4/17 WWE in Bowling Green, Ky.: Nakamura shines vs. Ziggler, Owens vs. Sami, Harper vs. Rowan, Styles vs. Orton vs. Corbin

Randy Orton (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

APRIL 17, 2017

(1) THE ASCENSION & MOJO RAWLEY beat BREEZANGO & JINDER MAHAL. Mojo pinned Mahal to a good reaction.

(2) LUKE HARPER pinned ERIC ROWAN. Rowan was actually entertaining. Harper won clean.

(3) KEVIN OWENS pinned SAMI ZAYN after a Pop-up Powerbomb to retain the U.S. Title.

(4) SHINSUKE NAKAMURA beat DOLPH ZIGGLER after a Kinshase. This was by far the highlight of the night. He puts on quite a show, even for the Kentucky country folks. He made it worth every penny.


(5) NAOMI beat NATALYA, CHARLOTTE, BECKY LYNCH, CARMELLA (w/James Ellsworth), AND TAMINA in a six-way match for the Women’s Championship. Tamina looks much better than she did on the few occasions I’ve seen her. Charlotte was more over than anyone else. Huge reaction. Naomi won with her signature kick.

(6) THE USOS beat AMERICAN ALPHA to the retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. Usos won with common heel tactics, but had a bigger reaction than American Alpha by far.

(7) RANDY ORTON beat BARON CORBIN and A.J. STYLES in three-way match for the WWE Championship. Orton snuck up on Corbin with an RIO after a failed attempt by A.J. Styles to do the Styles Clash on Corbin. Orton was not very energetic, but he was more over than anyone the entire night.

BIGGEST REACTIONS: Orton, Charlotte, Usos.

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