HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 4/29: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including the Money In The Bank edition of A Moment Of Bliss, Styles as the new number one contender, and more



APRIL 29, 2019

Announcers: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young


-The show kicked off with Alexa Bliss walking to the ring for her Money In The Bank announcement. As she walked down, Michael Cole plugged the contract signing for later in the night between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. Eventually, Bliss got to the ring and was cheered by the audience. She welcomed the crowd to a special edition of A Moment Of Bliss and then plugged Money In The Bank. From there, she said that there would be two MITB ladder matches on the show – one for the men and one for the women. She then announced that each match would feature eight participants. Four would come from Raw and four from SmackDown. With the details out there, Bliss started announcing the men’s participants from Raw. Braun Strowman was announced first and Ricochet second. Both babyfaces received a nice reaction from the crowd. As each walked to the ring, the announce team discussed each man and why they could be the man to win the contract. Once Ricochet got to the ring, the audience chanted for him before Bliss announced Drew McIntyre as the third participant from Raw. McIntyre got a nice negative reaction and like the previous babyfaces, the announce team discussed why McIntyre would be a good pick to win the briefcase. The fourth participant was Baron Corbin. As he was announced the audience booed loudly. As Bliss was reading his accolades she stopped and just told Corbin to walk out. Corbin did and got loud boos for doing so. He mocked Bliss for not going over the rest of the accolades, but then admitted they were long. From there, Corbin detailed how he would win the match again and become a two time MITB winner. Ricochet spoke up and said that Corbin lost his opportunity when he was the MITB winner last time. The audience cheered and McIntyre chimed in and agreed with him. He ran down Corbin too and claimed that Baron Corbin stole his opportunity at the Universal Championship. Ricochet spoke again and said that he wasn’t there to talk. McIntyre told him to shut up and to let the grown ups talk business. The back and forth continued until Braun Strowman interrupted. He said that nobody had the ability to win the MITB briefcase because he would be the one to do so. Strowman then challenged McIntyre and Corbin to a tag team match with Ricochet as his partner. As the heel team discussed things over, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Cookie cutter in nature, but it got the job done I suppose. Each man laid claim to victory and that claim was propped up by commentary. A to B, but it worked. MITB should be more than A to B. These slots are important and the prize is even more important. WWE needs to talk about that. That said, McIntyre felt like a major star in there, but sacrificed Ricochet to assume that star alpha role. A “welcome to the big leagues” moment for Ricochet. 


Out of the break, the bell rang, and the match began. Corbin and Strowman got the main part of the match started. Quickly, Strowman tagged Ricochet into the match after throwing Corbin out of the ring. Ricochet hit a moonsault on him and then rolled him back into the ring for a springboard clothesline. From there, Corbin stumbled to his corner and made the tag to Drew. McIntyre went for a big strike early, but Ricochet dodged it. He got a couple shots in and then hit the ropes, but McIntyre caught him after a springboard and slammed him to the mat. From there, McIntyre crushed Ricochet with a stiff chop. The audience chanted for Ricochet as McIntyre worked through some offense. It pumped him up for a bit, but he couldn’t gain momentum due to a stiff elbow from Drew. Corbin tagged into the match at that point and kept up the domination that McIntyre started.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good selling from Ricochet. The audience is with him and the build to the Strowman hot tag is in place and working well. 

Ricochet was grounded by Corbin with a chin lock, but he eventually battled out with punches to Corbin’s gut. As the audience cheered, he broke free, and hit his hurricanrana dropkick combination. From there, he attempted to hit a springboard maneuver, but was shoulder tackled out of mid-air by Corbin. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, Corbin maintained control of the match over Ricochet. After pummeling Ricochet in the corner, Corbin taunted Braun Strowman who was across the ring in his corner. From there, the beating on Ricochet continued with Corbin tossing him to the outside of the ring. On the outside, Drew tried to get involved illegally, but Strowman stopped him. With Strowman distracted by Drew, Corbin attacked him from behind. Strowman chased him around the ring, but was then clocked by a Claymore Kick from McIntyre.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That looked tremendous. A great spot that got a big reaction from the audience.

Eventually, the action spilled back into the ring where Corbin covered Ricochet for a pin, but only got a two count. After the pin, Drew tagged into the match and kept up the offense and momentum on Ricochet. With Strowman down and out, McIntyre hit a backbreaker on Ricochet as he tried to make a tag to nobody. From there, Corbin tagged into the match and mocked Ricochet for having nobody to tag in his corner. Finally, Strowman got back up on the apron and Ricochet made the tag. Strowman hit the ring and decimated everything in sight. He hit Drew with a running splash in the corner and then clubbed him to the mat. He then tried for a second running splash, but crashed into the corner instead. From there, Ricochet tagged in and was immediately crushed by a Drew headbutt. In the end, Corbin made a blind tag into the match which angered McIntyre. Ricochet was able to tag Strowman into the match because of Corbin’s antics. Seeing this, McIntyre nailed Corbin which allowed Strowman to hit the Power Slam followed by Ricochet’s Shooting Star Press. Ricochet then made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Strowman and Ricochet via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good match with a nice build to Strowman’s tag. McIntyre turning on Corbin was predictable, but it worked. Ricochet shined at the end of the match, but took a ton of damage throughout. He sold it well, but also needs to be presented as a premiere athlete because of his athletic prowess. He’s better than and small underdog. 

-After the match, Strowman and Ricochet celebrated and then left the ring. From there, The Usos walked out to a nice reaction. They then sang their entrance music as they walked to the ring. From there, the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: A bit confused by that entrance. For one thing, their music stopped playing once they got into the ring and both Jimmy and Jey looked surprised. The music then came back on and they started to sing again. That aside, why are they singing at all? The gimmick is fine as is. This, like a lot of other things on Raw these days, is overproduced and unnecessary. 

After the commercial break, the Usos were still in the ring awaiting their opponents. Gallows and Anderson walked out soon after to a very quiet response from the audience.


As Gallows and Anderson walked to the ring, a pre-taped promo aired. In it, they called themselves bullet proof and said they would reign supreme over the Raw tag team division. When the video ended, the bell rang in the ring and the match began. Out of the gate, Jimmy took Anderson down with a shoulder tackle and then dropped him with a clothesline. From there, he hit a running shoulder tackle into the corner, before tagging Jey in. Jey attempted a pin right away, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Anderson was able to secure control of the match and pounded on Jey with stiff shots to the back. He then tagged Gallows into the match and Gallows owned Jey with a big right hand. Eventually, Jimmy tagged into the match and tried for a flying suicide dive. Gallows countered it with a forearm to the face and then tossed Jimmy throat first into the ropes. With Gallows in control, the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Both Gallows and Anderson look good so far. They seem to go through the motions at times, but they aren’t conveying that sense here. Something to watch.

Out of the break, the one sided beatdown continued. Anderson attempted a pin on Jimmy, but received a two count. Right after the pin, Anderson locked in a headlock. The hold was short lived as Jimmy escaped. After he escaped, he worked for some offense, but Anderson countered it with a clothesline before tagging Gallows into the match. With Jimmy down, Graves claimed that he couldn’t remember the last time the Usos had been dominated like they had been in this match. Finally, Jimmy hit Gallows with an enziguri and made the tag to Jey. Jey hit the ring and connected with a series of kicks before nailing Anderson with a Samoan Drop. Eventually he made a cover on Anderson, but got a two count. Out of the pin, Jey tried for a jumping splash in the corner, but it was countered into a two count pin. Out of the pin, Gallows and Anderson tried to hit the Magic Killer, but Jimmy countered it by connecting with a super kick. Form there, both Jimmy and Jey hit stereo super kicks on both opponents. From there, Jimmy hit a top rope splash on Gallows before covering for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Usos via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Nice to see Gallows and Anderson put a decent match together. They appear to be on the same rung of the ladder as before, but working with the Usos clearly brought a little extra out of them.

-After the match, the announce team wondered what they would see from the Usos that they never. From there, the Usos cued up a video of them spying on the Revival in the shower. Dash was shown shaving Dawson’s back. The Usos laughed it off which prompted the Revival to walk out. They called themselves men and Dawson admitted he had some body hair. He said because of his big muscles he couldn’t reach all parts of him to shave and that he needed his best friends of 20 years to help. Dash said he would always have his friend’s back. From there, they said after the win their match against Hawkins and Ryder, they’d take care of the Usos.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ok, WWE finally has two of their top tag teams on the same brand and the only creative they can come up with to pair them with each other is to have the babyface team make fun of the other team shaving? Good grief, folks.

-The Miz walked out to a nice reaction for Miz TV. As he headed to the ring, the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Miz was in the ring getting cheered by the audience. He welcomed everyone to Miz TV and then said it was good for Miz TV to be back on Monday Night Raw. He then called himself an A-Lister, but said since the Superstar Shake-Up he’s been rejuvenated. From there, he welcomed his first guest to this new era, Bobby Lashley. The audience booed Lashley, who walked out to the ring without Lio Rush.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I like the cadence of babyface Miz on the mic. It’s natural and feels like he’s out there talking to the crowd. Good stuff.

Once Lashley got to the ring, he posed to the audience, and then smiled at the audience as they booed him. From there, he and Miz sat down as Miz introduced him again to boos. He then told Lashley he looked great, but before he continued Lashley interrupted him.


Lashley spoke in the third person and said he would only answer questions he wants to. Miz then threatened Lashley a bit before explaining why he wanted Lashley as a guest. He talked him Lashley’s physical attributes, but alluded to the fact that people think he hasn’t reached his full potential. Lashley said he’s been back in WWE for one year and has been the Intercontinental Champion twice. From there, he asked what Miz has done. In response, Miz mocked him and then ran through his accomplishments like the “old Miz” would do. He said he could go on and on, but they’d be there for a very long time. Miz said that nobody questioned his potential and that he accomplished all that he has without a shred of Lashley’s athletic ability. Lashley addressed Miz’s comments by ripping on his WrestleMania loss to Shane McMahon. Eventually, Lashley brought up Miz’s Dad which prompted Miz to lose it and attack Lashley. Miz drove Lashley out of the ring as the show went to break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Totally random from a content perspective. Why is Miz questioning this stuff about Lashley? Why does Lashley care that Miz is questioning it? It’s all just there and happening. Plus, Lashley is talking in the third person now?


Out of the commercial break, the match was underway with Lashley fully in control. He hit Miz with a vertical suplex and then stood over him for a taunt. From there, Lashley lifted him up for a body slam, but Miz countered it and nailed Lashley with a series of kicks in the corner. He followed the kicks with running knees, but stopped after Shane McMahon’s music hit. Shane did his dance on the ramp which caused Miz to be distracted. This allowed Lashley to briefly get the upper hand, but it was short lived. Miz proceeded to deal with both Shane and Lashley effectively and covered Lashley for a two count pin attempt. Out of the pin, he used the Yes Kicks as the audience cheered and chanted “yes.” From there, Shane got up on the apron and demanded that a picture of Miz’s Dad be put on the big screen. Seeing this, Miz got distracted again and went after Shane. This allowed Lashley to hit a spear and cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Lashley via pinfall

-After the match, Shane taunted Miz until Miz attacked him. Miz got a few shots in, but Lashley stopped him. This allowed Shane to beat on Miz in the ring as the audience booed him. Shane then locked in a BJJ chokehold on Miz until he passed out in the middle of the ring. With Miz out, Shane spoke to Miz and told him that he was the Best In The World. Shane then stood over Miz before leaving the ring. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: It’s strange to type these words out, but Miz/Shane is one of the best programs in WWE right now. Both men continually put in good performances that progress the story and this was another example of that. The match with Lashley was what it was, but existed simply to further Miz/Shane. It worked in that regard. Well done on all fronts.

-Out of the break, the announce team highlighted the events between Miz and Shane. After the highlights, The Viking Raiders hit the ring. As they walked down, a pre-taped promo aired in which they said the would conquer Raw. The promo ended with them saying that the raid was on. When the video ended, the Lucha House Party attacked the Viking Raiders from behind as retribution from last week. Finally, both Viking Raiders got into the ring and their match officially began.


Metalik and Kalisto got some quick offense in at the start, but were quickly stopped by both Raiders. They hit both Metalik and Kalisto with a flurry of moves, before crushing Kalisto with the Viking Experience. After, they made the cover for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Viking Raiders via pinfall

-After the match, Lince Dorado attempted to fight both Raiders alone, but was destroyed for his efforts.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I can get behind the squash match. But, are the Viking Raiders heels or babyfaces? They attacked from behind last week, but then were attacked from behind this week? They are intense, but I don’t feel anything “bad guy” pouring out of their act. They win with straightforward moves and have a gimmick that is liked for the most part. Pairing them opposite LHP without good reason felt awkward. 

-Out of the break, Alexa Bliss was at the top of the ramp for the second part of her Money In The Bank reveal. She quickly began the reveal and announced Natalya as Raw women’s competitor number one. Nattie walked out and thanked Alexa Bliss for the announcement. Nattie said she was privileged to be a part of the match and that she’s never been Raw Women’s Champion. Next, Bliss announced Dana Brooke to basically no response from the crowd. Brooke said she was excited about the opportunity and that she wouldn’t let it slip away. Brooke and Nattie argued with each other about whether or not Natalya held Brooke back until Bliss stopped them by telling them they could have their catty arguments elsewhere. From there, Bliss announced Naomi. She walked out and said that since she’s on Raw, her only goal is to win the Raw Women’s Championship. The three of them argued again, and again, Alexa Bliss stopped them from doing so. Bliss told them to stop fighting because they were ruining the moment of another Raw competitor. Bliss then announced herself as the fourth Raw competitor for MITB. Bliss laughed and told everyone to leave her stage. Instead, Naomi challenged Bliss to a match. Bliss said no because she didn’t want to and that she wasn’t dressed to compete. Naomi continued to egg her on until Bliss finally accepted.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Choppy. Very choppy. Catty was the right word for Bliss to use, but it was written to be that way. Like the men’s segment, this MITB opportunity comes with an element of seriousness to it. These women didn’t act like and each time they don’t, the MITB concept gets watered down.

-After part two of a moment of Bliss, episode two of Firefly Funhouse aired. Bray Wyatt was shown painting and talking to different animal friends on the program. Eventually, Bray revealed that he was painting a burning house. From there, other members of the fun house interacted with Bray until the show went and faded to black.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Outrageous and intriguing all at the same time. Impossible to come to a definitive opinion on it yet other than that. Like last week, we need to see where this goes.

-When Firefly Funhouse ended, Bliss and Naomi were shown in the ring ahead of their match. The show then went to break. (c)


Out of the break, the bell rang, and the match began. Naomi took over early as Bliss argued with the ref that she couldn’t compete. Naomi connected with a sliding clothesline before hitting her splits on Bliss. From there, Naomi covered, but Bliss kicked out at two. Eventually, Bliss took over and kicked Naomi before slamming her into the ring post. After, she snapped Naomi to the mat before locking in a sleeper hold that grounded her to the mat. Finally, Naomi broke the hold and proceeded to hit her jumping kicks on Bliss. Bliss countered and took Naomi to the mat before covering for a two count. From there, Bliss owned the match and beat on Naomi with a variety of offense. Bliss taunted Naomi as she delivered the beating. When the action spilled to the outside of the ring, Naomi took control back after an over the top rope rolling pin. That momentum was short lived as Bliss countered the follow-up offense. In the end, Alexa’s shoe fell off and Naomi was able to get control back. She then hit the split legged moonsault before covering for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Naomi via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Slowly paced throughout with a story rooted in Bliss losing because of a shoe malfunction. You read that right. It was fine, but nothing major to grab on to and get behind. 

-After the match, Rey Mysterio was shown warming up with Dominic backstage. Mysterio was interviewed and said he was embarrassed by his performance at WrestleMania. He said he let his family and son down, but needed to forget about it and move forward. He said he would prove he’s the better man and win his match tonight against Joe.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A nice babyface promo from Rey. Straightforward and to the point. Good stuff. 

-When the video ended, Becky Lynch walked out to a nice reaction from the audience. As she posed in the ring, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Becky was in the ring as the announcers plugged her two title defenses at MITB. Before she was interviewed, the audience chanted her name loudly. They then chanted “Becky two belts” before Becky asked why she agreed to defend both her titles in two different matches. Becky said that there was nothing impulsive about what she was doing. She said her options were fight or protect and she only knows how to fight.


From there, Lynch said she doesn’t care about what the odds say and ran over her journey throughout the last year. The journey she spoke of included main eventing WrestleMania and beating Ronda Rousey. Lynch then said her entire career was a long shot, but nothing had been an accident for her. She said that she ran down Charlotte Flair for holding up a division and she swore she would never do that and wouldn’t do that even if it worsened her chances at winning. Becky said that didn’t get to where she was by dodging anyone and should wouldn’t start now. Becky then addressed Charlotte and Lacey Evans directly. She said she had Charlotte’s number and that she never knows where or when Evans would attack her. She said she could tell Lacey where her attack would come from and that would be at Money In The Bank in three weeks. From there, highlights from last week aired that detailed Lacey Evans clocking Lynch in the face. After seeing them, Becky told Lacey Evans to walk out for a little payback.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That’s more like it. Becky has had a hard time finding her championship voice in the weeks after winning the titles at WrestleMania. This was a big step in the right direction. She looked comfortable and used her journey to define the kind of champion she wanted to be. With that as the foundation, she spoke about her title defenses. Good stuff. 

Evans walked out and addressed Becky from the ramp. Evans said she could see Becky’s Irish temper bubbling up. Evans reminded Lynch to keep her emotions in check, but that she was done talking. Evans proceeded to rush Lynch and the brawl ensued. Both women fought each other around the ringside area until they were separated by officials.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Simple, but it worked I guess. The crowd was into it at the very least.

-When the brawl ended, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder made their entrance. As they posed, the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, highlights of the Lynch/Evans brawl aired. After, the announce team highlighted WWE’s Make A Wish efforts with a highlight video.


The action started after the video. The Revival took over early with Dawson gaining the upper hand on Zack Ryder. They doubled teamed Ryder as the audience chanted “shave your back.” From there, the Revival cut the ring in half and held momentum on Ryder. They tagged in and out of the match with other double team maneuvers in between. Finally, Ryder hit Dash with a neck breaker and tried to tag Hawkins in, but was stopped by Dawson. From there, Ryder rolled Dawson up via a backslide for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Hawkins and Ryder via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Nothing stuff. If WWE wants to squash the Revival, they should just do that. At least then the team doing the squashing gains something. Here, the Revival owned the match and then lost randomly. That doesn’t benefit either team.

-After the match, the Miz was interviewed backstage. Miz responded to Shane McMahon and said he made their rivalry personal. Miz then challenged Shane to a steel cage match at Money In The Bank. Miz then walked off.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A logical next step for a personal feud. Shane is flying off the top of the cage isn’t he?

-When Miz wrapped up, Sami Zayn hit the ring. As he walked down the ramp, the show went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, Sami Zayn addressed the audience once again. He talked about finding himself and other interests during his time off. He talked about psychological entitlement and related that definition back to the audience. From there, Sami told the audience that they’ve been fed a lie about the customer always being right. He made fun of Lexington’s brain power and then said that the audience incorrectly feels that they should get exactly what they want whenever they want it. Zayn then told a story about a four year old asking him for an autograph at four in the morning at the airport. Zayn said he told him no and that made him sick because that kid was taught at age four that he was owed something. Zayn said he didn’t owe that kid or anyone else anything. Zayn told the crowd that from now on, Zayn gives what he wants and the audience must accept it. From there, Zayn continued to berate the audience and said it was high time for him to take the power back.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Somewhere in there, Zayn said it would be great to quit WWE, but it would be better to hold the audience accountable for their actions and words. Quitting the WWE is against this constant anti fan rant though isn’t it? Something got messed up there. Regardless, the shelf life on this grows shorter and shorter each week. What is the end game?

-When Zayn finished, Samoa Joe hit the ring as the show went to break. (c)

-After the commercial break, Joe spoke on the microphone and addressed Rey. He said that Rey’s son was ashamed of him and ashamed of how quickly his Dad was put to sleep at WrestleMania. Joe then said that what he did to Rey at WrestleMania would pale in comparison to what he does tonight as a reckoning for what happened last week in Joe losing his Universal Championship opportunity.


Once Joe finished, Rey Mysterio walked out and the match began. A brawl started out of the gate with Rey getting a small upper hand. With it, Rey attempted a sliding splash from the ring to the outside, but it was countered when Joe got his knees up. With Rey writhing in pain, the show went to break. (c)

When the show returned, Joe continued his assault on Mysterio. He kicked Rey in the midsection before putting him in a side neck lock. The audience clapped for Rey to escape which he did with a few kicks. Joe kicked him back and tried for a running senton, but Rey moved out of the way. From there, he hit his own seated senton before dropkick Joe in the knee. After, Rey attempted a springboard moonsault, but Joe countered by catching him in mid-air. Rey then countered that with a tornado DDT before covering for a two count. Out of the pin, Rey hit Joe in the midsection with the 619. He then went for another one, but Joe countered into a rear sleeper. Rey escaped that quickly, but was slammed to the mat in the corner. Out of that move, Joe went for the same slam again, but Mysterio countered it into a pin attempt. With Joe’s shoulders down, the referee counted 1,2,3 for the win. (c)

WINNER: Mysterio via pinfall

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not bad, but not how I’d use Samoa Joe. If he’s going to be a vicious heel and talk like one, outcomes in the ring need to showcase that character. This did to a point, but was deflated when he lost the match. Across a long term story, that loss could make sense. On TV with barely any hype? Not so much.

-Out of the break, Michael Cole hyped the upcoming Universal Championship match at Money In The Bank between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins. He then introduced both competitors for their contract signing. AJ walked out first to a good reaction. Rollins was introduced second and receive a similar reaction. As both made their way to the ring, the announce team talked up each guy as premier performers in their era. Once Rollins got to the ring, Cole talked to both competitors. AJ focused on what it would mean for him to win the Universal Championship. He said SmackDown Live was good to him, but that Raw was the place to be. AJ then addressed Rollins and said that he’s always liked him. AJ said that Seth has something he wants in the Universal Championship. Styles said that when you want something bad enough, you’ll do some unexpected things to get it. Styles then said that winners find a way and that Rollins is a winner because he is the Universal Champion. From there, AJ asked how many times has it been said that Seth Rollins would be the new AJ Styles? Styles answered by simply telling Rollins he’d never be the phenomenal AJ Styles. In response, Seth said he was right and that he didn’t want to be the next AJ Styles. He said he just wanted to be the first Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Rollins then told AJ that Raw was different. He said it isn’t SmackDown Live the house AJ built, but Monday Night Rollins. Seth said AJ would have to be better than phenomenal to take the Universal Championship from him at Money In The Bank. AJ then responded to Rollins and said that he knew how much the title meant to Rollins. He then asked Rollins how he was holding up now that the Shield wasn’t around to keep him going. AJ then told Rollins that he doesn’t believe he has much left in the tank to give. AJ said at Money In The Bank, he’d be a bulldog that wouldn’t let go. He said he wouldn’t let go until he was standing over Rollins as the new Universal Champion. Rollins responded by saying that while AJ likes to build things up, he likes to burn them down. Rollins said that they are similar, but that he’s beaten Brock Lesnar unlike Styles. Rollins said he was at his best at WrestleMania when he beat Brock Lesnar and that he would be at his best at Money In The Bank when he beats him. Seth then proceeded to put own his championship and sign the contract. With it down, AJ picked it up and looked at it before handing it over to Rollins. The two then stared each other down until Rollins raised it high above his head. From there, AJ walked past Rollins and then clocked him in the face. Both men then brawled until Rollins hit AJ with a flying suicide dive through the ropes. After, Rollins posed again, but AJ connected with the phenomenal forearm through the table in the ring. AJ then posed over Rollins as the show faded to black.

2 Comments on HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 4/29: Alt Perspective coverage of the live show including the Money In The Bank edition of A Moment Of Bliss, Styles as the new number one contender, and more

  1. Terrible show tonight. I cannot believe they buried Joe once again by making him lose to Rey Mysterio. Sorry but I was never a fan of Rey and did not want him back in WWE. Him beating Joe was a travesty. That whole brawl outside the ring between Lynch and Evans has been done so many times in the past by so many wrestlers it had nothing exciting at all. I am not into Lacey Evans right now. Her running her southern belle mouth makes me want to mute the sound or change the channel. I can see why the ratings are tanking.

  2. Overproduced is a great word for everything WWE does right now. Very little is organic. The Becky Lynch rise was organic and that’s why it worked. But WWE management (I’m assuming Vince, Kevin Dunn, Stephanie and yes, even HHH) try to steer away from the organic, and as a result, the product comes off as lame, weak, stale, tired, and forced. Everything is cookie cutter — nothing and no one stands out. The various “superstars” walking out to the ring with each one saying “I want a shot,” then “No, I want a shot,” and then, “No, I want a shot.” Does that feel fresh to anyone whatsoever? It feels like they do it every single show.

    Wrestling worked for so long because fans became emotionally invested in the wrestlers. I don’t sense that with hardly anyone on the roster right now. I sense people going through the motions and “creative” stuck in about a 15-year rut.

    And the end result is a product that is simply hard to watch. Still, I am a wrestling fan. I keep tuning in, or at least DVR it, because I want to believe they will eventually turn things around, but I don’t know why I should believe that. It’s been this way for a number of years now. Management of their company seems to only care about the casual fan, as if they’re entitled to the money of the fans who have been watching for many (in my case, MANY) years and pay a few each month for their network.

    When you go out to eat, whether it’s Burger King, Pizza Hut or Saltgrass, you want your food to taste good and you want good service. They’re expected to provide both. WWE is that teenager at the register at your local fast food place that doesn’t care, isn’t invested, has no imagination and doesn’t even care if you’re there or not. Unless you’re a “new” customer or one who shows up twice a year (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania).

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