1/11 BEING THE ELITE REPORT: “Bullet Club” reunited, Hardy talks business with Private Party, Statlander abducts Garrison, and more



JANUARY 11, 2021

Watch it HERE.

Top Points:

  1. Alex Reynolds becomes number one contender for the BTE Championship
  2. Matt Hardy gets Young Bucks to sign contract without reading it and tries to recruit Brandon Cutler to join his stable as well as revealing a hidden stipulation in the Private Party contracts.

– The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers were all together in the EVP room. Gallows was swinging his Impact Tag Team Championship belt between his legs while Karl Anderson was doing the signature DX crotch chop gesture. The Young Bucks looked on in confusion. Matt Jackson said they’ve gotten even worse. Anderson admitted they kind of lost their minds after their “run in New York.” Matt said all of them throwing up the “too sweet” gesture was a great moment and the internet exploded. Nick Jackson noted they were a little hesitant to do it though and Matt asked if they can really trust the Good Brothers and said “that was supposed to be the ending to episode one.” Nick said their betrayal was real and they were supposed to come to AEW. Matt also noted they abandoned them in Japan years ago too. Gallows said that it was a joke and that they should try to move on. Gallows and Anderson put their hands up for the “too sweet” again. Matt and Nick said they’re not really supposed to do this anymore, but reluctantly joined them as Karl Anderson said “the betrayal is real Tama (Tonga).” They all laughed at that comment.

Graham’s Take: Quite a few inside references and jokes there I just want to quickly explain. Anderson and Gallows were saying WWE drove them crazy, they talked about Anderson & Gallows not showing up on the premier episode of Dynamite as was originally planned,  and Anderson make reference to a comment made by Tama Tonga after Dynamite where he took offense to the “too sweet” hand gesture and called their new group a “bootleg Bullet Club.”

– The Being the Elite open played.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were warming up before their match on Dynamite. QT Marshall approached them and let them know they lost 30 seconds on their match because of Snoop Dogg and Matt Hardy. Matt Jackson laughed and said he had a message for Snoop. He unzipped his sweatshirt to reveal a shirt that read “Your Rap Is Crap” and laughed. Matt talked about their match beforehand and said it’s the first time they’ve teamed with SCU. Nick said he just talked to SCU and warned them not to stand too close to their money cannons because the might get hit with the cap on the cannon, which has happened to him once. Matt said they were all hanging out in the EVP office when someone realized it was 7:30 and their match was right at 8:00 so they all had to scramble to get ready and warmed up in time.

-Clips of the match were shown from Cutler’s camera in the audience.

Nick was shown limping backstage after the match and said it was his shin. Nick was then in the locker room meeting with the training staff. Nick said he got hurt as he put his knees up on Jack Evans’ 630 attempt and he landed on his ankle. Nick then said he was supposed to do a moonsault, but his leg was hurting too much, so he had to just do a regular dive. A clip flashed of Nick improvising the spot in the match.

– Leva Bates was sitting on a crate backstage looking at her phone when Marko Stunt walked up and sat next to her and asked if he could be serious with her for a minute. Stunt said he knows Bates told Kip Sabian she didn’t let him win, but Sabian is going crazy. Stunt said there is a hole in the locker room wall because of him and Stunt asked if Bates could just tell him the truth. Bates asked if she could just tell Sabian the truth and she wasn’t sure he could handle the truth, but maybe she should come clean. Stunt thanked her and walked away.

– More footage from Brandon Cutler’s camera aired. This time during the Kenny Omega/Good Brothers beat down of Moxley after the main event of Dynamite. The Good Brothers and Omega were shown taking out the ringside wrestlers who tried to interfere. The Young Bucks ran out to stop them and were then shown super kicking Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr before reluctantly posing with the others all holding up the Too Sweet hand gesture.

Backstage, Omega, The Good Brothers, and The Young Bucks were posing for photos with their championship belts around their waste. They all held up the “too sweet” sign and the camera man asked them to hold it out in front of them and Omega said to hold it out “like the Shield” and they all posed for more pictures. Matt and Omega both said they need to get that picture online immediately and asked Cutler to come take one with his phone so they could post it.

– John Silver was sitting with the rest of Dark Order. He talked about having a stink “down there” that he can’t get rid of, no matter how hard he scrubs. Cabana tried to wave the smell towards him so he could try and help, but Alan Angels walked in and said hi. Angels offered to throw another party. All of Dark Order agreed that his last party absolutely sucked. They all simultaneously looked up to watch a flashback and the camera faded.

All of Dark Order was sitting around a table looking extremely bored. Angels asked if any of them wanted some wine and they all said no. He asked if they were having fun at this party and they all loudly said no and criticized him for not having any decorations or anything and Angels apologized. Angels they said they could tell each other their New Years Resolutions. They all went around the table sharing their resolutions with each other. They all counted down to the New Year and celebrated. Suddenly Hangman Page popped out from behind a curtain and told them it’s December 27, it’s not New Year’s yet. They all yelled at Angels for throwing a party before it was even New Year’s Eve and left.

Dark Order were shown coming back from the flashback stomping away at insulting Angels.

– Private Party were together and celebrating a night of partying together and with Snoop Dogg. Quen said he isn’t even sure how he’s standing right now. Matt Hardy walked in and celebrated with them and called them future kings. Hardy talked about them being on Cameo and making a ton of money from that, thanks to his “billions” of followers and they excitedly agreed. Hardy asked them if they just wanted to write him a check, or should he get their passwords, so the money can be sent directly to him. Quen and Kassidy looked away then huddled together for a minute. Kassidy asked Hardy if his forehead said “Dick Head” on it and Hardy said no. Hardy fired back and said he doesn’t like their attitude and reminded them that it was in the fine print of the contract. Private Party seemed stunned as Hardy told them he’s allowing them to do third party platforms, but he gets a cut for promoting them to his billions of follows so he gets a 50% cut. Hardy blamed them for not reading the contract and said their attitude is reminding him a lot of the Young Bucks, who he thinks are both arrogant assholes. Hardy told them the only reason they got to party with Snoop was because he and Snoop are friends and got mad at them. He told them they’re making more money than ever, so he isn’t sure why they’re complaining. Hardy turned to leave and said he’ll talk to them later and get all that settled.

– Griff Garrison was standing alone in a hallway when Kris Statlander popped up from behind him and put her hands over his eyes. She revealed herself to him and he smiled and said hi. Statlander said hi back, but then said she’s abducting him and put him in a headlock as they walked off screen.

– Matt and Nick Jackson were sitting in the EVP room with Frankie Kazarian. Matt looked at the table they had in there and noticed it was full of trash and started complaining about how messy it was. Nick said they just have way too many guys using that locker room, including some of the AEW Dark guys. Kazarian’s phone was shown and it looked like he was looking at the poster for the movie Anger Management as a part of his therapy.

Matt Hardy walked in and noticed the messy locker room. He said it’s a disaster. Hardy said they deserve better and deserve a bigger space. Matt said he actually has a bigger room that would be perfect for them, a space that’s much bigger than their current room. Hardy asked them to join him to go look at his space, so they all agreed. They walked into another locker room that was much larger including two bathrooms and a landline phone. Matt Jackson said he wants the room, so they asked Hardy what they needed to do to get it. Hardy pulled out a contract to sign and the keys are theirs. Matt Jackson signed it without looking at the contract and Hardy quickly walked off. Matt and Nick talked about how this room would be so much better. Nick turned to the camera and said hopefully Matt signing that contract won’t come back to bite them in any way.

– Griff Garrison sprinted out of the training room followed closely by Statlander. Statlander was holding a hair straightener, but stopped chasing when she realized Garrison was gone. Statlander then talked into her watch as if it was a recording device. She said human experiment “one” was a failure.

–  Brandon Cutler was dressed for a match and was walking down a hallway backstage when he passed Matt Hardy. Hardy stopped him and asked if he still has his moniker of “Two Contract Cutler.” Cutler proudly said yes. Hardy said he’s been watching Cutler and he deserves both of those contracts. Hardy said he’s even on a winning streak. Hardy offered him some advice and said, if he wants to become a top star in AEW, he needs to stop beating these enhancement guys and go up against some real legit competition. Hardy said he may be able to help Cutler, but he needs to stop beating jobbers. Hardy proposed Cutler take on Luchasaurus. Cutler really seemed to like the idea and hinted at Cutler joining the “Matt Hardy Brand” to become “Three Contract Cutler.” Cutler loved the sound of that and Hardy told him he will be on the lookout for Cutler and they parted ways.

– John Silver and Alex Reynolds were meeting in a hallway to discuss their recruitment tactics. Silver said they’ve been going after anyone, but he doesn’t just want anyone. Silver said he has one guy in mind. He gave Reynolds a hint where he introduced himself as Sting in a weird accent, but Reynolds didn’t grasp who Silver was talking about. Silver said he wants Sting, all they need to do is get him to drink some Kool Aid. Silver said he has something to take with him and he picked up a sledge hammer. Reynolds quickly told him to put that down because “Sting hates sledgehammers.” They walked off to find Sting.

– Alex Abrahantes was walking into the building carrying a bottle of purple Kool Aid when he found a purple Kool Aid packet on the ground. He picked it up and found another, then another, then another. He followed the trail into a trailer in the parking lot. Dasha Gonzalez and Ortiz celebrated that their trap worked and Abrahantes was trapped in the camper. Abrahantes was yelling for help saying he hurt his leg. Dasha knocked on the door and Jake Roberts answered it. They asked him if this is going to work and Roberts said of course it will work, he’s never failed. Roberts said he will be fine, he hasn’t lost anyone in a long time and closed the door.

-A graphic flashed that said “2 Hours Later”

Dasha and Ortiz were still waiting outside the camper wondering what was taking so long. Ortiz knocked on the door and Abrahantes answered it as he left with a snake in his button up shirt. Roberts laughed from the door and said he will be just fine. Roberts said he really likes that kid with a bottle of purple Kool Aid in his hand. Roberts closed the door and they were all shocked that Roberts drank the Kool Aid too.

– Luchasaurus and Leva Bates were talking backstage. Luchasaurus asked her why dinosaurs are always relegated to movies like Jurassic Park, instead of getting human roles. Bates said it was all about stereotypes. Cutler slid in and asked what they were talking about and why they’re not talking about dragons. Luchasaurus told Cutler that dragons aren’t real and they’re not better than dinosaurs. Luchasaurus said he lived through the Middle Ages and dinosaurs aren’t real. Cutler then challenged Luchasaurus to a match. Cutler said they will do it next week and Luchasaurus said okay.

– Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose, both wearing the nun inspired costumes from last week still, were walking together when Rose stopped Vickie and said she likes it, but doesn’t understand how this will help them. Vickie asked her to trust her and go hide, so she did. A man approached Guerrero and Vickie asked him for a donation and he gave her two dollars. She was upset that he only gave her two dollars and yelled at him until he gave her more. Vickie then ran back to show Rose the money she got and they laughed. Rose then went and tried to same thing, but when she asked for a donation, she punched the guy in the face and stole his wallet.

– John Silver awkwardly introduced himself as the BTE Champion and said they are gathered for another number one contenders challenge, this time it’s a game of flip cup. Silver said it’s elimination style, so the last to not succeed would be eliminated. The participants were Alex Reynolds, Ricky Starks, Orange Cassidy, 10 from Dark Order, Shawn Dean, and Alan Angels. It came down to Orange Cassidy and Alex Reynolds, but their first attempt to decide a winner ended in a tie, so they did it again and Reynolds won. Silver and Reynolds posed and Silver announced that next week, they’re going to play Beer Pong. Silver said, thanks to Cutler not wanting to wait, they’re going to have to play using caps instead of ping pong balls though. Cutler flipped him off for blaming him.

– Nick Jackson and Brandon Cutler were shown waiting at the airport. Nick was playing on his phone, while Cutler appeared to have fallen asleep leaning against his arm. Matt zoomed in on his face and approached him slowly to show how heavy he was sleeping on his arm. Another clip from the airport showed Cutler sleeping while standing completely upright leaning against a pole while Nick, Scorpio Sky, and Frankie Kazarian all laughed.

– Matt Jackson was standing outside of the new EVP office and said he wanted to call dibs on his chair before anyone else could. He tried to put the key in the door, but it didn’t fit the lock. Matt looked panicked and walked off.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was a really long episode of BTE, but it was a good variety show that hit on a number of existing stories like Abrahantes spreading Dark Order to others, while also introducing new ones including Statlander trying human experimentation. This show isn’t one to ever take too seriously, so human experimentation seems completely normal given the tone of this product.

I’m enjoying the con-man Hardy character spreading to other areas of BTE including recruiting Cutler to possibly join his stable and having Matt and Nick sign a contract they didn’t read. It will be fun to see where it goes. More than anything, I’m happy he’s kept a consistent character for a number of weeks now.

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