11/6 WWE Raw TV Taping Spoilers: Full report from on-site correspondent in Manchester including Miz TV with Angle, Jordan vs. Elias

Raw TV event (photo credit Ross McAdam © PWTorch)


NOVEMBER 6, 2017


(A) Tyler Bate & Trent Seven & Mandrews won a six man tag match.


(1) Matt Hardy beat Curt Hawkins with a Twist of Fate.

(2) The Club (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) beat Heath Slater & Rhyno with the Magic Killer


-They opened with Miz TV. Curtis Axel was in a neck brace. Miz laid into Kurt Angle regarding how he responded to the Smackdown “Under Siege” attacks. He said it’s not honorable that he instructed Kane to beat up Daniel Bryan. Angle said he knew nothing about it. Miz said Angle should have protected him last week, but instead was responsible for Braun Strowman’s attack and rewarded him with a place on Team Raw. Angle said he really wanted Braun on Team Raw and that he drove a hard bargain. He said what Strowman demanded was a match against Miz tonight in exchange for agreeing to be part of Team Raw.

-Elias cut a promo and sang acapella because his guitar was on the pole already. He teased singing a song from hometown band Oasis, but instead sang about Manchester being awful.

(1) Jason Jordan beat Elias in a Guitar on a Pole match. Short match. Jordan won to basically silence from the crowd. Which is crazy as the last time I saw him was at Takeover London and American Alpha got the biggest pop of the show

-A video package aired with Cesaro, Sheamus, and Angle. I couldn’t hear, but I presume they asked for a title match as we got a slide for that later.

(2) Asuka demolished a jobber. The crowd wasn’t into Asuka, which was a surprise. There was actually a “Let’s Go Jobber” chant.

-During a backstage interview, Titus and Apollo Crews challenged Samoa Joe to a match. When Titus Worldwide made their entrance onto the stage, Joe ran out and threw Crews off the stage. Then he gave the Coquina Clutch to Titus. Titus was out. Joe went to the ring and cut a promo: “I’ll beats anyone, doesn’t matter if you are as big as Titus or as athletic as Apollo.” Finn Balor came out to a huge pop.

(3) Samoa Joe fought Finn Balor to a double countout after they brawled on the ramp. Lots of heavies came out to separate them. Angle then came out. “This is the kind of fight I need on team Raw, you’re both in!” he said. Balor then launched himself off the stage at Joe.

-A Miztourage video aired. There was no sound in the arena, but presumably he was expressing concern about Braun. (WWE might be muting the videos to mitigate spoilers like this for everyone watching later.)

-Backstage Kurt Angle told Jordan: “This may be seen as favouritism, but I need someone I can trust on team Raw. You get the final spot, Jason.” Jordan was elated.

-Bayley and Sasha Banks say they want to be on team Raw.

(4) Bayley & Sasha Banks beat Nia Jax & Alicia Fox who Sasha pinned Fox after a Bank Statement. Fox said she wants “her” on her team. Wasn’t clear who she meant.

(5) Miz wrestled Braun Strowman to an apparent no contest. Miz tried to run away from Braun over and over. Kane’s music played and he came to the ring to a big pop. He tried to chokeslam Braun, but braun moved his hand away and hit his finisher on Kane. Kane left. Miz tried to attack Braun afterward, but Braun fended him off and landed a running powerbomb.

(6) Pete Dunne beat Enzo Amore with a pump handle slam finisher. Angle introduced Dunne before the match. This didn’t last long.

(7) Sheamus & Cesaro beat Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles. New Day came out and distracted everyone. Over the p.r. you could hear Big E: “Awww Manchester, don’t you dare be sour.” New Day walked out Shield style through the crowd. “Congrats for sitting through the three hour fore fest that is the B-show. Prepare for Under Siege 2.” Then Raw wrestlers chased them away. Sheamus then hit a distracted Rollins with a Brogue Kick for the win. New Day laughed. No other Smackdown wrestlers showed up. Great competitive match. Sheamus & Cesaro were wearing “Liverpool” football (soccer) shirts. Crazy heat for them over that.


After the taping ended, there was a bit of fun between The Shield and The Bar. Sheamus sang Liverpool football songs, which got a lot of heat. The Shield said they just want to shake their hands and congratulate them. The Bar fall for it. Ambrose: “You guys are great wrestlers, but you’re also really really dumb.” Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and Rollins hit a Stunner. Shield music played.

-Pete Dunne
-Matt Hardy
-Finn Balor
-Seth & Dean to Shield music

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