1/26 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Trey Miguel returns, Myers vs. Edwards, and Cardona in tag team action


Full results and analysis of this week's Impact Wrestling



Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap of last week’s angle with Private Party, the Good Brothers, Chris Sabin, and James Storm played.

-The opening video ran.

-Rich Swann walked to the ring with the Impact World Title belt. He took the mic and talked about working hard to become the champion. He talked about people coming at him from all sides. He called Tommy Dreamer to the ring. Dreamer looked puzzled and walked to the ring. Swann noted that February 13 is Tommy Dreamer’s 50th birthday, which is also the date of the No Surrender show. Swann asked Dreamer if he could defend the title against him on that show. Sami Callihan interrupted.

Sami called himself the heart and soul of the company and said he deserved the shot. Chris Bey interrupted and said that date was his birthday as well, but he was 25 years younger than Dreamer. Moose walked to the stage and into the ring. He noted that Swann had never beat him. He wanted a title shot as well. Swann told Moose that Dreamer was getting the shot and that Moose was on Swann’s time now. Everyone brawled. Willie Mack ran out and hit stunners on Bey and Callihan, then brawled with Moose. Moose bailed up the ramp with Sami and Bey.

The lights went off. When they came back on, Ken Shamrock was in the ring and attacked Swann, Dreamer, and Mack from behind. The heels returned to join in the beating. Moose attacked Swann. The babyfaces were laid out. The heels stood around to survey the damage. Moose left and walked to the back. [c]

D.L.’s Analysis: Action-packed start but it was reminiscent of one of those Monday Night Raw opening segments to set up a multi-person match.

-Swann, Dreamer, and Mack walked backstage and approached Gia Miller. They knocked on Scott D’Amore’s office door and demanded a match tonight against Moose, Sami, Bey, and Shamrock. Scott said he had a partner for them (who was off camera) and they reacted very excitedly.

-Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown were onscreen and discussed the matches for the night.


Alexander got the best of Ace then tagged out to Cardona. Cardona clotheslined Ace over the top rope then did a flip dive over the top on Ace and Fulton. [c]

Fulton and Ace had the advantage coming out of the break. Ace and Fulton tagged in and out to keep Alexander from making a tag. Alexander punched Fulton to make the hot tag to Cardona. Cardona got a flurry of offense on Ace and did a slide to the outside to knock Fulton into the railing. Fulton recovered to drag Ace to the corner for a tag. Fulton overpowered Cardona, then brawled with Alexander. All four wrestlers fought in the ring. Cardona hit his finisher on Fulton for the pin.

WINNER: Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander in 11:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: The commercial interrupted the flow of the match, but it was fine. Cardona’s offense was crisp.

-The Impact Wrestling Flashback Moment of the Week played and it was a clip of Matt Hardy being introduced as Rob Van Dam’s opponent at Genesis 2011.

-Rohit Raju cut a promo. He was backstage talking to someone whose back was to the camera. Rohit talked about his upcoming title shot and said he needs to be three steps ahead. He asked the person if he could count on them for help. [c]

-The weekly AEW paid ad played. Tony Khan said he missed Tony Schiavone on last week’s paid ad. Khan said he really cared about the fans, unlike Don Callis. He said the things he does in Impact are a game and that Impact is like his own fantasy league. He talked about being ringside at Impact last week and seeing Private Party become the number one contenders to the Impact tag team titles. Schiavone ran down the matches for Dynamite tomorrow night. Khan said it would be a great show, then hyped up AEW Beach Break and that tickets are on sale now.

-Brian Myers approached Matt Cardona and Josh Alexander backstage. Myers was mad that Cardona didn’t pick him as his partner. He sarcastically said “Welcome to Impact”.


They traded the advantage at the start. Eddie hit a dive through the ropes on Myers. Myers was on the floor and yanked Eddie’s arm over the top rope. Myers controlled the action once Eddie got back in the ring. Myers slapped Eddie, which fired him up. Eddie made a comeback but got caught with an elbow. Eddie recovered and got a backpack stunner for a two count. Myers rebounded and got a two count. Eddie went after Myers’ eye. The referee called for the DQ. Eddie started biting Myers. Myers was in pain as Eddie smiled going up the ramp.

WINNER: Brian Myers by DQ in 6:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Short match that didn’t really have time to develop. It looks like these two are headed to a rematch.

-Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz talked about the Fire N Flava Fest. They were worried that tickets weren’t selling and only ugly people were coming. Johnny Swinger and three women walked by, headed to “the palace”. Kiera said she just came up with the worst idea ever. [c]

-Matt Hardy was backstage advising Private Party and hyping them up. Hardy talked about how they make more money in AEW than in Impact. He stressed that Private Party would become winners.

(3) TENILLE DASHWOOD (w/Kaleb with a K) vs. ROSEMARY (w/Crazzy Steve)

Tenille attacked Rosemary with a camera bag and got a two count. Tenille continued to aggressively attack Rosemary and threw her out of the ring. Rosemary made a comeback and had Tenille stretched over the ropes. Rosemary missed a dropkick off the ropes. Tenille landed a crossbody splash in the corner for a two count. Kaleb took pictures at ringside. Tenille had Rosemary in a full nelson. Rosemary powered out and landed some clotheslines and a sling blade. Rosemary missed a charge in the corner but recovered and delivered her sit-out slam for the win.

WINNER: Rosemary in 5:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Basic match. Perhaps they are building Rosemary back to title contention.

-Larry D and Acey Romero were backstage. Larry was angry after being in jail. Rosemary and Steve walked by after their match. Larry knocked out Steve. Romero got in Rosemary’s face and said she’s lucky they don’t hit women. She hissed and he backed off.

-John E. Bravo and Fallah Bahh were playing cards backstage with Johnny Swinger looking on. Kiera and Tasha walked in and offered them tickets to their fest. They said Bahh had to buy a ticket, but then Bravo snatched his last chip. [c]

-Deonna Purrazzo was with Susan and Kimber Lee. She was bragging about her win over Taya Valkyrie. Susan bragged about her and Lee’s win over Jazz and Jordynne Grace last week. Jazz and Grace walked up. Susan challenged Grace to a match next week.

-Fire N Flava Fest: Alisha was in the ring with Bravo, referee Brandon Tolle, Swinger’s three women, and a table with food trays. Swinger was at ringside. Alisha was speaking in exaggerated hip hop slang and introduced Kiera and Tasha to the ring. Kiera and Tasha asked if everyone was ready for the Fire N Flava Fest. Tolle called it a dumpster fire. Kiera and Tasha had Swinger’s girls hand out the food. Tolle and Bravo looked disgusted. Bravo complained about the food. Swinger’s women poured champagne and handed it out. Alisha spit it out. Two security guards booed at ringside. Tasha approached someone in a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume. She thought it was Fallah Bahh, but it was Nevaeh under the mask. Neveah attacked Tasha. Havoc attacked Kiera from behind in the ring and threw her out and Tasha out. Havoc threw the food at Kiera and Tasha. Alisha declared Neveah and Havoc as the winners of Fire N Flava Fest.

D.L.’s Analysis: It was an okay comedy segment, but I did laugh at some parts. It was mostly there to advance the tag team feud.

-James Storm approached Chris Sabin at a bar. They had beers. They said they weren’t done with Private Party or the Good Brothers. They took shots of Jack Daniels. [c]

-Kiera and Tasha were upset backstage. Tolle approached and said he wanted a refund. They denied him and walked off.

(4) JOE DOERING (w/Eric Young & Deaner) vs. COUSIN JAKE

Jake attacked Doering right at the bell. Doering recovered with a kick, an elbow, and a slam. Doering attacked Jake in the ropes, as Young and Deaner taunted. Doering missed a crossbody block and slid to the outside. Jake dove over the top on Doering, but hurt his ankle. Doering connected with a crossbody block on Jake. Doering landed a Death Valley Driver and a clothesline for the win.

WINNER: Joe Doering in 4:00.

-The heels attacked Jake after the match. Deaner put Jake’s leg in a chair. Young called Deaner and Doering off. Young gave Jake a yellow “Violent by Design” towel, which seemed like a peace offering.

D.L.’s Analysis: Brief, but a good big-man match. They look to be building Doering into a major player and perhaps Cousin Jake will join the Violent by Design group, which would be a good use of him.

-D-Lo and Striker were on camera and discussed the previous angle. They ran down the matches for next week, including: Jordynne Grace vs. Susan, Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander, Tasha Steelz vs. Havoc, Matt Hardy and Private Party together on the show, and TJP vs. Rohit Raju.

Moose made his entrance to the ring. [c]


Trey Miguel was introduced as the surprise partner and the announcers made a big deal about it. Dreamer and Bey squared off to start. Swann tagged in and got offense in on Bey. [c]

Swann got out of a package piledriver from Sami and battled back. Mack tagged in and got a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault on Sami. Sami recovered and tagged to Shamrock. Shamrock punched Mack in the corner and tagged Sami back in. The heels worked on Mack in their corner.

Mack finally made the hot tag to Trey. Trey hit a flurry of offense on Sami. Shamrock dropped Trey, then Swann fought off Shamrock. The wrestlers took turns entering the ring and hitting finishers. Trey reversed a power bomb and rolled up Sami for the win. Shamrock knocked out the referee and put him in an ankle lock to end the show.

WINNERS: Rich Swann & Tommy Dreamer & Willie Mack & Trey Miguel in 12:00.

D.L.’s Analysis: Good action. I really liked the return of Trey Miguel to Impact and it was good that they made such a big deal about it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was an action-packed show, but there was still a lot of talking like last week. They are setting up feuds and matches heading to the No Surrender special. This show had the least amount of AEW segments since the AEW/Omega angle started. The return of Trey Miguel was a plus and I think he will really shine now that he is standing alone from the Rascalz. It was a maintenance show, but still a fun watch.

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