6/20 Raw Social Media – interesting Twitter reaction to post-MITB Raw

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


In an interesting social media development, Monday’s WWE Raw did not produce an increase in the number of people tweeting about the show despite the big WWE Title change at Money in the Bank the night before.

WWE Raw Social Media Tracking

June 20: WWE Raw fell to the #2 spot among series & specials on Monday night, trailing “The Bachelorette” on ABC. Raw was #1 the previous three weeks.

In Nielsen’s Twitter TV Ratings, Raw generated the same number of people tweeting about the show as last week.

The number of unique authors was 31,000, the same as last week.

However, the total number of tweets about Raw was 151,000, up from a near-year-low 125k last week.

The conclusion is the same number of people were talking about this week’s Raw on Twitter compared to last week despite the big title change, but they were more engaged in the show, producing more tweets.

Last week’s show generated a year-low 4.0 tweets per person, while this week’s show produced 4.9.

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