FREE PODCAST 10/13 – Best of PWTorch Livecast: Jim Ross interview (5-2-14) on life after WWE, Benoit and the Hall of Fame, did he ever say no to a humiliating request in WWE, his role in imposter Diesel & Razor, more (90 min)

SHOW SUMMARY: This Best of PWTorch Livecast goes back to May 2, 2014, featuring Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell interviewing Jim Ross. Ross covers a wide range of topics including: Life after WWE including his new live Q&A shows at theaters, WWE Network discussion, Chris Benoit’s son getting into wrestling, does Chris Benoit belong in the WWE Hall of Fame, did he ever say no to a controversial angle or humiliating request, how does he feel about his role in presenting the impostor Diesel and Razor Ramon, and many other topics.

This is part one of a four hour interview! The other two installments can be found on the PWTorch Livecast archives page HERE. Just scroll down to the May 2, 2014 episode. 

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