1/20 WWE Main Event TV Report: No Way Jose vs. Rezar, Tyler Breeze & B-Team vs. Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

FEBRUARY 20, 2019

Announcers: Renee Young, Byron Saxton, Percy Watson


– …are few and far between.

(1) NO WAY JOSE vs. REZAR (w/Drake Maverick)

Rezar took charge immediately after the bell rang by plowing Jose into the corner and ramming his shoulder several times into Jose’s midsection. Rezar missed a clothesline which allowed Jose to get in a barrage of punches and kicks in the corner, followed by a splash. Jose mounted Rezar in the corner and landed a few more blows, but Rezar pushed him off and to the mat. When Rezar charged at Jose in the middle of the ring, Jose deflected the attack with a big boot that barely grazed Rezar’s chin.

Jose scaled the corner and jumped to perform a high cross body but was caught in midair by Rezar. Rezar strutted around the ring, shouting angrily, before tossing Jose with a fallaway slam. From the floor, Maverick shouted at Rezar to “Play with him!” Rezar locked in a chinlock. Maverick pantomimed the same maneuver with a strained expression on his face while Jose slowly made it to his feet as the crowd halfheartedly gave its support. Rezar knocked Jose back to the mat and landed several vertical clubbing blows before standing up and shouting angrily at the crowd again. Scattered boos could be heard.

Rezar delivered more clubbing blows to Jose as he was draped over the middle rope, then applied another chinlock. Once again, Jose got to his feet but his time hit Rezar with a jawbreaker, followed by a pair of dropkicks. Jose went to the top rope and landed a flying shoulder tackle, leveling Rezar. Jose pinned for a two-count.

Back on his feet, Rezar knocked Jose to the mat with a big boot of his own, then attempted to fire Jose through the mat with a big choke slam. This was good for the three-count.

WINNER:  Rezar by pinfall.

(Meyers’s Analysis:  Every five-minute match should have two chinlocks, right? This was a borderline squash victory for Rezar, which feels appropriate. Jose made his usual entrance with a conga line, but to his credit, engaged in none of his silly antics once the bell rang. Baby steps…)

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Breeze entered first, then waited at the top of the ramp for his teammates to join him. Dallas and Axel made their entrance and flanked Breeze, who seemed marginally interested in their theme music. Byron pointed out that this is a rematch from last week’s episode of Main Event, and that Mahal and the lads would be looking for redemption after that loss. Percy reminded us that Mahal is a former world champion, and that the Singhs are holding him back.

Breeze started off against Singh, and quickly dominated. Breeze leapfrogged Singh before leveling him with a dropkick, then slammed him to the mat back-first with a keylock hold on Singh’s neck. The wrestlers got to their feet and Breeze attempted to bring Singh toward the corner with a wristlock but he wriggled free and retreated to his own corner, tagging out. Breeze also tagged out.

Axel now squared off against Singh. Singh performed the bouncing “Bollywood dance,” then motioned to Axel, who naturally performed “the floss.” Percy indicated that the Singhs were movie stars, and are going to be bigger than Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. Renee responded, “What?  Who?” Axel hit a drop toehold on the charging Singh, then delivered a rhythmic beatdown in the corner. Dallas tagged in and was briefly overcome with both Singhs, who then tagged in Mahal, who fired Dallas at the corner. Dallas did kind of a baseball slide under the bottom rope and smashed knee-first into the ring post, then rolled off the apron to ringside. Mahal raised one hand skyward as we cut to commercial.

After the break, Mahal continued to punish Breeze in the corner. The Singhs each tagged in and executed a double suplex, which was good for a two-count. Singh decided to slow down the pace with a chinlock. Dallas got to his feet and Singh slithered round into a front chancery, allowing him to push Dallas backward into enemy territory. The Singhs swapped with a tag, and the legal man once again commenced to dancing.

Breeze sprang forth from the corner and floored the bouncing Singh with a clothesline. Axel started a B-Team chant with the crowd while the prone wrestlers struggled toward their corners. Dallas got home first, tagging in Axel, who began to clean house. Mahal managed to tag in and knocked Axel down with a high knee. Mahal pinned for a two-count. The Singhs tagged in sequentially, each with a failed attempt to dive bomb Axel from the turnbuckle. Axel got to his own corner and tagged in Breeze.

Breeze missed a roundhouse kick on Singh, but was able to take him down with a leg scissor combo that twisted into a single-leg crab. Singh was helped to the ropes by his brother, and the two got to their feet to land double superkicks against Breeze. Singh covered, but Dallas scooted in to break up the pin.

Each team neutralized each other out to ringside, leaving only the legal wrestlers in the ring: Breeze and Singh. As Breeze was recovering on the mat, Singh performed a venerable one-legged hop dance. When the ritual was complete, Singh ran the ropes, but his foolishness allowed Breeze to rejuvenate and quickly get to his feet and execute the Beauty Shot. Breeze covered for the three-count.

WINNER:  Tyler Breeze & B-Team.

(Meyers’s Analysis:  Who said WWE engages in 50/50 booking?! Two weeks in a row Mahal and the Singhs have suffered losses to Breeze and the B-Team.  With that said, two weeks in a row featured the exact same six-man tag on Main Event, and I‘m not sure I could tell the matches apart except for the cool baseball slide bump by Dallas.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 3.4

FINAL THOUGHTS: No more fresh blood from NXT and an exact repeat of last week’s match make this episode quite skippable.

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