1/13 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt perspective” report on New Year’s Smash Night 2: Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage for the TNT Championship, Pac vs. Eddie Kingston, Serena Deeb vs. Tay Conti for the NWA Women’s Championship, Miro vs. Chuck Taylor, More.

By Tyler Sage PWTorch Contributor


JANUARY 13, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-A video package setting up the Kingston/Pac match proceeded the ring entrances of both men.


The match started with Pac hitting a drop kick and an over-the-top rope dive. Back in the ring, Pac worked over Kingston in the corner and along the bottom rope. Kingston slapped the leg of Pac, while on his knee’s. Pac responded with a series of Knee strikes. After that exchange, Kingston was able to hit a move off the top, onto Pac. In response, Pac rolled out of the ring and Kingston used his allies to hit a suplex on the outside.

Once both were back inside the ropes, Pac won a slap fest and suplexed Kingston to regain some momentum. Pac then kicked Kingston’s chest three times as Kingston was in a kneeling position. Kingston was able to get a near fall soon after this exchange. Both men were then on the top rope in the corner, Pac superplexed Kingston from that position. Pac then delivered more kicks and boots to the face and chest of Kingston.

Kingston was able to counter on a kick attempt, and hit a suplex, but was unable to cover as he sold his arm injury. Pac took advantage of this and hit The Black Arrow for the pinfall.

Winner: Pac in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A good psychological wrestling match. This was not the typical AEW opener which I like, it keeps the show fresh. I also liked to see Pac in a match that was not a high flying spot fest. It shows that he has depth in his character and in-ring style.)

-Pac put Kingston in the Brutalizer after the win. Lance Archer came out and ran off Kingston and his family. Then Archer and Pac had words in the ring, setting up a future issue between the two.

-The announce team then ran down the card for the remainder of the evening.

-Chuck Taylor came out for his match with Miro [c]


Chuck started the match by striking Miro and getting him outside the ring. Outside, Taylor threw Miro into the stage and wall, he then did a dive over the top rope onto Miro. Taylor continued to strike Miro, until he was thrown into the corner of the ring and dove onto. Kip attacked Orange Cassidy and that distracted Taylor. Miro then caught him in a counter and hit a Samoan Drop. Miro then hit several moves on Taylor, establishing his control of the match. Miro then locked in his submission move for the submission victory.

Winner: Miro in 4:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Again a change in AEW booking, this match was about half the length I thought it would be. This makes Miro appear to be a bigger priority than we have been lead to believe with booking at this point. Hopefully his interactions with Chuck will help his character the next few weeks.)

-Private Party was backstage with their manager Matt Hardy. They were asked about their manager, Hardy jumped in and talked for them. Both members of private party were made that they have to give Matt 30%. They called Matt a “money grabbing carney.” Hardy ended the interview by yelling at everyone.

-Chris Jericho and the rest of the Inner Circle emerged and walked to the ring. [c]

-Jericho proclaimed that the year is going to be great. Hager wants to be a champion. MJF wants to strengthen his bonds and get rid of fat people. Santana wants to get his Grandma’s recipe down. Jericho proclaimed that he and MJF would be Tag-Team champions. Santana interrupted and said that he and Ortiz were Brough in to be the tag team. Sammy then said that Jericho was a tag-team slut. MJF jumped in, he and Sammy got into it. Jericho said any two of the could be Tag-Team Champions. Jericho suggested a Three-way match to determine who will be the official tag team of the Inner Circle. That match will happen next week.

-The Dark Order was backstage. Evil Uno spoke for The Dark Order. He proclaimed that Adam Page would be teaming with the Dark Order. John Silver and Reynolds asked Page if he was gonna join the group. Page said he would announce after the match next week. [c]

-A video package about the upcoming TNT title match is shown.

-The Elite and Don Callis are backstage. They are all excited. Kenny wanted to do the entrance as a team, Callis said they should be separate. They came out separate. Before the match started Don Callis announced The Good Brothers. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows in place of The Young Bucks.


The Varsity Blondes were assaulted before the match started. Kenny and Limelight were the first legal men. Then all six men were part of the match. Omega was still legal and Pillman jr. entered, then Griff Garrison. The Blondes focused on Omega and kept him in their corner as Limelight tagged in. Omega then tagged in Anderson who ran through Limelight. [c]

When the show returned Omega was in the ring and taking it too Limelight. Limelight was able to counter Omega briefly. Omega tagged in Anderson and almost got pinned after a tandem move by Pillman and Garrison. Anderson was able to get a near fall of his own on Garrison. He and Gallows then hit The Magic Killer on Limelight for the pinfall.

Winner: Omega and the Good Brothers in 8:00

(Sage’s Analysis: A match that went exactly how it should have. Good exposure for Gallows and Anderson in case a casual viewer is unaware of them.)

-Jon Moxley emerged after the match. He entered the ring and attacked Omega. The three men then teamed up and attacked Moxley. Rey Fenix and Pentagon came out to help Moxley. The two were able to get Omega and Moxley as the lone men in the ring. Then the locker room ran out to break them up. The young Bucks then came out to chill out Mox. They were super kicked by The Lucha Brothers. Kenny and Callis left the arena while everyone else battled in the ring. [c]

-The waiting room segment started after the break. Baker had everyone check under their seat, for nothing! (lol to the 10 year old joke.) Bake then made some jokes at her guest’s expense, Cody Rhodes. Baker asked about the Go-Big show and the announcement of his baby on the way. Baker did not let Cody answer, she announced Jade Cargill was here as well. Jade said that Shaq and she were tired of waiting, and that she wants an opponent. Red Velvet then emerged to answer Cargill’s challenge. The two were broken up by the rest of the Women’s division. Among the chaos the video of Brit messing with Thunder Rosa. Thunder Rosa then came on the screen and said they need to wrestle. The two will wrestle on February 3rd at Beach Break. Baker was not happy about this.

(Sage’s Analysis: AEW sets up multiple Male matches every week without making it a total disaster. This was a total disaster of a segment. Way to much going on and it was just not good from start to end. Just use the same techniques that you do every week.)


Marko and Harwood started the match, with Harwood getting the best of Stunt. Harwood then got stunt to the FTR corner and he tagged in Wheeler. FTR abused Stunt and took turns tagging each other in. Stunt was able to get the tag to Jungle Boy, who evened the odds. Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt hit tandem offense to the outside of the ring when the break started. [c]

Harwood had control over Stunt when the show came back. Wheeler came in and hit a spine buster on Stunt. Then FTR hit a few duos moves and tagged in and out several times. Stunt hit a counter and got a near fall on Wheeler. After Jungle Boy was tagged in and he was able to get in a ton of offense on both members of FTR. Jungle Boy got a near fall on Harwood, then Harwood countered for a near fall on Jungle Boy. Stunt was tagged in, he was countered and Harwood hit him with an elbow. Harwood then took his time on Stunt, but stunt countered and got a near fall. Tully then grabbed Marko and threw him off the apron. FTR then hit Big Rig for the pin.

Winner: FTR in 13:00

(Sage’s Analysis: Weird that this was the longest match of the show so far. This got no one over. If you are gonna have Stunt get a ton of offense in on the “best tag team in the world,” he needs to win. To have them do their normal FTR thing and have Tully cheat to help them win really makes them look like a joke of a team.)


The women started in a wrestling hold, with Deeb and Conti getting the advantage at one time of the exchange. Conti tried an awkward kick, that Deeb countered into a hold. Conti transitioned to a hold of her own, then Deeb, then Conti again. The two women then stood up being even up to this point. Deeb got a near fall after a shoulder strike. Deeb the tried her finishing move but was not able to hit it. Conti then kicked Deeb to the outside of the ring. [c]

Deeb hit a full nelson slam when the show returned, Deeb responded with a unique leg hold. Deeb then hit a rib breaker for a near fall. Deeb then had a Gory Special in the corner. Conti then hit a kick, but Deeb hit a backslide and then hit Detox for the win.

Winner: Serena Deeb in 9:00

(Sage’s Analysis: An ok match, still confused why the NWA title gets even time with the AEW women’s title. Also, Conti is still really green. I worry that she does not have the biggest ceiling with her in-ring skill. But, hopefully I am wrong about that.)

-The announce team ran down the card for next week. [c]


Darby started the match with fast strikes and a baseball slide to the outside. Cage caught Allin on a dive and slammed him on the outside. He then hit a lariat on Allin in the middle of the ring. Cage then picked up Allin and threw him onto the table that was ringside.

Cage then carried Allen up the steps in a vertical suplex, and then threw him into the ring. Cage then attacked Allin in the corner and hit a huge German Suplex. Allin was then thrown into the corner twice, landing on his head and shoulders. Cage then punched Allin until the ref broke it up. [c]

The show returned with Allin getting an F5 from Cage, Allin kicked out at one. He was then power bombed three times, Allin flipped off Cage while on the mat. Cage then power bombed him onto the stage. Cage then did a superplex into the ring. Allin again kicked out at one. Cage moved the steps to a position of his choosing, Allin then countered and threw Cage on the stairs. Allin then did a coffin drop onto Cage. Back in the ring, Allin bit Cage, hit a stunner and tied Cage up with his belt. Allin then hit Code Red for a near fall. Allin had another near fall, Then Starks and Hook attacked Allin. Sting made the save, Then Allin hit a Bomb on cage for the pin.

Winner: Darby Allin in 14:00

(Sage’s Analysis: I liked this match. I would  liked the Darby offense to have started two minutes earlier. I also don’t really understand what the kicking out at one so much did beside make Cage look like a loser. Those could have been near falls and gotten Darby over as tough to kill.)

Overall Show Analysis: This was not my favorite episode of Dynamite. There was a lot of in match booking choices that I was not a fan of. The waiting room segment was really bad. FTR and Brian Cage look like jokes of themselves tonight due to the choices of these matches. The Pac/Kingston, Miro/Taylor, and Women’s match were all just ok. I am interested in the story of Kenny and the Bucks/Good Bothers. But there match was kinda blah as well.

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