WWE SMACKDOWN HITS & MISSES 3/27: Rusev added to U.S. Title match, Bryan’s promo, Shinsuke vs. Shelton, Ziggler, Words on Screen

By Jeff Indelicato, PWTorch contributor

Dolph Ziggler (photo credit Scott Lunn - @ScottLunn © PWTorch)



Rusev added to U.S. Championship Match: Last week, I discussed in my misses column how the storyline for the U.S. Championship match at WrestleMania has become dull and repetitive. That changed this week when Rusev was given some direction and added to the feud. With his current popularity, I think this is the proper way to go, and am now looking forward to where things go next.

Daniel Bryan Promo: This was another great promo from Bryan that built over time, and kept me invested in what was next. Despite the clunky road that was the Shane/Bryan/Owens/Zayn feud, I appreciated Bryan’s continued explanation and reasoning as to why he gave multiple opportunities to Kevin and Sami. I really enjoyed how passionate he was, and am sold on this upcoming match at WrestleMania. Bonus points for his line about the blazer “or whatever that thing is.”

Main Event: This was a good match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Shelton Benjamin that hit all the right notes and accomplished the task of continuing Nakamura’s momentum over an established wrestler. The hits kept coming during the post-match promo between Nakamura and A.J. Styles. As a wrestling fan, I’ve been excited for Nakamura vs. Styles since it was first announced; however, the WWE and Styles keep telling me it’s a dream match without really explaining why. This week added some depth with Shinsuke’s mind games, and I really enjoyed how both men played their roles. Nakamura is finding his stride as the calm and collected one, while Styles continues to get fired up and push back. It was an added layer that helped build to their upcoming match.


Text on Screen Returns: No. No. No. No. Just no.

Dolph Ziggler: While the optimist in me believes that adding Ziggler to the Andre the Giant Battle Royal is an attempt to put some big names in the match, it still feels like a downgrade for The Showoff and continues to make no sense with regards to his character direction. The storyline with him walking out was completely wasted, and then, the storyline with him never having a one-on-one match at Mania was also swept under the rug. It’s disappointing when a wrestler as good as Dolph continues to have the inconsistent booking that has befallen him.

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