Inside TNA’s new business name, official connection to Aroluxe Media & “notice of determination” issued this week

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


On August 7, 2015, TNA Wrestling filed a new business name of “Impact Ventures LLC” with the State of Tennessee’s Business Division.

Since then, TNA has been doing business out of Nashville as Impact Ventures, LLC, as well as TNA Entertainment, LLC and TNA Wrestling – their original company names dating back to 2002.

In 2016, Aroluxe Marketing came into the picture on an official basis. Not only was Aroluxe assigned TNA’s payroll for the production side, but records show the company took on the name “TNA” last month.

Records with the Tennessee business division show Aroluxe Media, LLC assumed the name “TNA” on May 3. It was a five-year registration covering the period of May 3, 2016 to May 3, 2021.

Aroluxe Media, LLC is now conducting business under “TNA,” “Aroluxe Media,” and “AMSM Productions,” which was also a new five-year registration on April 25.

This week, all four companies – Impact Ventures LLC, TNA Wrestling, TNA Entertainment, LLC, and Aroluxe Media, LLC – were tagged with “notices of determination” dated June 1.

Essentially, the business division conducts an annual review of Tennessee businesses. If a company’s fiscal year ends in December, which is the case for all four companies, then those businesses have until April 1 to file their annual report for the previous year. For example, the annual report for 2015 is due on April 1, 2016.

The State of Tennessee’s business department noted on their website that as of June 2, the department had processed all filings received as of June 1. It appears all four companies did not file their annual report by the deadline.

Businesses that receive notices of determination have until August 8 to file their annual report with the Business Services Division or risk losing their official registration.

Records show the only time in TNA history that the company missed deadline and received a Notice of Determination was the first year in June 2003. TNA subsequently filed their 2002 annual report on July 29, 2003, a few weeks before the deadline. TNA has been on-time with their annual report every year since then.

Also of note, the business names “TNA Wrestling” and “TNA Entertainment, LLC” expire on March 12, 2017, unless they are renewed.


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