4/7 WWE MAIN EVENT REPORT: Mansoor vs. Drew Gulak, Lucha House Party vs. Garza & Tozawa, more


WWE Main Event results and analysis


APRIL 7, 2021

Announcers: Byron Saxton, Kevin Patrick


Mansoor and Gulak put on a brief technical exhibition.


The wrestlers exchanged holds to start, took each other down, then got to their feet simultaneously to illustrate their evenness. They locked up and Mansoor applied a wrist lock. Gulak managed to scoop and slam Mansoor, but Mansoor maintained the wrist lock and maneuvered it into an arm bar with Gulak on his back. Gulak performed a gimmicky series of somersaults, completing two revolutions around Mansoor before slipping free and getting to his feet and grinning.

Mansoor took Gulak down by one leg, then applied an ankle lock on the mat. Gulak tried to apply an arm bar but Mansoor got his foot on the bottom rope. The two met in the middle of the ring and did a brief test of strength, but Gulak soon had the upper hand. Mansoor turned things around with a front chancery. Gulak attempted a back body drop, but Mansoor hung on and instead rolled Gulak up for a two-count.

The wrestlers exchanged waist locks, then Gulak ran the ropes and rolled up Mansoor for a two-count before applying a side headlock on the mat. Mansoor got to his feet and twirled Gulak to the mat and upended him onto his shoulders for a unique pin and three-count.

WINNER: Mansoor by pinfall in 5:15.

(Meyers’s Analysis: With the exception of a couple very brief rest holds and its length, this looked nothing like a cookie-cutter Main Event match. Nobody left their feet for any offense – it was more of a technical showcase for both wrestlers. Mansoor continues to shine against an opponent like Gulak and he added to his win streak here.)

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(2) LUCHA HOUSE PARTY (Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik) vs. ANGEL GARZA & TOZAWA

Metalik started off against Garza. Within 40 seconds, Metalik was already into his “King of the Ropes” technique and he took down Garza with a hurricanrana. Dorado tagged in and hit a hurricanrana of his own, then covered for one. Metalik and Tozawa tagged in. Metalik kicked Tozawa in the chin, causing him to roll out to ringside. Metalik attempted to dive at Tozawa through the ropes, but it was too close to his opponent’s corner, allowing Garza to intercept with a knee lift on the apron. We cut to break.

We were back to the action just in time to see Garza remove his pants and drive a knee into Metalik’s back on the mat. Tozawa tagged in and body slammed Metalik, then followed up with a standing senton and a pin, but Dorado entered to break it up. Tozawa fired Metalik into a corner and laid in some chops and a right jab to the jaw. Garza tagged back in, ran the ropes, and hit Metalik with a knee strike in the corner. He tied up Metalik on the mat with an arm bar.

Metalik almost instantly battled out, but Garza chopped Metalik’s chest once he was free. Metalik climbed the ropes but Garza met him on the middle rope. They briefly struggled, but Metalik stood alone on the top rope and took Garza down to the canvas with another hurricanrana. Both wrestlers struggled to make the hot tag.

Dorado came in full steam ahead and decimated both opponents with a flurry of offense. He climbed to the top rope and leveled Tozawa with a high cross body and pin, but Garza came in to break it up. Metalik moonsaulted off the top rope to take out Garza at ringside. Meanwhile, Tozawa missed a spin kick and Dorado landed a superkick. This knocked Tozawa flat on his back, giving Dorado the time needed to scale the top rope and land a shooting star press. He covered for three.

WINNER: Lucha House Party by pinfall in 6:10.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Very formulaic LHP match, but this was a fun, flashy contrast to the grounded first match.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.8

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