AAW in Marrionette Park, Ill.: Sami Callihan, John Morrison, Colt Cabana, ACH, Matt Riddle, Chuck Taylor, Eddie Kingston

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JULY 15, 2017

Hundreds of wrestling fans (522) poured into 115 Bourbon Street on a beautiful summer evening to witness AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined’s “United We Stand”.

(1) To kick off the night’s events, the “Shaman of Sexy”, John Morrison hit the ring. Morrison berated the fans and bragged about being the biggest star in the building. Morrison mentioned that he was supposed to face Chuck Taylor, but he didn’t want to stay in Chicago longer than he was supposed to. So, to answer Morrison’s request for an opponent, out came Chicago’s very own Colt Cabana. Cabana was more than willing to compete against Morrison, so the fans were treated to see these two wrestle to start the show.

Morrison used Cabana’s towel to clean his posterior, throwing the used linen back in the direction of his opponent. When Morrison removed his t-shirt and threw it in the crowd, the fan threw it back in the ring. Cabana caught it on the fly and returned the same favor that Morrison made with Cabana’s towel.

As for the wrestling, Cabana used his street smarts, so to speak, to get in some early offense. Morrison struck back with some powerful kicks and did his best to keep Cabana down on the mat. Cabana implemented his classic moves of using his backside to get on top of things. But, in the end, Morrison was aided by using the referee as momentum to put Cabana down. That allowed him to hit Starship Pain to pick up the pinfall victory.

(2) In women’s action, Scarlett Bordeaux made her return to action in an AAW ring. On this night, she faced Samantha Heights in a battle of two young ladies seeking an opportunity to shine in the midst of a big summer of women’s wrestling. Heights recently competed at the last set of shows for SHIMMER Women’s Athletes, making her the fresher of the two wrestlers. However, she was entering Bordeaux’s home turf.

Bordeaux showed her domination of the comparatively smaller Heights. Heights used a series of kicks to regain momentum and take control of the match. The physicality of the match was apparent, as Bordeaux had her nose busted open. That opened up an opportunity for Heights to attack a weak point. Bordeaux remained resilient in spite of getting kicked in that nose multiple times.

The two ladies traded blows with Bordeaux bragging that she was still more attractive than Heights in spite of the bloodied nose. That lit a fire in Heights as she delivered a devastating heel kick to the back of Bordeaux’s head, putting her down for the count. Heights made the pinfall and earned the victory.

After the match, a video is shown of Marty DeRosa trying to find AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan. When DeRosa did find Callihan, the champ shooed him away. Callihan opened up about being tired traveling around the road. He issued a stern warning for his opponent, Keith Lee, and said his reputation was strengthened since becoming the champion. Callihan was enraged about being disrespected despite his draw, and that he has continued to beat everyone that has tried to dethrone his title. He begged for Lee to bring out the old Sami Callihan, the one who isn’t a “nice guy”.

(3) In six-man tag action, the team of Danny Adams, Curt Stallion, and Jake Holmes faced the trio of Paco Gonzalez, Trey Miguel, and Stephen Wolf. Stallion and Miguel began the match, with Stallion delivering a big chop. Miguel responded with some amazing kicks and agile maneuvers. Holmes and Wolf then battled in the ring, leading to chaos with all six men getting involved. Stallion tried to dive between the ropes, but Wolf and Miguel got out of the way, leading to Stallion eating the guardrail. Paco had a dive over the top rope onto Holmes, then Adams shoved Wolf off the top rope before he was ready to hit a high-risk dive of his own. Miguel then got the crowd off its feet with a corkscrew dive over the top rope onto the floor.

Holmes impressed with a two-man powerbomb on Miguel and Wolf. Miguel and Stallion eventually traded powerful punches and blows, leading to Stallion coming ahead. Wolf sent Stallion down fast, but before he could celebrate, Holmes turned the tables. As all six men tried to put each other down, the fast and furious action was making fans’ heads spin. It was Wolf and Miguel who combined to take down Adams to earn the pinfall victory for their group.

(4) The young and supremely talented Myron Reed was ready to test his talents against one of the most established wrestlers on the independent scene, ACH. The two men had a bit of a feeling out process, but ACH used his experience to gain the early edge. Reed shook things up using his agility to put ACH down on the mat.

Just as Reed had the edge, ACH used a slap to the groin to regain momentum. Reed fought through the pain, forcing ACH to go through an arsenal of moves to slowly break down the youngster. Reed remained determined not to lose, frustrating ACH and giving an opening to attack. Reed showed off his hot fire, kicking the gum out of ACH’s mouth. ACH was nearly pinned after Reed hit a springboard elbow, but kicked out after two.

ACH mounted a stronger attack against the young Reed, showing no remorse with two dives between the ropes and capping it off with a swinging kick to the face of Reed as ACH ran along the apron. While Reed took the brunt of the punishment, ACH was dealing with his own pain by dishing it out. Back inside the ring, ACH grew more frustrated as Reed kept getting back up. Reed nearly got the surprise pin when he reversed out of an attempted brainbuster by ACH with a jawbreaker. Reed thought he had ACH down for the count with a springboard hurricanrana from the top rope. But, ACH rolled out of the ring. Reed followed through with a running senton splash over the ring post to the outside onto ACH.

But, the work ACH did on Reed’s back was just too much for the youngster to bear. Reed tried one last burst of offense on ACH, with some impressive kicks. ACH was able to sneak in a brainbuster that finally put Reed down for the count.

After the match, ACH got on the mic. He mentioned how members of AAW’s past roster paved the way for him when he joined the company five years ago. He feels that Reed is the burst of young talent that AAW has presently.

Then, a video was shown of Marty DeRosa interviewing one half of the AAW Tag Team Champions, AR Fox. Fox’s partner, Rey Fenix, was unable to make the event. Fox was left to pick a replacement, so he has chosen Jeff Cobb to join him in the ring. Fox said he would dedicate his match to his absent partner.

(5) OI4K’s Jake and Dave Crist, joined by their manager JT Davidson, hit the ring. But, they would be facing the reigning IWGP Tag Team Champions, War Machine. Raymond Rowe and Hanson were coming off a great debut in AAW last month, and there’s no better test than the former two-time AAW Tag Team Champions, OI4K. War Machine attempted to show a bit of sportsmanship, but Jake Crist was unwilling to shake hands.

All four men ran roughshod both inside and outside of the ring to start the match. Both teams showed moments of domination, using whatever and whoever was at their disposal. Hanson had a running dive into both Crists, who were laid along one corner of the guardrail on the outside of the ring. With Dave Crist downed on the outside, War Machine went on the warpath against Jake Crist. Jake wailed as he was being punished by both Rowe and Hanson. OI4K eventually regained an edge in the match, even though neither Crist brother could put Rowe or Hanson down for the count.

Rowe and Hanson recaptured momentum, delighting the crowd with amazing moves like Rowe’s two-man German suplex or Hanson’s repetitive splashes into the corner to both Crist brothers. Jake Crist showed a spark of offense that nearly led to a pinfall, but War Machine regained their dominance. It led to Davidson pulling the referee out of the ring, just as War Machine was about to gain the victory. When the referee was unable to make the pin for Rowe, Hanson threw Davidson into the ring. The distraction helped OI4K, as Davidson lifted Rowe above his shoulders so that Dave Crist could put him down for the count and steal the pinfall victory.

After the match, OI4K extended their hands to War Machine. But, as Rowe and Hanson were about to shake hands, the Crist brothers hit simultaneously low blows to their fallen opponents. Nevertheless, the fans in attendance were beyond pleased with War Machine’s performance inside the squared circle.

A video was shown of Marty DeRosa interviewing Mat Fitchett, as he prepares to face Matt Riddle later on in the evening. Fitchett sounded determined and believed that he was going to defeat or force Riddle to submit. However, Davey Vega sarcastically went to thank Fitchett, but Fitchett wanted no part of his tag partner’s encouragement.

(6) The tag team action continued as Trevor Lee and Hector Garza, Jr. teamed up to take on the duo of Shane Strickland and the AAW Heritage Champion, Penta El Zero Miedo. Penta and Strickland showed their chemistry right off the bat, whereas Lee appeared to cower and let his partner take his licks in the ring.

Garza mocked Penta and was forced to pay his penance for doing so, but Lee had a sneak attack to disrupt the chance. Strickland came in to fix things, but all hell broke loose with all four men getting actively involved inside and outside the ring. Garza capitalized on a downed Penta, amping up the attack on the Heritage champ. Both Lee and Garza isolated Penta and denied the champ a chance to tag in Strickland. However, a distracted Garza unintentionally allowed Penta to tag in Strickland to swerve the match to his team’s side.

Penta and Lee both had pin attempts broken up. Then, Garza and Lee had a great chance when Garza held up both men and Lee dove to force a two man bodyslam that led to a two count. Penta and Strickland followed with simultaneous running Canadian Destroyers, but they got two counts as well. Penta dove off the top rope with a kick to a spread-eagled Lee. Garza made the save to prevent a loss. The near falls continued with all four men having opportunities to win. In the end, Penta held both Garza and Lee up with Strickland diving off the top rope to deliver a side kick. The combo move was successful, as Strickland pinned Garza to pick up the victory.

(7) The AAW Tag Team titles were supposed to be defended by AR Fox and Rey Fenix, but Fenix was not able to make it to the show. So, Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz teamed up to dethrone Fox and his chosen partner, Jeff Cobb. Cobb introduces a different dynamic than Fenix, thus presenting a new challenge for Xavier and Wentz. Xavier and Fox began the match, showing off their speed and quick striking. When Xavier wanted to challenge Fox to a test of strength, Fox intelligently opted out to tag in Cobb.

The challenger soon felt the wrath of the heavyweight Cobb. Cobb tossed both men around like a pair of rag dolls, both together and separately. Fox tried to capitalize on his partner’s strength, but Wentz and Xavier were able to get back into the match with some high risk maneuvers to the outside of the ring.

Fox tried for a springboard move, but took out Cobb at the knees. Fox was temporarily distracted by his partner’s downing, but managed to recompose himself and attack both Wentz and Xavier. Cobb looked visibly annoyed after being knocked off the corner again as Xavier and Wentz were in the midst of attacking Fox. When Fox sought to tag in Cobb, the big man denied him and headbutted Fox. Cobb departed ringside, allowing Xavier to springboard Wentz into a 450 splash onto Fox. Wentz made the cover and got the pinfall, as Wentz and Xavier became the new AAW Tag Team Champions!

Before returning from intermission, a video is shown of David Starr reflecting on his career in the world of professional wrestling leading up to his “I Quit!” match against Eddie Kingston.

(8) Back to singles action, as Mat Fitchett is going to test his mettle against “The King of Bros”, Matt Riddle. Riddle and Fitchett shook hands before they went into the collar and elbow tie up. Riddle immediately went to his ground work, quickly getting Fitchett into an ankle lock. Riddle was taken aback when Fitchett lifted him from behind and dropped him to the mat, so the King of Bros sparked back by putting Fitchett into an armbar.

The action intensified with Riddle showing a fierce attack against Fitchett in the corner. Fitchett was able to turn the tables on Riddle and even used Riddle’s bare feet as an opening to weaken his opponent. An enraged Riddle delivered chops and kicks to Fitchett in the corner, but Fitchett was able to fire back with a pair of dives to the outside followed by a crucifix suplex. But, as Fitchett was ready to keep up momentum, Riddle surprised him with a rear naked chokehold. Fitchett was able to get up to his feet and shake Riddle off of him.

Riddle thought he had the win when he hit a GTS followed by a German suplex, but Fitchett kicked out before the ref counted three. Riddle was insistent on getting that pinfall victory, so he amped up his attack against Fitchett with a series of kicks to the chest. That led to the two men going back and forth with punches and kicks, concluding with a spent Riddle hitting a fallaway German suplex.

Both men laid it all out. Fitchett hit a Canadian Destroyer. Riddle followed it up with a pair of fisherman’s brainbusters. Neither man could attain the pinfall. Fitchett thought he had the match won when he hit a last ride powerbomb, but Riddle reversed it before the ref counted three. He put Fitchett into a guillotine choke, but Fitchett miraculously got out of the submission maneuver. He mustered enough energy to hit a running knee to the face of Riddle, but Riddle kicked out. But, Riddle had to hit a cradle tombstone, followed by elbow strikes to the head, and then reared back on a rear naked choke to force Fitchett to tap out.

After the match, both men shook hands. Then, after Riddle left the ring, Davey Vega came inside the ring to talk on the mic. Vega told Fitchett that he hoped he wasn’t right, but said he needed to deliver tough love to Fitchett. Vega took the credit for Fitchett’s opportunities in singles action. Fitchett admitted that they’ve known each other since they were kids and they have a deep friendship, but he wanted Vega to go f himself.

(9) Vega remained in the ring and issued an open challenge, after the card needed some shuffling. So, answering the call was Chuck Taylor. Chuckie T wasted no time, diving off the stage and over the top rope onto Vega. Taylor dragged Vega along ringside delivering chops and a running kick to the head of Vega. Vega was tossed around and all over ringside to the point where he sought to escape through the crowd. Vega eventually broke through and delivered some damage of his own to Taylor along ringside and then back inside the ring.

While the crowd expressed their hatred of Vega, he was delivering some offense to Taylor. The two men did battle along the entranceway on the stage. That is where things turned around for Chuckie T, but Vega remained steadfast in the match. The two men dished out punishment right and left to one another, with them both yelling that they’d kill the other. Taylor hit a piledriver on the stage, picked up Vega, threw him in the ring, and hit one more piledriver on the canvas to pin Vega and win the match.

(10) The “I Quit!” match was next. Eddie Kingston wasted no time hitting the ring to gain the early edge over “The Product” David Starr. Kingston used his jacket to whip Starr, and then used it to choke him. Kingston followed up by introducing a table into the ring. The table was set up in a corner of the ring, but Starr reversed course as both men took the fight to the outside. Starr moved in the guardrail as he prepared to hit a dive through the ropes onto Kingston in the seating area.

The fight continued into the crowd, as the referee was requested to ask each wrestler if they were ready to quit. Kingston whipped Starr into a row of chairs and used one of the chair legs to choke Starr. The two men brawled all the way to the bar area and all the way to the merch area. Kingston even stared down other members of the AAW locker room who were selling their wares near the entrance. Starr planted Kingston onto the top of the bar, standing tall over the downed Kingston.

As Starr was about to attempt a piledriver on the top of the bar, Kingston reversed course and tossed him from it. Kingston later followed with a dive off the top of the bar. The two men continued to dish out punishment in the seating area, until Kingston crawled his way back to ringside and into the ring. Starr brought the ring bell into the ring, picking Kingston up and hitting a brainbuster onto the bell. Starr got on the mic, berated Kingston, bragged about himself, and then mentioned Kingston’s ex-girlfriend. That enraged Kingston, demanding that Starr use the ring bell against him. Kingston poked Starr in the eye and was ready to take his eye out. That is, until Jeff Cobb ran into the ring and hit a pair of suplexes on Kingston.

A bewildered Starr rose to his feet seeing Cobb lift Kingston up and deliver a running powerslam into the table. Starr then asked Cobb to do one more thing, so the big man went under the ring to bring in a steel chair. Starr asked Cobb to put Kingston in front of him as Starr put Kingston in a chinlock. Kingston was unresponsive, forcing referee Coyne Jones to call for the bell. Starr celebrated on the shoulders of Cobb, as both men reveled in the fact that Kingston was not moving in the ring.

After the match, several AAW personnel had to help revive Eddie Kingston and aid him in getting him some assistance backstage.

(11) The AAW Heavyweight Championship was on the line in the main event, as Keith Lee challenged the champion, Sami Callihan. Both men were very focused with so much on the line. Callihan went charging at Lee, but the big man showed off his surprising agility and delivered a dropkick. Lee nearly shocked the crowd with a pinfall when he hit a massive sitdown powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Callihan was fortunate to kick out and regain some composure. The champ forced Lee to chase after him, as Callihan pulled down the ring ropes forcing Lee to fall to the stage. Lee recovered to hit a running dive over the ropes onto Callihan.

Both men traded chops and Callihan had the silly idea of trying to pick up Lee for a body slam, but the champ’s body could not withstand the weight of Lee. Callihan had to resort to dirty measures to regain an edge, as he took a couple of chairs from under the ring to smash the left leg and ankle of Lee. In an attempt to aggravate the injured leg, Callihan put Lee into a figure four leglock. Lee was able to reverse the pressure of the figure four, forcing Callihan to reach for the ropes to break the hold.

While Lee was taking control in the match, he was still having difficulty dealing with that injured leg. Meanwhile, Callihan was exasperated in his attempts to keep hold of his title. Lee attempted to use the chairs as a weapon of his own, but the injured leg weakened his speed to capitalize on that opportunity. Callihan tried to put away Lee when he was hobbling, hitting a Death Valley Driver that only earned a two count.

The massive frame of Lee kept him in the match, making the most of his strength. Callihan was able to take small openings and use them to turn the match in his favor. Lee delivered a powerful left arm and then another massive sit down powerbomb. Lee went to the top rope for a moonsault but missed. Callihan hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Lee kicked out at one. An enraged Callihan picked up one of the steel chairs and hit Lee directly in the head, knocking the big man out cold and opening him up. Callihan made the cover and got the three count to retain the AAW Heavyweight Championship. A bewildered Lee needed help to get out of the ring and get on his feet.


AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined will hold their next event on Saturday, August 5th at the Knight of Columbus in LaSalle, Illinois. The event titled “Jawbreaker” will feature the following matches: ACH vs. Mat Fitchett, former WWE superstar Hardcore Holly vs. Keith Lee, Brubaker vs. CJ Esparza, and the 6-man tag match of OI4K members AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, and Jake Crist facing Juventud Guerrera, Rey Fenix, and AR Fox. Also scheduled to appear are Davey Vega, Brett Gakiya, Jessicka Havok, Samantha Heights, Chuck Taylor, Zema Ion, Andrew Everett, the new AAW Tag Team Champions Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, and more. More information and where you can purchase tickets for this event can be found at AAWrestling.com.

If you attend a live wrestling event, please send results to pwtorch@pwtorch.com.

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