Interview Highlights: Shawn Michaels wants Young Bucks in WWE, Superkick in MMA fight, shying away from pro wrestling after retirement, heel vs. face pros and cons

Shawn Michaels talks his gimmick
Shawn Michaels (photo credit Adam © PWTorch)


Shawn Michaels was a guest on Sean “X-Pac” Waltman’s podcast this past week. The following are key highlights, supplied to PWTorch via T.K. Trinidad, paging editor for X-Pac 360.



•On the Young Bucks: I have met them {Young Bucks} but it was a pretty brief encounter but you know I hear great things about them, you know phenomenal workers and that Kenny Omega kid. I get it that people don’t wanna be part of the WWE for one reason or another… and I totally 100 percent understand that… I just want the most talented guys that are doing this line of work to be able to do it in a place where they can reap the most rewards. There are people that think they are making a phenomenal living away from the WWE and I have no doubt that they are but I still hope there comes a day where all these guys will come to the WWE and have the opportunity to do it on a bigger stage. I enjoy the world being able to appreciate what is we do. And if you can do it at a phenomenal level, I’d like everybody to see that and WWE is the place where you can show that and that’s not to take anything away from everybody else… if a dude like me can make a living surely those guys can.

•On James Vick using a Superkick in an MMA fight: Yeah it was James Vick… I wanna say he’s like 6-7’ or something like that, he’s a big kid, a big tall kid and he tweeted me a picture of it. One could argue that there are a lot of the guys that do that during a fight but to watch a dude that is 6-7… you know just the fact that they watch our stuff, cause I certainly watch theirs. I am appreciative. The Young Buck guys, they do the superkick, I think that’s cool. I guess people feel like it’s done too much and look, you can make that argument all day long… I feel like most of them were watching me when they were younger, that’s nice. (laughs). They can beat it into the ground; it’s certainly never gonna affect me. The fact that they thought it was neat enough to do, that’s cool.

•On being paired with Sensational Sherri and what she added to his character: I received a phone call about how they were putting me with Sherri and I got the music and stuff like that. I remember them playing it for me (Sexy Boy Song), Sherri had gone out on TV and done the promo talking about me and putting herself with me I wasn’t sure… I was trying to figure out who I was and what I was going to be. I’m in my whole trying to find myself leaving The Rockers and taking time to do that. And again Pat Patterson said, “Look, Sherri has been with two guys, okay (Ted) DiBiase and (Randy) Savagen both top guys… We put you with her because she’s going to raise your stock. You get put next to her and that is going to put you on another level.” And I was like, ohh! And then, of course, Sherri and I were friends from the old AWA days… It started out with the Boy Toy thing, but then them putting her with me sort of gave me a direction. Again, back then I don’t think they were called Cougars back then. But clearly, that was the vibe we were sort of given with she and I go out there with one another… It gave me a sexual component that I wasn’t aware I was going to have, but because I was with her it gave me that area.

•On Triple H asking him to be a coach at the Performance Center: Hunter mentioned to me that we (NXT) have a whole lot of people who haven’t been where you’ve been and what you have done. “I just feel like you’ll bring in a different perspective. You’ve done a lot of WrestleMania; You’ve been through a lot of experiences good, bad, and otherwise. There is a value in that, a lot of do’s and don’ts good and bads. You certainly can help guys face every possible situation that they’re going to come up against.”

•On being a bad guy in the ring being better than being a babyface: I don’t know anybody that doesn’t like being a bad guy better than being a good guy. I don’t want to say it’s easier. Certainly, at one time there was a lot of responsibility being a bad guy, such as controlling the match, setting the tempo, having the feel of the people, things in that nature. Creatively, I think people feel more at ease of being a bad guy because almost feel like whether it’s true or not you feel like you can do anything.

•On staying away from wrestling when he retired: I retired because I wanted to stay home with my wife and children. For me, when I retired I felt that I needed to be adamant about the fact that I wanted to be away-away and if I skip in and out people will get the impression you want to still be around it. The schedule whether you try and start once a month, two, then four, six, and before you know it you’re back full time, so I knew I needed to stay away.

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