Rowan injury, Ross reacts to Charlotte-Sasha headlining Raw, Goldberg buzz prior to SportsCenter interview, TNA ownership

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-There is a shortage of credible marketable “protected” opponents that WWE can utilize to get money back for their big investment in Brock Lesnar’s contract. One of them is Bill Goldberg, who turns 50 later this year. He will be on SportsCenter tomorrow night to talk about his starring role in the latest WWE Y217 videogame, but he is also going to address his status, and there is a buzz, including reports from Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, that he could “make news” just as Brock Lesnar did when he announced he was signing a new contract with WWE. He is reportedly in serious talks about a return to the ring. Goldberg has often said he wants his kids to see him wrestle, and there is clearly a nostalgic attraction to seeing Goldberg return to action in a WWE ring, despite how awful his last match with Lesnar went. Stay tuned.

-Erick Rowan underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff today. Jason Powell at broke the story and has more details here.

-Jim Ross wrote about the Women’s Championship match headline Raw last night. “Black hat is off the Charlotte and Sasha Banks for closing Raw Monday night in a role that few women before them have ever had the opportunity to accomplish. The women delivered in a significant way as they, along with their peers, continue to elevate the perception of women’s wrestling within the business. WWE has done a better job than any major promotion of developing the women’s brand which is what I assume they will attempt to do with the Cruiserweights. The execution of this Raw Main Event was stellar especially WWE capturing the post match emotions of both women.” Check out Ross’s extended thoughts on this match and other topics here.

-There’s no update on TNA’s ownership situation other than Dixie Carter addressed the locker room at this week’s TV tapings and said she remains majority owner, but that could change. We are still looking for a report on the TV tapings from anyone attending any of the sessions this week in Orlando. Send to

-Check out our 20 Years Ago Flashback posted earlier today with my reviews of Raw and Nitro 20 years ago this week. Goldust wrestled on Raw 20 years ago and this week. Pretty amazing. A 29 year old Glen Jacobs, now known as Kane, was also active on the roster then, but as the Imposter Diesel “brought in by Jim Ross.”

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