5 YRS AGO – NXT TV REPORT (8-7-03): Dean Ambrose vs. Neville, Bo Dallas vs. Leo Kruger, plus Danny Burch, Tyler Breeze, Enzo & Cass, Dawson, Emma

By Justin James, PWTorch contributor

Neville (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)

This report was originally published on PWTorch.com five years ago this week…

WWE NXT Results
August 7, 2013
Taped at Full Sail University

[Q1] The pre-credit video plays up feuds set up last week: Adrian Neville against Dean Ambrose, Summer Rae and Emma in a “dance battle,” and the “controversial” Bo Dallas against Leo Kruger for the NXT Championship.

Byron Saxton is in the ring to announce that Tyler Breeze has entered the building. Adrian Neville’s music hits to bring out half of the Tag Team champions. The announcers are Tom Philips and Alex Riley, who has been doing a superb job on Superstars.

1 – ADRIAN NEVILLE vs. DEAN AMBROSE – United States Title match

Ambrose and Neville immediately start hot. Neville puts Ambrose in the corer who begs off, but it’s a lure. Neville with a head scissors takedown followed by a slick kip up. Neville is outsmarting and out wrestling Ambrose every step of the way. Neville with a big roundhouse that drops Ambrose, but Ambrose rolls away when Neville goes to the top. Neville gets bowled over outside as they head to break.

[ Commercial Break ]

Ambrose has Neville grounded out of the break. Riley points out that a win by Neville not only proves Neville, but NXT. Neville slips away from a suplex and lands a right to get some space. Ambrose plows into the ringpost. Dueling chants for both men as Neville hits a springboard crossbody to begin a rally.

Ambrose gets sent to the outside, and Neville lands a huge dive over the top. Ambrose gets rolled into the ring and Neville wants the Red Arrow, and hits it. Rollins and Reigns appear from nowhere to draw the DQ a split-second before the ref hits three.

WINNER: Adrian Neville in 9:00; Ambrose retained the U.S. Title. If you didn’t know that WWE would never change a Raw title at an NXT show, this would have been a really good match. It’s just hard to get into a match when the ending isn’t in doubt. Where was Corey Graves to protect his partner?

Post-match, Neville takes a beating until Graves and Xavier Woods finally make the save. I smell a Teddy Long special in the near future…

[Q2] Backstage, it’s the clash of the stereotypes, as Scott Dawson, Sylvester LeFort, Enzo Amore, and Colin Cassidy converse. Amore has one of those mullets with the shaved sides, lines cut into the shaved sides, and the mullet pulled into the ponytail. When I grew up in N.J. in the ’90s, this was the haircut that every guy with an IROC-Z had. Amore mentions that he heard that Dawson is facing Mason Ryan next week, and runs down Ryan. They say Ryan is “sawft” and know that Dawson will walk all over Ryan. LeFort is after the money. The dancing, wigged photobomber is back.

[J.J.’s Reax: NXT has finally found the perfect role for Mason Ryan, playing Hornswoggle to Amore’s Chavo. Except Amore is a lot funnier than Chavo ever was, and I can actually believe it when Ryan wins a match against a grown man.]

It’s the “dance battle” between Summer Rae and Emma. Funny sign: “Emma, I want your bubbles.” Clever. Byron Saxton is doing the MC work. There are four rounds of dancing, and of course, the WWE Universe will choose the winner. This goes about as you’d expect, with Rae doing a good job dancing, and Emma being a klutz. Thankfully, the rounds are short.

In a bizarre turn of events, the crowd does “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to Emma and “No! No! No!” to Rae. Emma has a dance based on pushing a shopping cart and reaching items from the top shelf. Rae gets annoyed, and asks for her “real music” which is Fandango’s music, and she Fandangoes. The crowd hums along. Emma cues her own music, and does the Emma dance. Rae gets infuriated. Of course, the crowd goes with Emma as the winner.

Apparently, this was indeed for the #1 contender spot to Paige’s title. Post-“match” Rae drops Emma.

Video package on Leo Kruger. The kids made fun of him on his first day of school and he’s going to take Dallas’s title. And the kids are going to laugh at someone.

Danny Burch is making his debut. He’s facing Tyler Breeze, who has his own special camera style for his entrance, making it look like he’s a runway model. His Twitter name is “@MmmGorgeous.” I’ll give it to Breeze, he takes this gimmick to an irritatingly ridiculous extreme. His phone that he carries to the ring is connected to the ‘Tron.


Breeze starts strong, takes some selfies, then goes back to the fray. He uses his speed to work around the larger Burch. Breeze puts Burch away with a spinning heel kick.

WINNER: Tyler Breeze in 0:45. Breeze looks to be another example of NXT creating over-the-top, yet effective heel characters. Johnny Curtis/Fandango, Heath Slater, The Wyatt Family, and now Tyler Breeze fit into this bucket.

Post-match, Breeze uses Burch as a pillow to lie on as he takes more pictures.

[Q3] Backstage, Renee Young interviews Bo Dallas. Dallas cuts off her question about him beating Cesaro. Dallas says that Cesaro is a “good kid” with a “really bright future.” Dallas blames Zayn for his loss last week and says that Zayn’s a kid and inexperienced. Dallas calls himself a “former tag team champion” and waffles when Young points out that the title was handed to him when Oliver Grey was injured. Dallas says he isn’t afraid of Kruger, and sings “don’t stop Bo-leiving” and leaves.

[J.J’s Reax: Dallas is slowly becoming more obviously heeling in his demeanor.]

Video spot announces the expected match between The Shield and Graves, Neville, and Woods for next week.

Tom Phillips says that Emma is not medically cleared to face Paige, and Summer Rae has challenged Paige for the title, and Paige has accepted for next week.

Byron Saxton announces that Tyler Breeze has left the building. A “Yes!” chant erupts.

Leo Kruger comes out to a bit of support from a few males eager to see him hurt Dallas. Dallas comes out to the Cena reaction.

3- BO DALLAS vs. LEO KRUGER – NXT Heavyweight Championship match

Kruger is quick to roll out of the ring to play games with Dallas. Kruger gets a cheap-shot in to control the match. It doesn’t last long as Dallas goes on a roll. Nice suplex into a bridge from Dallas. Riley explains Dallas’ new arsenal by saying that a title on the line brings out the best in wrestlers. Kruger clotheslines the both of them out of the ring.

[ Commercial Break ]

Kruger is controlling Dallas by the head, but Dallas fights out. Kruger sends Dallas hard into the turnbuckle. The crowd chants “Ta!” to show their support for Kruger. Kruger wants a superplex but it is blocked. Dallas dinally fights him off, then flies off the top with a clothesline. Dallas finally gets some traction, much to the crowd’s dismay.

Dallas with the springboard bulldog for a nearfall. Dallas shouts at Kruger in the corner before pounding him into the ground. Kruger is playing a babyface in distress routine. He jumps up and down shouting like a nut and surprises Dallas with a right.

[Q4] Kruger’s showing a bloody mouth as the crowd shows strong support for him. The Slice for a nearfall. Kruger slaps on the GC3 and the crowd is begging for a tap out win for Kruger. Dallas fights the hold and reaching the ropes, but he’s selling the damage. Kruger mounts Dallas, then decides to go to the top rope. He wants a double knee drop, but Dallas gets knees up, then locks in a nasty hold until Kruger taps.

WINNER: Bo Dallas in 12:00. Kruger has improved a lot in the ring, and Dallas is transitioning his in-ring work to show more heel persona. While the match wasn’t superb at a wrestling level, it’s a good match to continue the personal development of both Kruger and Dallas. Kruger has managed to turn himself into a sympathetic character, which I never thought possible.

Final Reax: Wrestling-heavy show, weighed down only by the silly “dance battle.” Unlike most installments of such events, it was at least entertaining with the lovable Emma involved. But it was still a “dance battle” and for the #1 contender spot for a championship, no less.

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