7/30 WWE in Savannah, Ga. – Second Report on Reigns vs. Styles vs. Rollins main event & crowd reaction, New Day most popular, more details

AJ Styles Royal Rumble
A.J. Styles (photo credit Ben Tucker © PWTorch)


WWE Live Results
July 30, 2016
Savannah, Ga.
Report by Michael from Georgia

John Cena’s name was mentioned before the show and kids freaked out. Also, whenever a wrestler came out, the ring announcer said what brand they are from.

(1) Zack Ryder & Jey Uso beat The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) at 9:45.

(2) Sin Cara beat Viktor at 7:30. No reaction for Viktor. The crowd followed along with the “Lucha” chant and arm movements. Victor got a “you can’t wrestle” chant before Sin Cara won.

(3) Former Women’s champion Charlotte beat Alicia Fox. Charlotte started with a promo trashing Savannah, then she won with a figure-eight submission.

(4) Apollo Crews beat Sheamus at 12:30. Small reaction for each. Sheamus got the “you look stupid” chant. Half-way through the match, Sheamus called for a time-out and sat in a chair for eight seconds. There was a super-close near-finish at the 10-minute mark before Apollo won a few minutes later.

(5) WWE tag champions New Day beat the Wyatt Family at 13:20 in a six-man tag match. The crowd freaked out for New Day. Everyone was doing the gimmick stuff. I guess Bray Wyatt doesn’t mind breaking character at house shows because he was clearly laughing at the New Day doing goofy stuff. Something flew off Bray during the match. I couldn’t tell if it was his hair or a tooth. The Wyatts dominated the first-half of the match, working over Xavier Woods until he made a hot tag to Big E. Big E. then hit the Big Ending for the win. Wyatt’s entrance is cool because the whole arena was lit up just by phone flashlights. The New Day had the pop of the night.


(6) The former Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil & Darren Young) beat the former Social Outcasts (Bo Dallas & Heath Slater) at 9:50. Worst match of the night.

(7) Sami Zayn def Kevin Owens at 8:20. A fan wanted KO to sign a poster and he took it and ripped it in half. He then attacked Sami, went to throw his t-shirt into the crowd, hesitated, and dropped it on the floor. Both had great reactions. I wish the match would have gone longer.

(8) Roman Reigns beat Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles in a triple threat match in 21:00. Seth and A.J. got mixed reactions, while Roman got 80 percent boos. There was one nearfall where Roman powerbombed A.J., who countered with a calf-breaker. Roman then got a rope break, which shouldn’t have happened since WWE rules are triple threats = No DQ. Roman then no-sold a Bucklebomb and Superman punched Seth for the win. A.J. and Roman were the main players in the match since Seth got a cut on his arm and was bleeding. The music at the end was loud enough to where you couldn’t hear boos for Reigns.

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