10/28 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on Cody vs. Orange Cassidy in a TNT Title match, Semi Final #1 Contender Tournament matches; Penta El Zero M vs. Kenny Omega and Wardlow vs. Adam Page, Inner Circle Town Hall, More.

By Tyler Sage, PWTorch contributor


OCTOBER 28, 2020

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The show opened with Wardlow and MJF being interviewed backstage. MJF annoyed that if Wardlow becomes AEW champion that he, MJF, becomes AEW Champion. Wardlow agreed. Sammy Guevara came in and confronted MFJ. They two went back and forth, looking like a feud is upcoming between the two. The crowd noise seemed to be pipped in more during this segment than in previous weeks.


Page attacked just as the bell rang, but Wardlow countered and took advantage. Wardlow used powers moves for a minute, Page was able to get Wardlow out of the ring and outside the ring he was able to throw Wardlow into the ring post. Unfazed, Wardlow speared Page into the ring barriers. Wardlow got back into the ring, and he waited for Page as he narrowly beat the ten count.

Wardlow again used power moves and strikes to beat down Page. Hangman was able to counter a choke-slam attempt with an arm bar over the ropes. Wardlow, was now selling the arm that Page worked over, Wardlow tried front flip that Page rolled away from. Page then attacked with lariates and strikes, this culminated in Page hitting a Moonsault on Wardlow who was outside the ring.

Page got Wardlow back into the ring. Page then hit a standing Shooting Star Press, which led to a one-count. Wardlow countered and got a near fall. Wardlow then hit a F10, but Page was able to roll out of the ring. Back in the ring, the two men fought in the rope, which page turned into his advantage. Page then hit two Buck Shot Lariats for the pinfall.

Winner: Adam Page in 10:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Page working a traditional, babyface style, to chop down a giant is a good strategy to get some of his pre-pandemic heat back. The match itself was a solid TV match)

-Jon Moxley had a video package about how he has made the AEW title the top prize in the world. All of his matches have been business. But his match against Eddie Kingston will be personal. He then tore into Kingston, attacking his mouth and attitude. He said he will crush his neck and ego. [c]

-Eddie Kingston entered the ring and started cutting a promo on Jon Moxley. He called out Matt Sydal and set up the reason for this match. Sydal surprised him at the Casino Battle Royal match. Sydal came to the ring.


The match started with a near finger lock, Kingston broke away to berate the crowd. Kingston then started working the arms and upper body of Sydal with holds and chain wrestling. The two paced around, got in a few strikes, and got back into mat wrestling. Sydal got Kingston on the ground and tried for an arm hold. Eventually the men got back on their feet and Sydal hit a drop kick for a one-count.

When Sydal attempted a kick, Kingston grabbed him and slammed him on the mat. [c]

When the show returned Kingston and Sydal traded forearms and kicks to the head. Sydal hit a series of high moves that led to a near fall. Sydal then had another near fall with mat wrestling. Kingston countered with a knee and got Sydal in a bull dog choke for the submission. Kingston did not let go of the hold until he said Moxley on the mic. Kingston then apologized to Mox.

Winner: Eddie Kingston in 7:00

(Sage’s analysis: This match was all about getting Kingston a win on TV and looking strong against someone of note. I liked the tie in to Kingston and the casino match, it gave the match a little bump of realism.)

-Excalibur sat down in a pre-recorded video meeting between FTR and The Young Bucks. Matt started it by saying his ankle is fine and they will be at Full Gear 100%. FTR said that this is a dream match, but being AEW champions is more important than dream matches so they will do anything to remain champions. Excalibur say that what happened to Matt last week might be Karma. Matt and Nick say that they don’t regret their actions the last few months, they needed an edge, a spark. He rhetorically asks if the old Young Bucks are back. FTR then walks out of the interview. Young Bucks says that if they do not when the title at Full Gear they will never compete for the Tag Titles again. [c]

-Jericho and the Inner Circle (Sans Jake Hager, training for an MMA fight) walk to the ring for the town hall. MJF arrives solo to the town hall. Luchasaurus is in the crowd and asks MJF how he can make the Inner Circle more financially prosperous. MJF then shows a basic chart about he will increase, “business.” Dr. Britt Baker asked the next question of Jericho, how does he feel about MJF’s habit of turning on his friends. Jericho says that they will knock his teeth down his throat if he tries anything. MJF promises green and gold if they let him in. The third question is asked by Peter Avalon, He asked to join the Inner Circle, he is laughed off. Eric Bischoff asks the fourth question. He asks what MJF can do for The Inner Circle? MJF responds with one word, friendship. Bischoff then asked what the Inner Circle can do for him? MJF responded that he might not be the best team player, but he could learn to be with them. Bischoff’s final question was what is  MJF’s guarantee that he and Jericho won’t end up as enemies. Jericho then said that MJF has not beat him. Jericho then announced MJF vs. Jericho at Full Gear. If MJF wins, he can join The Inner Circle. Ortiz got involved and said Sammy and He do not want him at all.

-Will Hobbs is shown winning a match last night on Dark. Taz and Team Taz say that Hobbs need to make a choice on joining the team. [c]


Each man when for their finisher to start the match, neither were able to hit. The two then did a more traditional mat and grapple style start to the match. Cody won the initial exchange, but bth mean traded offense in the center of the ring. Cody hit a slam and did some push-ups. Cassidy then countered with a standing slam of his own. Cassidy left the ring and then got in the apron. Cody hit a dragon screw, then Cody missed a dive to the outside and was dropped by The Best Friends.

Cody was then dropped kicked into the ropes, Trent then pushed him while the refs back was turned. Cassidy took advantage and he hit a series of moves. Leading to a near fall. Cody then got his knees up on a frog splash. The two then fell outside of the ring. [c]

The show returned with all the lumberjacks attacking each other as Cassidy and Cody were on the top turn buckle. Cody Superplexed Cassidy into the pile of lumberjacks. Cody then got a near fall. After that Cody hit a springboard cutter for another near fall. Cassidy a diving DDT, into an inverted pile driver. Then Dark order entered the ring, and hit Cassidy. Cody then hit the Cross Roads for the victory. [c]

Winner: Cody in 12:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a fun match minutes 7-11. The end was disappointing. I am not a fan of these WWE like finishes in Cody matches recently. I hope this is leading to Darby getting the win at Full Gear based on Cody taking advantage of this situation.) 

-Chuck and Trent were confronted by Miro and Kip backstage. Kip and Miro be a them up for destroying their arcade console.


A collar and elbow tie up started the match. Deeb then locked in a waist lock, that Hirsch turned that into a head lock. The two then traded moves in that same mat style. With no woman getting a clear advantage. Deeb tried to change it up with speed and Hirsch hit a clothesline and a double knee in the corner. Deeb countered with a neck breaker in the ropes, which led to a near fall. Hirsch got a solid arm bar locked in, but Deeb escaped. [c]

The show returned with Deeb in control, but Hirsch got some strikes in and she hit a German suplex. Hirsch then tried a moonsault and missed. Deeb hit an arm breaker and tapped out Hirsch.

Winner: Serena Deeb in 9:00

(Sage’s analysis: This was a really good match, I hope then utilize Deeb as much as possible. I also look forward to seeing Hirsch more in the future.)

-The momentum of a good woman’s match was derailed by the women’s title match at Full Gear being annoyed via backstage segment. It will be Shida vs. Nyla Rose. I hope they have better chemistry this time around.


Spears hit a C4 to get a win.

Winner: Shawn Spears in 30 seconds

-A “fan,” in a mask threw candy at Spears. The fan was thrown in the ring, it was Scorpio Sky. Sky hit a TKO and posed.

-The announce team ran down the card at Full Gear, and next week’s Dynamite. [c]


Kenny started the match with his shirt on. He took it off to reveal the AAA title that he took from Pentagon. The two men then traded chops in the ring. Omega countered on a chop attempt, Pentagon then got his chop in. Penta then hit a calf kick and back stabber. A dive left Penta’s leg and Kenny’s shoulder in agony. [c]

Omega hit a huge dive to gain control for a moment, Penta hit a roundhouse kick and a cross body. Leaving both men laying outside the ring.  Penta hit a kick to the face and a sling blade for a near fall. Pentagon followed up with moves leading to a diving stomp for another near fall. Kenny hit a Snap Dragon to try and swing momentum. A second Snap Dragon followed, a third attempt was thwarted. But Omega hit a big Knee, then a power bomb, then a running knee for a near fall.  A V-trigger followed, Pentagon counted from the electric chair position. Omega hit another V-Trigger, then pentagon knocked Kenny onto the stage, then he hit a destroyer on Omega.

Penta hit the package pile driver and got a near fall for his efforts. Omega countered a pump handle slam. Omega then hit a V-Trigger. Pentagon then worked over Omega’s arm, But Omega was able to hit the one-winged angel for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega in 16:00

(Sage’s analysis: The outcome was all but determined before the bell rang, but wow these guys can go.)

(Overall show analysis: Overall this was a solid show start to finish. The right booking decisions were made throughout. I do think Full Gear is a little on the light side, but this show helped to sell me on buying the PPV)


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