HEYDORN’S WWE RAW REPORT 6/22: Alt Perspective coverage including champions night with Asuka vs. Charlotte for the Raw Championship, Profits vs. Raiders for the Raw Tag Titles, and more


Full analysis and results of this week's episode of WWE Raw


JUNE 22, 2020

Announcers: Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe, and Byron Saxton


-The show began with a hype video that built intrigue for “champions night” on Raw. The matches featured were Asuka vs. Charlotte for the Raw Women’s Championship, Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders for the Raw Tag Team Championship, and Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. The IIconics. In addition, the video hyped the return of Rey Mysterio. From there, the announce team picked up the broadcast without the usual Raw intro video. They welcomed the audience to the show and then introduced Drew McIntyre. McIntyre hit the ring to a good reaction from the Performance Center crowd. He walked out in street clothes and appeared confident with the WWE Championship in his hands.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Well, that’s a new way to start the show. It framed all the happenings on the show as a big deal and worked to serve as a hook for viewers. I like the strategy. We’ll see if it pays off.

-Once he got to the ring, Drew played the crowd and then spoke on the microphone. He welcomed everyone to Monday Night Raw and championship Monday. From there, he talked about the happenings of last week between R-Truth and himself. He said that that was in the past and that he wanted to look to the future. Before he could say anything else, Dolph Ziggler made his entrance and interrupted him. Ziggler got booed and Drew smiled at him as he got into the ring. Ziggler then spoke and assumed that Drew was excited to see him. Ziggler continued and said that because A.J. Styles was traded to SmackDown, he and Robert Roode were traded to Raw. He continued and said that nobody was more happy than him that Drew was WWE Champion. Ziggler continued and talked about Drew’s redemption story. He said that McIntyre would have been totally done except for him. He said he picked Drew up and brought him to Raw and got on the show because of him. From there, Ziggler talked about being tag team champions with Drew and said that it was because of that run that Drew was able to become WWE Champion. Ziggler said that it was all because him. He then brought up Extreme Rules and said he was owed a WWE Championship match.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ziggler didn’t yell once. Steps in the right direction as far as I’m concerned. Joking aside, this worked. Ziggler explained why he was on the show and though his narrative around why he deserved a title match had plenty of holes, he’s a heel and is supposed to have those kind of holes in his logic. He was going for eye rolls and got them. 

In response, Drew taunted Ziggler for the story he told and called that story revisionist history. Drew said that without him watching Ziggler’s back, he’s been losing a lot. Drew continued and said that Ziggler has become what they used to despise. He said that Dolph had become an entitled jackass that thinks the world owes him something. McIntyre kept going and said he did need an opponent for Extreme Rules. He said that Ziggler gave him the nickname, Scottish Psychopath and he gave it to him for what he knows he can do in the ring. McIntyre then questioned Ziggler and asked him if he really wanted that match knowing what Drew is capable of with the title on the line. Ziggler said he did and Drew then announced the match as official. Ziggler then left the ring as Drew’s music played. On commentary, they debated whether or not Ziggler deserved a shot at the title, but they framed it as Drew McIntyre building his legacy as a fighting champion.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good rebuttal from McIntyre. Drew played the part of the babyface that called out the heel for his nonsense while maintaining confidence and aggression in accepting the match. He didn’t walk that line well last week, but did so here. Drew continues to look great as the champion. When fans are allowed back, he needs to be the first one out on Raw for the big pop. That will be quite the moment.

-After the Drew/Ziggler promo, the announce team hyped the championship matches for tonight’s show. After, Nia Jax made her entrance. As she walked out to the ring, the announcers said she wasn’t scheduled to appear. They recapped the events surrounding Jax last week as Nia picked up a chair and brought it into the ring. There, she sat on it as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Jax was still in the ring and spoke. She said it must be Monday because Charlotte Flair got what she wanted. Jax then talked about how she was cheated last week and at Backlash. She questioned where the fairness was, but couldn’t continue because R-Truth made his entrance. Once Truth got to the ring, he spoke and said that Nia Jax was confused. He said he was supposed to have a match against Akira Tozawa and then wondered if Jax was disguised as Tozawa. Jax asked him if he was crazy and as he responded, ninja Tozawa appeared. He and his other ninjas chased Truth down. From there, Jax tried to speak again, but couldn’t because Charlotte Flair walked out. As she walked down the ramp, Flair spoke and said that Jax squandered her last two title matches. She said that because she didn’t get her way, she was now out there throwing a fit. Jax said that Charlotte gets what she wants because of who her Dad is. In response, Charlotte said that Ric Flair was Charlotte’s Dad. They then talked about families and Jax said that she has what she has because of her father. Charlotte then ran off wins that her Dad didn’t have anything to do with. From there, Jax said that Charlotte may have won other matches, but she hasn’t beaten her. She said she was the one to take Charlotte’s crown. After, Charlotte clocked Jax in the face and the brawl was on. As they fought, officials tried to break the fight up. Both women got some shots in, but then they were both held back in their respective corners. As the officials continued to calm down, the announcers spoke and said that damage was done to Charlotte’s arm. They then aired a hype video detailing the feud between Viking Raiders and Street Profits.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Both women sounded like they were reading their promos. Charlotte won the battle at “fine,” but Jax needs work. She isn’t able to convey emotion when she speaks and though she has powerful words to say, the tone behind them hurts their impact. Look for Charlotte’s arm injury to factor into the finish with Asuka later in the night. 

-When the hype video ended, the Street Profits were shown backstage. They said that tonight they would end the series with the Viking Raiders. They said it all would come down to the wrestling match. From there, Montez Ford spoke to the Viking Raiders and the Raiders walked into the shot. Together, they talked about being friends, but that they would do anything it takes to win the titles. From there, they walked off, but the camera caught Zelina Vega snooping. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break the Viking Raiders made their way to the ring. Once they got there, the Street Profits walked out and after they got into the ring, official introductions were made. From there, the bell rang and the match began.

(1) STREET PROFITS vs. THE VIKING RAIDERS – WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Ivar took over early in the match with offense on both Ford and Dawkins. Ivar and Erick then isolated Dawkins and kept momentum. Eventually, Ford tagged into the match and connected with a dropkick that caused Erick to roll out of the ring. From there, Ford went for an over the top rope dive, but Erick caught him in the air and tossed him into Dawkins. As the Raiders celebrated together, the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: Man, that’s quite the catch there by Erick. 

Out of the break, the action continued with the Viking Raiders in firm control. Erick whipped Ford into the post and went for a splash, but Ford dodged it and made the tag to Dawkins. He hit the ring and cleared with clotheslines and a bulldog on Erick. After, he and Dawkins hit the Viking Experience on Erick. They connected with it and went for the cover, but Ivar stopped the count by interfering. Out of the pin, Erick got enough offense in on Ford to tag Ivar in. Ivar rolled in and hit Ford with a springboard back elbow. From there, he and Ford exchanged strikes before tagging Dawkins back in. As he did, Ivar made the tag in as well. After, both teams mimicked each other’s moves. Eventually, Ivar went for a splash from the top rope and missed it. After some back and forth in the ring, Ford was able to connect smoothly with his frog splash before covering for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Street Profits via pinfall

-After the match, both teams hugged it out in the middle of the ring. The four men then posed together before the Viking Raiders left the ring. From there, Dawkins and Ford celebrated, but were then attacked from behind by Andrade and Angel Garza. Garza and Andrade got some shots in before the Raiders ran back out for the save. From there, Garza and Andrade taunted them as they walked away.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Good match that did a nice job weaving in the “anything you can do, I can do better” narrative from previous weeks. Garza and Andrade appear to be next up and I’m ready for it. They should bring out the best of a babyface Street Profits team. Well done throughout.

-Seth Rollins was shown backstage as Murphy and Theory tried to speak to him. He told them to stop, but said he had a message for Rey Mysterio. Theory and Murphy then walked away as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, the announce team recapped the events of last week between Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, and Dominck. When the recap finished, Rollins was shown backstage again. He spoke and said that sometimes in life you are destined for certain roles. He said he didn’t choose to be the Monday Night Messiah and Rey didn’t choose to be a sacrifice. He said he has accepted his role, but Rey has been defiant instead. Rollins continued and said that the saddest part of the story is that he allowed Rey’s son to get involved. Rollins said that whatever happens will all be because of him. Rollins said that the greater good comes for all and there would be nothing Rey could do to stop it. Rollins said that legends never die, but they can wear out their welcome.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Too much of a wordy promo this time from Seth. What is the greater good? He should define that. How does it come for everyone? He should define that too. Just too cute ahead of what is supposed to be a serious segment.

-Charlotte was shown leaving the trainers room. She said she didn’t think of postponing her title match because it isn’t ballet and that champions fight. Caruso then interviewed Angel Garza, Andrade, and Zelina Vega. Angel said that they needed to take what they want before comparing that to going after women. Vega then chimed in and said that they would soon take a common prize – the Raw tag team championship. They then walked out of the shot.

Heydorn’s Analysis: I’ll take that. Not much to it, but consistent enough to acknowledge the recent history between both men.

-Asuka made her entrance and as she did, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Charlotte Flair made her entrance.


As she walked down the ramp, the announcers talked about her injury and whether or not she should be competing. Once she got to the ring, official introductions were made, the bell rang, and the match began.

(2) CHARLOTTE FLAIR vs. ASUKA – WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Both women tied up to start things off. Charlotte locked in a quick headlock before knocking Asuka to the mat with a shoulder tackle. From there, Charlotte kept momentum and stomped on her with kicks in the corner. As she did, Nia Jax was shown watching the match from the backstage area. Back in the ring, Asuka locked in a shoulder submission and tried to ground Charlotte. Charlotte worked to break free and did, but Asuka followed up with kicks to her already injured arm. From there, Asuka tried for her running hip attack, but Charlotte countered. Charlotte tried to capitalize, but Asuka hung her arm up on the top rope. After, she hit Charlotte with a kick and tried to follow that with a dropkick. Charlotte saw the moving coming and dodged it which sent Asuka to the hard mats. From there, Charlotte rolled Asuka back into the ring and covered, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Charlotte locked in an neck submission. As Asuka was about to break out, Charlotte slammed her face into the mat before climbing up to the top rope. There, she leapt of for her moonsault, but missed and landed on her feet because Asuka moved. Instead, Charlotte slammed Asuka into the turnbuckle as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, the action continued. Charlotte choked Asuka in the ropes and then furiously chopped her in the corner. Eventually, Asuka countered with a German suplex. From there, she took over momentum and connected with a series of kicks. Asuka continued to kick, but Charlotte countered with a boot to the face of her own. Charlotte then charged Asuka in the corner, but Asuka dodged it which caused her to crash injured shoulder first into the corner. Seeing Charlotte in pain, Asuka then locked in an arm submission that focused attention and pain on the arm. Eventually, Charlotte got to the ropes to break the hold. Soon after, Charlotte regained momentum and took Asuka down with a chop block. She then hit a spear and covered, but only got a two count. Out of the pin, Charlotte tried for the Figure 8, but Asuka countered it into a pin. Charlotte kicked out and right after the kick out, Asuka put Charlotte back into the shoulder submission. Charlotte powered out, but Asuka took her back down and locked in her choke. Soon after, Charlotte tapped out to give Asuka the victory.

WINNER: Asuka via submission

Heydorn’s Analysis: Certainly not their best match, but good nonetheless. Asuka and Charlotte have chemistry and they showed it here. The match was crisp, a little stiff, and gave Asuka a decently strong win with an even bigger one still on the table should they want to go to this match on a big stage. Charlotte is protected here due to the shoulder injury. Between this injury and going toe to toe with Jax, she’s in the babyface lane tonight. That is unfortunate given her recent successful portrayal as a clear heel. That’s still the best lane for her.

-After the match, Nia Jax was interviewed backstage. She said it would be a real shame if someone were to kick the queen while she was down. Jax then walked off. The show then went to break. (c)

-Out of the break, the announce team cued up highlights detailing what took place last week between Randy Orton and Christian. When the recap ended, Edge was shown in a ring. He said that Orton won at Backlash, but didn’t live up to being the better wrestler. Edge said that Randy injured him, but that he kicked out of the RKO and the injury. Edge said that he felt Orton’s panic when he was about to lock in his submission. From there, Edge said he saw Raw last week and told Orton to scream from the mountain top about beating him because beating him is important. Edge said he was disappointed that he didn’t see the low blow coming and that he didn’t do it first. Edge said it wouldn’t happen again. He talked about reminding Randy Orton who he was as the Legend Killer, but that this injury showed him that he needs to wake up a side of him that had been dormant for too long. Edge talked about Orton taking advantage of Christian and said that when Orton hurt him, the PG superstar in him went to bed. He said he was thankful for that because the side of him that would do anything to get to the top was now awakened. Edge said he no longer cared about winning a wrestling match, but that he wanted to embarrass Orton and make him wish his Dad was firing blanks on the night he was conceived. From there, Edge said he wanted to seep into every aspect of Orton’s life so he could tear it down brick by brick from the inside. He said that Orton woke up the evil and the Rated R Superstar. Edge then told Orton to get some sleep while he could.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Wow. Really good stuff there from Edge. The black and white setting was a nice touch, but it was Edge’s delivery that stole the moment. He was dark and a little twisted, but conveyed those emotions with a sense of sympathetic desperation behind them. If there was any question about a third match, this answered them. It’s just a matter of when. Very well done. 

-After Edge’s promo, Randy Orton was interviewed backstage. Orton talked about what snakes do when they are threatened. He said that when they are backed into a corner, they strike and defend. Orton said that Edge and Christian wanted to execute their comeback on him and that he struck when he was backed into his corner. He said that he hoped both Edge and Christian live happy lives, but that he wanted to make sure they do it far away from him. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Charlotte was interviewed backstage again. She said she wasn’t happy about what happened, but gave Asuka credit for the win. Then, Nia Jax attacked her from behind. Jax destroyed Charlotte’s injured arm and then walked off as officials intervened.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Just way too much babyface Charlotte there. We’ve seen the story play out and it hasn’t ended well. 

-R-Truth made his entrance with Akira Tozawa already in the ring. Ninjas surrounded the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Ninjas still? Who is this supposed to appeal to?

-As the match was set to start, Bobby Lashley walked out with MVP. Both of them destroyed all of the ninjas and then got into the ring and destroyed R-Truth with his Full Nelson. Lashley and Truth then left the ring as the audience booed. After the left, Tozawa crawled into the ring and pinned Truth to become the new 24-7 Champion.

-Natalya was shown talking backstage about all of the recent happenings in the Raw Women’s Division. She said that she was a leader and that Raw needed her to do so. Nattie then said she had a big announcement, but that she didn’t have time to reveal it because she had a match. Nattie then left the shot as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-After the commercial break, Liv Morgan made her entrance and was followed by Nattie. Lana walked out and joined Nattie. As soon as she got to the ring, the bell rang, and the match began.


Nattie took control of the match early and held control until Morgan hit Nattie with an enziguri out of the ring. Soon after, both women got back into the ring and Nattie put the Sharpshooter on Morgan. Morgan then tapped out to give Nattie the win.

WINNER: Natalya via submission

-After the match, Nattie hugged Lana and both women celebrated.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Not much of a match and a tough loss for Morgan. That said, they’ve clearly got something planned for Nattie here now that Lana is involved. Might as well work on her credibility and give her a W.

-Big Show was interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage. Show smiled and addressed beating up the ninjas last week. He said he was around last week to see some friends, but lended his right hand to help instead. From there, Show talked about his Netflix show, but then said he wasn’t around to have fun this week. He said that beyond his fun exterior there is a heartless, angry, giant. He said that he can do anything he wants to anyone before walking out of the shot.

-Ric Flair made his entrance and as he did, the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Flair spoke and addressed Charlotte’s injury. He told Nia Jax that Charlotte will return and that she would be in a lot of trouble. Flair then addressed Randy Orton. To do so, he said that the word “arguable” doesn’t apply within the discussion. He said today, Randy Orton is the greatest of all time because he punted both Edge and Christian back into retirement. Flair then said that he wanted to tell Orton that to his face and called for Randy to come out. From there, Orton quickly made his entrance.


Once he got into the ring, Flair talked to him and said he was dying for this moment. Again, Flair called Orton the most dominant and vicious performer in the WWE. Orton then spoke and thanked Flair for the words. He said it meant a lot to him and that he felt nostalgic being in the ring with Ric as they made up half of Evolution. Orton continued and said that his fire as the Legend Killer isn’t nostalgia, but simply for his legacy. Orton talked about his voices and said that they never are on the same page, but that it feels great for all of them to be called the Legend Killer again. At that point, Big Show made his entrance. He told Orton “enough” and then addressed him. He said that Edge and Christian were his friends and that he would pay for what he did to them. Show then addressed Orton directly and called him a parasite. He said that Orton latches on to competitors who make him better and that they make him better because he lacks the motivation to make himself better. Show said that Orton didn’t care about what he did to Edge and Christian because once he got what he wanted he leaves the host to die. Show told Orton that Edge wasn’t done and that he would break every bone in his body. In response, Orton called out Show for disrespecting Flair. Orton then said he respected show and called him a legend. Orton then said it would be a shame for him to suffer the same fate as his friends Edge and Christian. Show told him to come after him, but Orton rolled out of the ring instead. There, he spoke to Show and said that what happens next is only on Show. Flair and Orton then left the ring as Show stirred in the ring.

Heydorn’s Analysis: Show’s involvement gives intense clues as to how this will finish with Orton. He just doesn’t have the believability to be impactful in the biggest way possible. That said, in terms of giving Orton another sympathetic figure to mow down, this worked fine. Orton maintained his crazed demeanor and looked great as a strong heel opposite Show. That look will be enhanced even bigger when both inevitably wrestle. 

-Sasha Banks and Bayley were shown backstage. The collected themselves and walked out of the shot as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Sasha Banks and Bayley made their entrance. Once they got to the ring, the IIconics walked out. From there, official introductions were made and the match began.

(4) SASHA BANKS & BAYLEY vs. THE IICONICS – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

The match began with back and forth action between both teams. Eventually, the IIconics took over and clocked Bayley to the mat as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Out of the break, Royce connected with a fisherman suplex on Bayley and kept the pin in place, but only got a two count after Banks broke it up. After, Bayley made the tag to Banks and she made a cover on Royce, but only got a two count. After, Banks talked trash to Royce and connected with two vertical suplexes. On the third, Royce countered and pushed her into Bayley. From there, Banks was able to lock in the Banks Statement on Royce for the win.

WINNER: Banks and Bayley via submission

-After the match, Bayley spoke on the mic and said that they were good. She talked big about her and Banks, but Sasha then said she got jealous when Bayley talked about her two belts. She said she wanted Bayley to be happy, but wanted to be happy too. From there, Banks told Bayley that she wanted a title match. The audience chanted “yes” in response. Banks then said that at Extreme Rules she challenged Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. Bayley and Banks joked about the swerve and then Asuka made her entrance. She confronted the challenge and told Banks that she wasn’t the boss of her and that she accepted the challenge. As soon as she finished talking, Bayley and Banks beat Asuka down.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A really short match and an obnoxious feud. The issue with Banks vs. Bayley on the main roster has always been that they teased it too long that the tease got annoying instead of intriguing. These types of angles don’t help that. Asuka vs. Banks is certainly a good program, but had the wrong framing out of the gate between Bayley and Banks. 

-Backstage, Bobby Lashley and MVP were interviewed backstage. He said that he should be the WWE Champion, but that he wasn’t because of R-Truth. MVP spoke and said that Lashley was revitalized. MVP said that he could do the same type of thing for Apollo Crews. He said that Crews doesn’t understand the business side of being of champion and that with his help he could be the greatest United States Champion since himself. MVP then said that the VIP Lounge was about to start and they left as the show went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Liv Morgan was shown walking backstage and she was confronted by Ruby Riott. Morgan told Ruby not to bother her because she didn’t need Ruby making her night worse.

-Back in the ring, MVP welcomed the audience to the VIP Lounge. He then welcomed Apollo Crews to his show. Crews walked out and entered the lounge as MVP looked on. MVP then spoke and told Crews that it felt right to have the United States Champion in the VIP Lounge. He continued and said that throughout the last few weeks he has gained a lot of respect for him. MVP then said that Crews made some bad choices. He said that he could help him not do that. Crews then spoke and said that he fought and earned the US Title without MVP’s help. Crews said that he appreciated MVP’s offer, but that he declined. He said he wouldn’t let the title or MVP change his personality. In response, MVP said that he asked nicely two times and that he wouldn’t do it a third time. He then said that the US Championship is coming with him whether Crews likes it or not. From there, Shelton Benjamin made his entrance. As he did, MVP jumped out of the ring. Once Shelton got in, he got in Crews face. At that point, MVP distracted Crews which allowed Shelton to attack him from behind. Shelton beat Crews up and tossed him out of the ring. MVP then got in Crews face and gave him free advice as the show went to commercial break. (c)

Heydorn’s Analysis: That worked well. Crews looked strong as a babyface and MVP flexed the muscle of his growing group. This gives something for Shelton to do too making it a win all around. Well done. 


Out of the break, the match was underway. Benjamin was in control early, but Crews turned the tide with an enziguri. He then hit his powerbomb finish for the 1,2,3 win.

WINNER: Crews via pinfall

-After the match, MVP tried to raise Apollo’s hand in victory. Crews pushed him away and Lashley then attacked from behind. Lashley put his Full Nelson on Crews and tossed him to the ground before leaving with MVP.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A nothing match, but setup Lashley vs. Crews well enough. To that end, it worked. MVP continues to shine on this level of the card.

-Rey Mysterio was shown backstage with Dominick. Dominick asked him if he was sure about his return and he said he was. Rey said that that he wanted to show how the Mysterio family handles business and then walked out of the shot together. The show then went to commercial break. (c)

-Out of the break, Rey Mysterio made his entrance with Dominick. As they walked down the ramp, the announce team aired footage that recapped the events of last week between Rey Mysterio and Dominick. In the ring, Dominick and Rey embraced before Rey spoke. He said that one of the most terrifying things to happen as a parent is not being able to get a hold of your child. He said that last Monday he tried calling several times and got no response from Dominick. Rey said that he scared the hell out of him and didn’t feel better when he found out where he was heading. Rey said that Dominick got out of a 3 on 1 situation and for that he was proud of him. Rey also said he was angry at Dominick because he put himself at risk. He said he was pissed off at what Seth did to him, but he accepted it. Rey told Dominick that no matter how big and strong he gets he will always be his child. Rey said that since Dominick fought for him, he needed to fight for Dominick. He said he needed to get revenge on Seth Rollins, but that he needed to do it by himself. In response, Dominick said he wasn’t going anywhere. He told Rollins that this is what a family looks like and that his family wanted a fight.

Heydorn’s Analysis: That felt heartfelt and Rey always does a nice job of selling and acting an authentic good person. 

From there, Seth Rollins walked out and said that he was put in a tough position based on what Rey and Dominick said. He said he didn’t know whether to slaughter Rey in front of his son or sacrifice his boy. Rollins paused and said that none of his choices are up to him. He then walked down the ramp after saying that both of them were there for the taking and that two eyes were better than one. From there, Murphy and Theory joined Rollins. As they were about to attack, Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo attacked from behind. Together with Rey and Dominick, all four men destroyed Seth’s group. They then turned their attention to Seth. They attacked him and tried to injure his eye, but Murphy and Theory battled back to gain the upper hand. They tried to injure Dominick’s eye like they did Rey’s, but they were ran off by Black and Carrillo carrying steel chairs. Rollins ran up the ramp as the show faded to black.

Heydorn’s Analysis: A good main event segment. The Dominick heel turn is still on the table too. They could go the route of Dominick hating his father because he couldn’t protect him. Enter Seth as the father figure and you go from there. Not saying it will happen, but its still out there for the taking if WWE wants it. 

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