9/21 WWE NXT Results – CALDWELL’S Report on Cedric Alexander’s NXT debut, Joe-Regal confrontation, Aries vs. Lorcan

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WWE NXT TV Results
September 21, 2016

Taped at Full Sail University
Aired on WWE Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

This week’s NXT was set to follow up on Samoa Joe’s heinous attack on NXT champion Shinsuke Nakamura last week.

Video Package: Samoa Joe destroyed friendships and choked out enemies to become NXT champion. And when it was taken away, he lost it on Nakamura.

NXT kicked off with the aforementioned Samoa Joe marching down to the ring with a smug look on his face. Joe was holding a piece of paper, perhaps with information for NXT GM William Regal. Hey look, there’s a man on the front row wearing a suit & tie – Bobby Roode’s message has registered.

Joe began his promo addressing the “altercation” with Nakamura last week. Because of his actions, the NXT champ has been injured. Joe produced the doctor’s evaluation of Nakamura – severe inflammation, contusions, a clavicle separation, and an extensive period of rehab, but no surgery. Joe said Nakamura will require 6-12 weeks of recovery. He shouted that he will not wait that long for Nakamura to be healthy, so Regal better strip Nakamura of the title and give it to him.

Regal’s music played to bring out the NXT GM with a response from the stage. Regal said the piece of paper is correct. He’s not sure where Joe got that paper from, but that’s another issue. Regal vowed to address the problem that Joe created, but not according to Joe’s terms.

Joe said he wishes it did not come to this. He promptly left the ring and approached Regal on the stage. Joe told Regal to fix this situation – otherwise his entire roster will look like Nakamura. Joe slammed the paper in Regal’s chest and stomped away, leaving Regal to sell serious concern about this situation.

Announcers: Tom Phillips and Corey Graves on the call. Phillips promoted an NXT debut tonight – Cedric Alexander in action after being signed from the Cruiserweight tournament.

Backstage: Alexander was interviewed about making his debut against Andrade “Cien” Almas. Alexander vowed to win tonight.

[Network Break]

Backstage: Liv Morgan was interviewed about issuing a challenge to NXT Women’s champion Asuka. Liv said she won’t bow down to Asuka and she’s not going anywhere. Suddenly, Asuka walked into the shot. “You think you are ready? Let’s find out.” Asuka flashed her intimidating smile and Liv suddenly had second thoughts.

1 — AUSTIN ARIES vs. ONEY LORCAN (Biff Busick)

Aries and Lorcan traded offense back-and-forth early on. Aries then dropped Lorcan hard across the ring apron to take control heading to a Network break.

[Network Break]

Aries continued to target the lower back after the commercial. Lorcan came back with some hard chops to the chest opening up Aries’s chest. Later, Aries nailed a corner dropkick, then set up for a brainbuster, but he turned it into a facebuster across his knee. Aries followed up with the Last Chancery for a tap out.

WINNER: Aries via submission at 7:50.

Post-match, Aries took the mic. Aries sent a message to Hideo Itami that he makes people go to sleep, but he makes people go to sleep. He said everyone is buzzing about Austin Aries right now. Last week, he was at home because he has more important things to do with his time off. But, this week he’s here, and he’s a man’s man. Aries said he would call out Itami tonight, but Itami isn’t going to show up. He called Itami a coward.

Suddenly, Itami’s music played. Aries quickly moved the mic out of the way and watched as Itami marched out on-stage. Aries feigned getting ready to fight, then backed away and ducked out of the ring. Itami said he’s here to fight, but Aries kept on walking to the back.

NXT’s newest signee: Muscle freak Dan Matha arrives in two weeks.

[Network Break]

Last Week: NXT tag champs The Revival picked a fight with Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa in the parking lot. Save it for next time, boys.

2 — ALIYAH vs. BILLIE KAY — Women’s Division match

Billie had the height and size advantage over Aliyah, which she used to control the match early on. Billie rocked Aliyah with an onslaught of strikes and forearms before putting her in a torture rack. Billie walked around the ring with Aliyah in the Torture Rack before tossing her into the turnbuckle for extra damage. Aliyah made a comeback with a neck-snap for a two count, but Billie quickly answered with the Big Boot for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Billie at 3:16. If anyone is going to challenge Asuka for the Women’s Title, it seems like Billie is the chief option at this point.

[Network Break]

Vignette: Sanity is coming. And it’s not pretty.

Backstage: Mandy Rose from Tough Enough was interviewed about her issues with Ember Moon. Rose said Moon doesn’t have what it takes, and she is what a real NXT Superstar should look like. Rose vowed to “totally eclipse” Moon.

Next Week: Asuka vs. Liv Morgan.


The crowd was hot for Alexander following up on his CWC run. Not so much for Almas. The two men felt each other out as Almas played the salty veteran against Alexander in his NXT debut match. A stalemate sent NXT to break.

[Network Break]

Almas was the aggressor out of the break, but Alexander fired back with repeated chops to the chest. Almas responded with an impressive deadlift bodyslam for a close two count. The match moved to the top turnbuckle, where Almas dropped Alexander to the mat and delivered a moonsault for close two count.

Almas sold disbelief, then snapped on Alexander to boos. Almas warmed up for a flying corner smash, but Alexander blocked and nailed his double-knees fallaway backbreaker. Alexander quickly covered Almas for the three count to get the win in his NXT debut match.

WINNER: Alexander at 9:15. If NXT ever introduced a secondary men’s singles title, Alexander would be a perfect fit as champion. Right now, the top-line of NXT is Nakamura, Joe, Bobby Roode, Aries, and Itami. It would be difficult for Alexander to break through based on NXT’s slow, methodical, effective pace of storytelling unless there were massive call-ups before the end of the year. Putting an “NXT Network Title” on Alexander would be interesting.

Post-match, WWE cut to a lengthy replay of the match. Back in the arena, Almas sold being angered, but then brought in Alexander tight for a big hug. Almas held up Alexander’s arm in the air and paraded him around the ring for the audience to applaud. No heel turn. Alexander stood tall in the ring to close out this week’s NXT show.

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  1. The Samoa Joe threat is stupid and unrealistic. How about telling him if he touches anyone he gets suspended? How about telling him people don’t get rewarded for bad behavior (injuring Nakamura, then stripping Nakamura of the title)? Regal is supposed to be the authority for a reason, right?
    This angle tonight is a severe breach of suspension of disbelief. Brock F5’s Shane McMahon and authority figures are justifiably and logically speaking of punishments for his behavior. Is it so hard to do on NXT?

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