Danger, they turned this into an arm wrestling match. Strife ran down Danger for being hurt. He got a big “What?” chant from the crowd, which annoyed him. Strife tried to declare himself the winner immediately. Lots of stalling on his part. They finally locked up, Strife was struggling and backed off. They locked up a second time. Strife nearly had the win, then was over-powered. He tried to cheat by using both hands, and failed. Danger won, then was attacked after the match. Strife tried furthering the attack on the injured hand, but was fought off.

WINNER: Mikey Danger.

4 – Maru vs. Dagz

Dagz is one of Nick Dinsmore’s students. Both guys played to the crowd, and they were both very over. They exchanged kicks to start out. Dagz locked Maru in a headlock. Maru got out and worked over the leg for a bit. Dagz escaped, landed some punches in the corner, and hit a side slam. Dagz got frustrated. Maru got a takedown, and landed some forearms to the face. Then he went back to work on the leg. He positioned Dagz in the corner and dropkicked him in the lower regions. He then applied an anklelock. Dagz looked like he was about to tap then reversed Maru into the corner and rolled him up.

Post-match, Maru raised Dagz, then turned heel on him. He put the boots to him, and yelled at the crowd for choosing Dagz over him. They’re both from
Sioux Falls, so this upset him. He challenged him to a street fight at next month’s show.

WINNER: Dagz in 8:07.


5 – “Gorgeous” Alex Gretzky vs. “The Belgium Brawler” Jason Bates

Gretzky has big heat in the area, and is always greeted with “Fat Dean Ambrose” chants. It gets louder every single show. Bates is from the state, and briefly worked as enhancement talent in WWE. The two locked up, Gretzky claimed his hair was pulled to stall. They locked up a couple more times. They both posed for the crowd for a bit. Brawler was then attacked from behind when it was his turn. Gretzky grabbed his beard, and cinched in a headlock.

When Bates took control, Gretzky bailed to ringside, and stole his opponents beret to mock him. He then went back to working over the beard, followed by a choke. He stayed in control, connecting with a back rake. Bates eventually hit a neckbreaker, and the ref started counting to 10. Bates hit a load of offense and won with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck.

WINNER: Bates in 10:10

6 – Devin Thomas & Trent Wellington III & “The African Prince” Ali (heel team) vs. “Loverboy” Nicky Valentine & Allen Wolf & “Money Made” Julian Richards (face team) – six-man tagmatch

Five of the six are Dinsmore’s students. A lot of quick tags between them. The faces were in control for the beginning of the match. Ali landed an axe handle to the chest to get his team back into things. They used some double team moves to their advantage. Ali went for a splash on Wolf and missed. He made the hot tag to Valentine who popped the crowd by connecting with some flying elbows. Valentine rolled up Ali for the win. Devin got upset and beat up his teammates after the match. He cut a promo on the crowd, and called out Eugene.

WINNERS: Nicky Valentine & Allen Wolf & Julian Richards.

7 – “Eugene” Nick Dinsmore vs. Devin Thomas

Eugene pulled down the ref’s pants before the match. Devin quickly took over control, choking Eugene on the middle rope, then hit a back body drop. Devin continued to work over the back. They took it to outside the ring. Eugene got back into it, but was tossed Flair-style off the top rope. Devin locked in a headlock. Then started to punch Eugene’s head, which he Hulked Up out of. He landed a fury of punches, a big boot, and a leg drop for a good nearfall.

Eugene set up Devin for a Rock Bottom and connected, then delivered a People’s Elbow. Another nearfall. Eugene set up an RKO, but was reversed and landed into Devin’s knees. “This is Awesome” chant broke out. Devin went up top, but missed a swanton bomb. Eugene tuned up the band for Sweet Chin Music but missed. Devin blocked a second attempt, and hit him with a Stunner. He set him up for a Pedigree and connected. Eugene kicked out. Devin missed a Stinger Splash, then was hit with an RKO, and Eugene picked up the win.

WINNER: Eugene in 9:00

Devin attacked Eugene after the match. The rest of the heels all joined in on beating down Eugene. The faces then made the save and a Battle Royal broke out. The crowd loved it.

8 – Main Event Impromptu Battle Royal

Eugene was tossed out early. A “Yellow Dog” chant broke out. Maru took Dagz out, and they brawled to the back to continue their feud.  The final four were Yellow Dog, Alex Gretzky, J.C. Slater, and Devin Thomas.

Then, the final two were Devin and Dog. Dog was a little apprehensive. Devin pounded him to the mat. He tossed Dog over the rope, and thought he won, but then was eliminated by a clothesline over the top rope.

WINNER: Yellow Dog in 3:10

Overall, another solid show. The crowd absolutely ate up the last couple matches, and it ended things on a real high note. Looking forward to seeing Sandow and Shelton here in a couple months.

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