3/26 WWE in White Plains, N.Y.: Finn Balor & Jericho & Sami vs. Triple H & Joe & Owens, Bayley vs. Charlotte opens show, Aries vs. Neville

Finn Balor (photo credit Kyle Niblett @KyleNiblett © PWTorch)


MARCH 26, 2017

Sold out crowd, the building fits 5,000 people and there wasn’t an empty seat.

(1) Bayley defeated Charlotte to retain the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. I arrived a little late for this but Bayley won with her belly to belly suplex. Crowd was hot for her.

(2) Goldust & R-Truth & Curtis Axel & Sin Cara defeated Bo Dallas & Titus O’Neil & The Shining Stars.

(3) Austin Aries defeated Neville. Before the match, Neville ran down the Big Apple, even though White Plains isn’t considered part of the Big Apple. That got him some major heat. He also declared the match wasn’t for the Cruiserweight Championship. Neville was fantastic as a heel during the match. They kept it in 2nd-3rd gear making sure not to give away their WrestleMania match. Good match though.

(4) Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson defeated Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods, Sheamus & Cesaro,  Enzo & Cass in a fatal four-way to retain the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship. Fun match. Kofi had a seizure during Sheamus’s entrance. Big E played a hell of an air guitar during Gallows & Anderson’s entrance. Cesaro hit a 619 and crossbody on Anderson, he screamed like a little girl. Big Cass threw Enzo at everyone on the outside. Woods followed up with a plancha dive. Anderson ended it by pinning Kofi with his foot on the ropes. After the match, everyone hit their signature moves on Gallows and Anderson. Woods played his trumpet for Cesaro to do some dance moves. Sheamus ran away to avoid the same fate but Cesaro caught him before he went to the back. Sheamus eventually had no choice but to gyrate to the trumpet of the New Day. Funny stuff.


I was able to get some pics with Betty Skaaland, Peter Rosenberg, and Sam Roberts who were all in the front row, all friendly.

(5) Sasha Banks & Dana Brooke defeated Nia Jax & Alicia Fox. Sasha won it with the Bank Statement on Alicia.

(6) Roman Reigns defeated Jinder Mahal. I say it was 65/35 Roman in the building. Despite the boos, people flocked to the guardrails for pics and videos of Roman. Reigns won it with a Superman Punch and spear.

(7) Chris Jericho & Finn Balor & Sami Zayn defeated Triple H & Kevin Owens & Samoa Joe. Hunter gave a big hug to Betty Skaaland in the front row after his entrance. Fun spot with Hunter trying to give a too sweet to Balor. Balor reciprocated with a gun gesture to Hunter. Triple H followed with a suck it. Jericho with the Walls of Jericho on Hunter was quite the throwback visual. Joe broke it up only to receive a Helluva kick from Zayn. Slingblade by Finn to Hunter, followed by a Jericho codebreaker to KO to end it. Jericho got on the mic after and said he doesn’t need Owens as a best friend because he has friends in White Plains, New York. “Cheer me on maaaaaaaaan,” Jericho said. “You know what happens when you’re friends with Jericho… White Plains, New York… you just made the list!” Huge pop. Crowd went home happy.

Fun show. Roman vs. Braun was originally advertised, but there was no Braun on the show.

Match of The Night: Jericho/Zayn/Balor vs. Triple H/KO/Joe

Biggest Pop: Enzo/Cass, Triple H, Austin Aries

Most Heat: Titus O’ Neil, Jinder Mahal

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