PWTorch Report – Will Ospreay signs deal with WWNLive

Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet - NJPW BOSJ 2016 (


By PWTorch Staff (Sean Radican & James Caldwell)

Last week in the U.K., Paul Heyman brought Will Ospreay on-stage during Heyman’s one-man show for a sales pitch to join WWNLive.

It turns out Ospreay has signed an exclusive U.S. deal with WWNLive to be part of the EVOLVE roster, PWTorch has learned. WWNLive is paying for the U.S. work visa for Ospreay, as well as international star Zack Sabre, Jr., making their deals exclusive to EVOLVE.

Ospreay has only wrestled a handful of dates for EVOLVE, most-recently during WrestleMania Weekend in Dallas. It’s where Ospreay and Ricochet had their first high-profile encounter this year prior to their buzz-worthy match in Japan during the Best of the Super Jrs. tournament.

Ospreay is expected to join the EVOLVE roster for sporadic dates when he is available with a busy international schedule. Ospreay will still be able to work U.S. indies, like PWG, per WWNLive’s booking arrangement.

Ospreay already has an exclusive international deal with New Japan, who are currently working with Ring of Honor. But, ROH is unable to use Ospreay as part of the ROH-NJPW relationship because of Ospreay’s deal with WWNLive.

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