COLLECTIBLES NEWS: Topps Announces New Connor’s Cure Cards, Triple H and Stephane Autographs

By Michael Moore, PWTorch Collectibles Specialist


The Topps Company issued a press release Thursday morning announcing plans for a special Connor’s Cure trading card. The company stated that it will make a contribution to Connor’s Cure and will create a special Topps NOW card of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. In addition, Topps announced plans to include autographs from both Triple H and McMahon in upcoming WWE releases.

The McMahon and Triple H Topps NOW card will be released Monday, Aug. 21, along with cards from SummerSlam. Topps NOW cards are limited edition cards that capture moments from baseball games, wrestling and TV shows. The cards are essentially created in real time; for example, SummerSlam cards will be designed and sold on Monday, the day after SummerSlam. They will be available for 24 hours at and then shipped to customers who purchased them. The quantity of each card depends on how many people order it, with the exception of limited autograph and memorabilia cards.

Autographs from McMahon and Triple H will be included in physical and digital sets, according to the release. Both will take part in a live digital signing for cards on the WWE Slam digital trading card app.

Moore’s take: Plenty has been said about the way the McMahons market themselves as the faces of corporate charity, particularly Stephanie’s infamously tone deaf “philanthropy is the future of marketing” tweet. But that should take nothing away from the Connor’s Cure charitable fund. It really is a great cause, and kudos to Topps for getting involved with a donation and special trading cards.

For collectors, the announcement of forthcoming autographs of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is huge. Each of their autographs has appeared only once in a trading card set: McMahon in 2001 Fleer WWF Championship Clash (as Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) and Triple H in 2002 Fleer WWE All Access. Those cards regularly sell for $250 each, on the rare occasion that they surface on eBay. The Topps name carries far more clout than the defunct Fleer brand, so these cards will be huge.

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