15 YRS AGO – WWE in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (1-20-03): Angle main events, plus Lesnar, Cena, Benoit, Hardy, Big Show, Dawn Marie, Benjamin

Edge (artist Grant Gould © PWTorch)

WWE house show report
January 20, 2003
Poughkeepsie N.Y. at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center
Report by John Siska, PWTorch.com correspondent

(1) Matt Hardy defeated Spanky. There are no local sports teams in Poughkeepsie, so I guess that’s why Spanky was not under a mask tonight. Hardy got a heel reaction but as the match went on, Spanky became the heel. Good match, with Hardy winning with the Twist of Fate.

(2) Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble and Nunzio in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title.

(3) Chris Benoit defeated A-Train with the Crossface. Benoit got a good reaction coming out. An okay match for what it was, considering the limitations of Albert.

(4) Bill DeMott & Chuck Palumbo defeated Tajiri & Funaki. Palumbo’s hair is now black again. DeMott pinned Funaki for the win.

(5) Brock Lesnar defeated the Big Show in a no DQ match. Paul Heyman came out to introduce the Big Show. He acknowledged people chanting ECW at him, since ECW regularly ran the Civic Center back in the day. Heyman then turned on the fans by saying that seeing the fans of Poughkeepsie makes him glad ECW went bankrupt, and that if ECW had actually gotten into good arenas unlike Poughkeepsie, ECW might still be in business. Lesnar came out to a monster pop. He pinned Big Show after a chairshot. Afterwards, Heyman received the F-5.

(6) Dawn Marie defeated Nidia in a bra and panties match. This was beyond bad. Afterwards, Torrie Wilson came out and stripped Dawn Marie.

(7) Rikishi beat John Cena in a kiss my ass match. This was really short. Afterwards, Cena refused to kiss Rikishi’s ass, so the ref said he would be suspended. Cena received the stinkface, after which Cena and his new partner beat down Rikishi until Buchanan made the save.

(8) Los Guererros defeated Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

(9) Kurt Angle defeated Edge to retain the WWE Title. Best match of the night. Angle drew the biggest heat out of anyone. Edge got a big pop coming out. Finish saw a ref bump and Team Angle hit the ring, allowing Kurt to hit the Olympic Slam for the pin. Afterwards, Team Angle beat down on Edge until Rey Misterio made the save to a big pop.

Notes: Overall a very good show. This was WWE’s first time back in Poughkeepsie in about five years. The building looked sold out, only a couple of seats that I saw were empty. Probably around 2,500 in the building.

Biggest Heat: Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman, Big Show.

Biggest Pops: Brock Lesnar, Edge, Chris Benoit

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