AEW News: PAC vs. Hangman Page removed from Double or Nothing, how to watch Double or Nothing on PPV and stream (w/Radican’s Analysis)

By Sean Radican, PWTorch Columnist

AEW Dynamite 3/22 full match card


PAC vs. Hangman Page is off of Double or Nothing PPV due to creative differences. PAC, who is the current Dragon Gate Open The Dream Gate Champion, will not lose while he is champion outside of Dragon Gate. This wasn’t a case of PAC refusing to lose to Hangman Page clean being the only issue, but instead it was an issue where PAC not losing any matches going forward while holding the top title in Dragon Gate presented an issue for AEW creative where it would make it hard to execute their booking plan.

PAC and Hangman Page did an angle yesterday at the Wrestlegate event in Nottingham, England that saw Hangman Page come out while PAC was in the ring and they had a match. AEW will be airing the match online this week so that fans get the match. The match had a DQ finish. PAC was scheduled to be part of a six man tag at AEW’s “Fyter Fest” event on June 29 teaming with The Lucha Brothers against Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks. PWTorch has not confirmed whether or not PAC will still appear in that match. PAC did an angle after the match saying he won’t be going to AEW.

According to PWTorch sources, Hangman Page will still have a singles match on the show. It is unknown who will face Hangman Page at this time, but it is likely an announcement about his new match will be made this week. Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer originally reported that PAC vs. Hangman Page had been removed from the Double or Nothing PPV.

Radican’s Analysis: This is bad news for AEW ahead of Double or Nothing. I have a lot of questions about this news coming out the week of the show. PAC recently had visa issues and wasn’t able to work his scheduled events during WrestleMania weekend. I’m wondering if visa issues played a part in PAC being removed from the match, but right now this appears from what I know to be a creative issue. 

It is known by promoters that work with PAC that he will not lose clean as long as he holds the title. The match was set up back in January and likely planned before then, so I’m wondering why this match was removed just a week removed from Double or Nothing airing on PPV. PAC vs. Hangman Page was the third best match on the card and likely would have been in contention for the best in-ring match on the show, so this is a big blow to the card. 

-AEW will cost $49.99 on PPV. It will also air live from the same price on You can watch B/R Live on your TV using an Amazon Fire Stick. It will be available in the U.K. at and internationally on

Radican’s Analysis: Given that almost all wrestling can be consumed for around $9.99 per month or less these days, AEW is charging a lot for this show. I’m interested to see whether or not the price effects the number of buys for the show, although AEW has such a strong fan base built in without TV, they might still do a good number. 

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  1. Pac is becoming the new Alberto El Patron or Low Ki in terms of being a pr*ck in wrestling. If i’m a promoter, I wouldn’t do business with him again.

    And I guess AEW figures this is the only way they will make a profit. The only money they are getting from their TV deal is some of the ad revenue. and they are spending way too much on their payroll for wrestlers (it would be like if a NFL team signed Nathan Peterman for $10 million, way more than he is worth). They know they can only get wrestlers by paying them more than they are worth, and it’s gonna make it really hard for them to become profitable.

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