2/20 WWE TALKING SMACK REPORT: Apollo avoids discussion on Big E, Jey Uso drops in last minute, and more



FEBRUARY 20, 2021

Hosts: Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman

This week’s guests: Apollo Crews, Reginald, Kalisto (brief cameo), and Jey Uso

– Kayla welcomed us to the show noting that we they are doing things a bit differently today as Apollo Crews was already. She also provided a medical update on Big E. She said he has a brachial plexus injury resulting in arm weakness and he is convalescing at home. During this Apollo sat staring at the camera with an obviously evil demeanor. Kayla asked him to explain his actions and whether he felt any remorse. Apollo just sat and stared. Kayla kept prodding Apollo to make amends or admit fault. Paul chimed in and said that he thought Kayla’s questions were appropriate.

– Paul turned to face Apollo and said to him that Apollo had wanted everyone talking about him and now everyone was talking about him. That he wanted Big E’s attention and a focus and a spotlight on Apollo Crews. Paul said that he now had both. Paul continued and reiterated Kayla’s question of whether Apollo “snapped” or were his actions premeditated. Paul also brought up the conversation that Apollo had with his Tribal Chief (Roman Reigns), in a very nice call back.

– Apollo continued to say nothing and then just got up and left as Paul called after him, “I will pass that along to your Tribal Chief.”

Morgan’s Analysis: Apollo did the silent seething well and I am intrigued that they are bringing this story line into the Roman Reigns storyline.

– Kayla questioned Paul on what he will pass along to the Tribal Chief. They then moved on with the show with Kayla giving a quick recap of Friday’s Smackdown. They then referenced the whispered comments from Roman to Edge with Paul telling Kayla that if she doesn’t know then he is not going to tell her.

Morgan’s Analysis: This was great in that it referenced something that everyone wants to know -what did Roman say to Edge? Personally, I think he was inviting him to have a steak dinner after the show, but that is just me and my weird sense of humor. Since they did mention it here, I am sure it will come into play somewhere down the road and I appreciate that Paul let us know that he is on top of things and it won’t be dropped like so many other things are in the WWE.

– Kayla moved on to introducing their next guest, but not before she complimented Seth’s “suit game” and ribbed Paul that he could take some notes. Kayla continued to run down the show and introduced Reginald.

Morgan’s Analysis: Why? Why are they given this totally lower-case character more airtime?

-Kayla asked him why he seemed to be so taken with Sasha, but Reginald firmly stated that he is impressed by Sasha (using all her key words, blueprint, etc.), but said he works for Carmela and is totally loyal to her.

– Kayla kept trying to cause problems by repeatedly asking Reginald if he is playing both Sasha and Carmela against each other.

Morgan’s Analysis: Basically, this whole segment was for Reginald to spout the key talking points and catch phrases about Sasha and Bianca Belair. A total waste of time. Even Paul couldn’t bring any gravitas to the segment.

-From there, Paul used his opportunity to again bring up the whispered comments between Roman and Edge, with Reginald saying that he had no idea what was said and that since it was between Roman and Edge, it had nothing to do with him and he had no idea what was said. With that Paul was so happy that Reginald understood the dynamics of Roman’s world and actually hugged Reginald. That was it for Reginald and they moved on.

– Next up, with a special announcement: Kalisto. Kayla asked what the special announcement was and just as Kalisto was starting to say something Jey Uso came out and started talking smack to Kalisto. Jey told Kalisto to take a walk and Kalisto sheepishly left the set. Jey then when on a rant about the Elimination Chamber match (after high-fiving with the OG – Paul Heyman). After dumping on all of his opponents, Jey turned it over to Paul. Paul said that Roman Reigns will defend the title against the winner of the chamber match and that without Roman there would be no WWE, no Smackdown, no Raw (which Paul actually said there probably shouldn’t be a Raw anyway, have you watched it lately?”

– Paul continued and said that everything in WWE revolves around Roman Reigns. He then gestured at himself and Jey noting that they have the stroke and the power around here. Paul demonstrated how much power they have and said, “this show, it ends in (and he held up three fingers) three, two, and Jey finished off showing one finger (no not that one) and then made a slashing movement across his throat and the screen went to black and the show was over.

Morgan’s Analysis: Really well done. One thing I’m thinking here that Jey wins the Chamber match but instead of meeting Roman Reigns, he challenges the winner of the other Elimination Chamber to a match for the WWE Championship (Jey vs. Drew at WrestleMania, I am down for that). This is a bit of fantasy booking but it would be cool.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A real quickie of a show tonight at only 18 minutes. As is becoming the norm on Talking Smack, Paul Heyman carried the show which is fine by me. Totally worth the short time it will take to catch this episode. One thing about the show that I specifically enjoyed this week was the play-by-play between Paul and Kayla. They are really developing a great chemistry and Kayla continues to improve every week and in my opinion is getting much better at the improvisation it takes to keep up with Paul who seems to go off script about four seconds into the show.

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