RAW PRIMER 8/14: What to look for and expect on tonight’s final Raw before Summerslam, Nia vs. Sasha, Seth-Dean

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch contributor

The Shield (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


AUGUST 14, 2017
By Joey Galizia (@RamJam89), PWTorch contributor


Traditionally, the go-home episode of a WWE show before a PPV has a reputation of either enticing the audience with a brilliant cliffhanger, or delivering a dumpster fire of a mess. Rarely do we land in that common middle ground. However, I’ll say again what I’ve been saying for weeks: The main event program of Raw can currently do no wrong thanks to the fine performances of all those involved. Last week, Braun and Roman added yet another epic clash to their already impressive history, and Samoa Joe’s involvement led to a victory for the monster among men.

The Beast on the other hand was far too busy taking the Miztourage to Suplex City, and sending Bo Dallas on the F5 express lane on what he considers a flat-earth. (DON’T ASK.) With Paul Heyman’s stipulation in that Brock will leave if he somehow loses at Summerslam, could this be Lesnar’s final Raw appearance? (Probably not, but the storyline is strong enough to make me wonder.)


As exciting as the Fatal Four-way will be, tonight’s main attraction (for me, at least) will be the buildup to who faces off against Alexa Bliss for the Raw women’s championship at the biggest event of the summer. Originally, it seemed that Bayley would be the one getting the shot in Brooklyn, but an unfortunate shoulder injury has placed her on the shelf. Nia Jax and Sasha Banks each won a triple-threat qualifier, and now they’ll square off yet again in Sasha’s hometown of Boston. (Which doesn’t sound good for the Boss.) Alexa may have real life heat with Sasha, but does she honestly think facing Nia Jax will improve her chances? Interested to see in where this goes.


-Besides the main event, the best told story on WWE television has been the possible reunion of the Shield. Dean Ambrose will never forget that horrible betrayal by his former best friend Seth Rollins but Seth has proved countless times that he is a changed man. Last week Seth would rundown and help Ambrose during a beatdown, but denied the lunatic fringe a fist bump the same way he was denied two weeks ago. Can you blame Seth though? A broken friendship hits hard, and molding the pieces back together isn’t easy. Fortunately for them, they have Cesaro and Sheamus, and those gorgeous tag team titles, to aim their animosity at.

-The Eater of Worlds still has mystical powers, and a keen intellect. He wishes to use said powers and said intellect to teach Finn Balor (Or any other person he feuds with) how deep his legacy will run. Balor hasn’t been intimidated, and has even gone as far to say that he doesn’t need to dawn the demon to defeat Bray. I honestly have no clue who creative is higher up on but I’m looking forward to this ending. Just give us a Balor and Hardys factions already. #TEAMWOKEN

-Speaking of Matt and Jeff. It seemed they were on a destined path to facing the Revival this Sunday, but another unlucky injurty has placed the best tag team in the world on the bench. They instead have been butting heads with the Good Brothers, but will their already tired feud even make it onto the card?

-The Miz definitely didn’t get his way last week, but just because Brock Lesnar nearly killed him doesn’t mean he has forgotten about Jason Jordan. Jordan defeated a local Canadian hero last week on television, and the Toronto crowd was not too happy about it. Judging from his reaction everywhere else, they may not be the only ones. Will Kurt Angle’s mystery son get the recognition he deserves? Or are we on the path to discovering that this whole thing was a bed full of lies? OH THE DRAMA.

-Titus Wordwide’s most popular client Akira Tozawa is preparing for another showdown with King Neville for the cruiserweight championship. Neville, like always, doesn’t seem worried.

Final Raw before Summerslam. Fingers crossed.

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