Steve Austin says Roman Reigns can be “a little underrated,” says they could have made something memorable


Steve Austin talks WrestleMania 39 finish
Steve Austin (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin made some news (in more ways than one) on the March 29 episode of the WrestlingInc. daily podcast.

First, he revealed that his hit podcast has ended and he will be focusing more on the Broken Skull Sessions.

He also said WWE did not reach out to him to be a part of this year’s WrestleMania. Further, he noted Kane’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is overdue and that Kane had one of the best gimmicks of all time.

Austin ended by saying he loves having AEW around because the competition means more jobs and a better overall product.

However, the most enticing bit may be when Nick Hausman asked about Roman Reigns. Austin replied, “Yeah, I could have done something with that guy, and we could have done something really memorable…He’s a great performer, and sometimes I think he’s a little underrated; I think the guy’s phenomenal.”

Austin has an upcoming episode of Broken Skull Sessions (already recorded) with AEW wrestler Chris Jericho to air Sunday night (on Peacock in the United States and WWE Network internationally).

(Hazelwood’s Analysis: An Austin-Reigns feud would be something, particularly with this heel version of Reigns. I still think Austin would be superior on the mic, but the matchup would be interesting nonetheless. Sad to hear about the podcast, but from what Austin described, it was a lot of work for two people whereas Broken Skull Sessions has a team to delegate the work. Austin was just as engaging as the interviewee here as when he’s the interviewer.)

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